80% so far is not ’emphatic’ Naga?

Taken out of the EU by a Conservative Government holding only 37% of the Westminster seats yet 80% so far with 3 gains from Unionists parties and no losses is not ’emphatic.’

Muncheti’s logic escapes me.

In the 1990’s, this was the case apparently:


He meant Westminster seats.

As you know we’ve had a huge majority of those for some time.

That caused the goalposts to be moved and now it seems we might ‘need’ 100% for an ’emphatic’ message to Boris Johnson.

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20 thoughts on “80% so far is not ’emphatic’ Naga?

  1. I’m sure that if the SNP won100% of the constituency seats then the Unionist target would move to 100% of all the list seats as well.

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    1. They don’t even realise the D’Hond’t system holds the SNP back. 1 million votes go unrecognised. It is a disgrace.

      The BBC nonsense. They do not have a clue.

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  2. Surely it is obvious by now. If we are waiting for England’s permission to become Independent, it will never happen.

    I am convinced, regardless of how this election finally pans out, Westminster will waive the rules and move the goal posts to make Independence via a straight yes/no ballot impossible.

    The Independence movement has to become a lot smarter and united, and, I cannot see this happening any time soon.

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    1. I fear, socratesmacsporran, the gutless SNP leadership will be only too happy to go along with the britnat narrative and constant goalpost changing.


  3. I used to give Munchetty and certain other London commentators kudos for being balanced in ways completely alien to HMS Sarah Smith, but all too often when it came to Scottish affairs they suffered the same blind-spot, however well or otherwise SNP performed it was never quite good enough, usually with Davidson proclaimed bizarrely victorious in defeat.

    As you rightly point out with the Forsyth quote (ditto Thatcher), moving the goalposts if not the entire pitch is a regular feature when it comes to Scotland, Rangers play at home in Hyde Park.

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  4. I watched the itv news at ten last night. Tom had moved up to embra to embrace our important election, and then used English commentators from Norwich snd North Yorkshire to recycle the ‘oh well probs not a majority fir independence’ and ‘the EU is not keen on Catalan membership and the same will inevitably be true for Scotland’

    The local itv guy gave at least a reasonable summary of the day but the big machine just rolls on as it always does.

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  5. You have to laugh! Lots of comments yesterday by different Unionist party representatives – notably Lib Dem and Labour people – seriously telling us their own party’s distinctive policies and/or their own leader’s performance in the campaign had been responsible for big increases in their share of a constituency’s vote.

    And allowed to make these claims without challenge on the BBC even tho’ the data just shown to viewers revealed the true and blindingly obvious cause – tactical voting by Unionists, variants of the tried and tested Red Morningside model!

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  6. Scotland’s Independence will get nowhere until our Scottish Parliament sends Westminster and Boris an emphatic, sustained, extremely loud and very bad-tempered GET TAE PHUQ!


  7. Wouldn’t put it past Westminster to pass a law stating that a 2/3 majority of the Scottish parliament is required to hold an independence referendum.
    Or something similar.

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  8. SNP said the system should not be ‘gamed’.
    Unionists ‘gamed the system’.
    SNP knew they would and said nothing.

    ALBA tried to game the system
    SNP attacked it.

    Go figure.


  9. The SNP could get 100% of the vote but it would still not benefit Scotland, as it is clear that the British state and its Scottish functionaries have no intention of respecting international human rights law. So it looks like Scotland is being fitted up to slip seamlessly into a state of totalitarianism, where the quality of life and liberty will be severely impaired by the cults of British nationalism and gender woo-woo.

    Sovereignty and Natural Law
    in the Legal Discourse of the
    Ancien Régime

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  10. Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before a strong majority of Scots wake up to the harms caused by grounding your politics in a cult-like belief in the irrational (see Britain is one nation). And hopefully our laws will allow us to defend our legally embodied personalities, from excessively authoritarian laws that undermine justice and empower irrational belief.



  11. Hopefully it won’t be too long before a strong majority of Scots wake up to the fact that their human rights are not well served by grounding politics and law in irrational belief, i.e. Britain is a nation or trans-women are literally women.



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