Jack McConnell and Ruth Davidson lose out to Gordon Brown after recount

We’ve were here before in December 2020 but the much-awaited decision is in. Mainly due to their own stupidity in accepting the ermine robes, Lord McConnell and Baroness Davidson have been ruled out of the great honour of ‘Defender of the Union.’ The only other candidate, with a pulse, is Gordon ‘The Bear’ Brown. He won after a recount, by 14 votes to 13 and 12 for the other two.

Widespread fears among Unionists have been eased by the news that former PM, Brown will lead the NO Campaign in 2021 with a promise of full federalism in two years. The banner heading is thought to be Full Federalism Scotland!

NO supporters had been understandably worried that there was no obvious candidate who could unite the disparate parts of their campaign. Brown will still face a huge challenge in getting Labour and Conservative figures on the same stage.

Concern that Brown might be too old for the task was widespread but seems to have been alleviated after he appeared at an event hosted by the Herald, in December 2020 (left). Brown appeared rejuvenated only days after seeming a bit confused at a Guardian event only days earlier (right).

Sources have informed TuS that Brown has been receiving injections of a special Swiss serum based on the blood from aborted babies in the USA and shark placenta from Cuba. The safe supply of the serum has been guaranteed by the RAF and will be escorted into Glasgow Prestwick by spitfires under cover of night.

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12 thoughts on “Jack McConnell and Ruth Davidson lose out to Gordon Brown after recount

  1. Will it be the real Gordon Brown though ? Or a clone created from splicing covid cells and injecting them with , until now , secretly held cells of Thatcher stored deep in a highland military underground bunker.
    Will there be just one ?

    Or a whole hall full of them , a thousand Gordies ready to march across Scotland
    Without a mask of course
    Clones dont use masks

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  2. The search for “Gordons Peerage” goes on (and on and on).
    Can he get one by telling even more porky pies to Scotland?
    Can he trump the lies he told us in 2014?
    Can he live an even more regal lifestyle on his “charity” funds?

    Tune into your nearest BBC colonial news channel to find out!
    (Though not about Gordons “charity”). THAT is off-limits.

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  3. I think Mr. McConnell is rather busy right now. he does seem to have many fingers in many pies.
    A wide and varied portfolio. Shame he totally shafted Scotland as FM, utterly wrecking lives, the knock on effects still being felt today, I can say that from personal experience.
    Sent £BILLIONS BACK to Westminster, (saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Not health, social care, infrastructure, job creation, education, special needs(!) nope not a bloody thing!) he scammed Scotland with his PFI scheme, £billions still to pay by councils across Scotland, that money could be spent on so much more than a Labour PFI legacy debt. That’s his legacy to Scotland. He should hang his greedy lying troughing head in shame.

    ‘Building back(wards) better’ to line their own pockets, all Tories in it together, disgusting.



    1. Imagine Jackie Baillie’s dilemma, whether to be furious at McConnel firing her years before or his having fingers stuck in so many pies…
      McConnell is as much an embarrassment to Scots as the recently transfused andto re-flinted Gordisaurus, socialists don’t do as they use to do and that’s Labour’s dilemma:
      – Tony Benn renounced his peerage to be a Labour member, now Labour have a peer of the realm (however deserved or otherwise) at it’s head
      – Scotland Labour branch (now twig) is headed by a millionaire dentist of 38 years prepared to lie over OAP and child deaths for political advantage, preceded by a man who was part of a Union campaign underpay female personnel over twenty long years.

      Scotland didn’t abandon Labour, Labour abandoned principle, and thereby Scotland.


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