Misrepresenting the mandate for a referendum

Scotland’s MSM and the opposition parties are seeking to shift the goalposts, in a desperate attempt to make the democratic mandate for a second referendum near impossible, by suggesting that only a overall majority for the SNP, on its own, enables that mandate to be legitimate.

It is their creation. The SNP manifesto says:

The Scottish Greens manifesto says:

The legislation covering all aspects of the referendum, including the question and the timing, should be decided by a simple majority of the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Greens will campaign and vote for a referendum within the next Parliamentary term and under the terms of the Referendums Act (2020). 


Not all media have deliberately misinterpreted that.

In the Telegraph two days ago:

It states that a majority of pro-independence MSPs, including the votes of Scottish Greens and Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, would be enough to secure a mandate for another vote. This means Ms Sturgeon will push ahead with her separation plans even if the SNP does not gain an outright majority on its own.

3 thoughts on “Misrepresenting the mandate for a referendum

  1. The BritNats are very worried so they will go to great lengths to deny Scotland’s democratic rights. If independence parties secure a majority, it will be the will of the people that counts, denying that in an ‘equal union’ would be absolute proof that Scotland is a colony, an occupied territory, no more. Not a good look for England, and they don’t have many friends as it is right now.
    It could be so amicable, but, sadly the BritNat imperial mindset is not in the habit of co existing well with others. Very backward indeed. Time they grew up.

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  2. FPTP all the unionists would be gone. D’hond’t is rubbish. Self perpetuating. Just annoying. Alba should do better. If people were more aware.

    The count is ridiculous.

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  3. HMS Sarah Smith doubtless leading the charge..
    Scotland’s MSM and opposition politicians have long since ceased to represent the public view rather than resist it with every distortion at their disposal.

    It has been that way since the pre-devolution days but their desperation has shown an increasing nasty streak each year the SNP has remained in power – Trying to convince half of England and well over half of Scotland that they can’t have what they want is on a hiding to nothing.

    However desperate the Unionists are to avert the inevitable showdown from Holyrood, MSM have been in propaganda overdrive for at least the last 5 years and are rapidly running out of road and any shred of credibility…


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