Moray outbreak controlled quickly

Two days ago, BBC Scotland was already more than two days out of date:

On the 4th May infection levels peaked, before falling quickly as the test and trace teams got into action.

The daily increase in infection in Moray, is already not exceptional:

Only Glasgow City remains worryingly high.

Exit into level 2 with full hugging rights is likely.

17 thoughts on “Moray outbreak controlled quickly

  1. I read somewhere we all need eight hugs a day to keep healthy. I was remembering the random hugging that some folk did in the street lol, now it’s a matter of giving people as wide a birth as possible. Mind you suits me, and if you wear a mask outside somehow they think you have the lergy, bizarre.

    The BBC, a dangerous enemy of Scotland.

    The election result for the SNP and pro indy Scottish Greens is a miracle given the BBC STV and daily rags are 100% anti SNP, anti Scotland and anti independence.

    I hear that some people in Glasgow voted by mistake for a British far right wing ‘party’ calling themselves ‘Scottish Green voice'(!) thinking they were the actual Greens!
    How on earth did that get past the Electoral commission…ScotGoes pop discusses that today. Extremely questionable they were allowed to stand and obvious why they gave themselves that name. Plenty cons were installed this election…


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    1. I noticed the Scottish Green Voice people. Might’ve fallen for it if I’d been the type not to read all the way through a form before I ‘sign’ it. Despicable trick.

      Is ScotGoesPop coming back down to earth now? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. They are certainly the ones that are out of control, or should we say, fully BritNat Tory regime controlled. To have a next door neighbour even controlling your broadcasting then there’s a huge problem.
      Dear SNP, please start informing people in Scotland which powers are reserved to the English government, it’s a very long list.

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  2. I see the BBC are up to their old tricks. It is next to impossible to support democracy when the national/state broadcaster is so ‘relaxed’ in its epistemological responsibilities towards the truth. Mind you, the British state is characterised by institutional Torydum and hostility towards natural rights, so its not outwith the nature of a state organ to represent a threat to public health in Scotland.

    Legal Questions and Scientific Answers : Ontological Differences and Epistemic Gaps in the Assessment of Causal Relations

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  3. I like the way that all MSM commenters are spouting that SNP failed to get a majority I just wonder how stupid they are in not realising the Parliament was set up so that no party could get a majority and the only to do that is the SNP.
    Did you notice how Keith Brown was interrupted all the time by Martin Geissler but an easy ride for Gove “the Snake Man”,as it’s a bit quite day today do anyone remember this.

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    1. It is not stupidity, they know exactly what the real facts are and they know what they are doing . They see their job to protect the status quo and real journalism and respect for truth come a distant second or even tenth.

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      1. “It is not stupidity, they know exactly what the real facts are and they know what they are doing” Absolutely correct!

        Negative framing is aimed at the undecideds, and at soft yess and soft no opinions. It’s about diversion; it’s about closing down space for positive messages (facts). It’s about seeking at least to dampen down momentum.

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  4. I think now IS the time ๐Ÿ™‚ to thank writers and bloggers and film makers who have worked so hard for Scotland and Scottish independence so far.
    All things considered, the election result is positive and, with all of the people working to get the info out there and calling out the bias of the so called media, it’s a huge thank you from me to you John.
    Thank you.

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    1. Absolutely, well said.
      As well as John’s sterling efforts in highlighting the regular baloney masquerading as news in the media, analysis by contributors on the psychological games and gaslighting being played by this devious cartel has been most illuminating.

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  5. It isn’t possible to support environmental justice by privileging the will of man over the laws of nature. Which is pretty much the ideological outlook of your common-all-garden Tory. Social sustainability is unlikely in a legal environment that does not respect the cognitive and biological interconnections between nature, society, and law. Remember, Westminster stands as an obstacle to the incorporation of international human rights obligations into Scots law, as such incorporation would challenge Westminster’s unsubstantial claim to legal supremacy over Scotland.

    Methods for the Scientific Study of Discrimination and Health: An Ecosocial Approach

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  6. Well said AH, sometimes I have trouble keeping up with the Prof’s output – and that’s just reading it.

    He’s got to watch or read MSM to find a story; write a rebuttal; fact check; cite sources; proof read and publish, often several times a day. It’s an impressive effort; thanks from me too Professor Robertson sir.

    All things considered, it wasn’t a bad result; I’ll take where we are against the way I felt just after iref 1 any day.

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