Get the message now, Scotland? An Independent Scottish Labour Party?

The most corrupt party of government in at least my lifetime, defeats the Labour party, freshly rebranded to get the media onside and with its left-wing purged, by a country mile.

The Conservatives won the Hartlepool by-election with a majority of 6,940 votes – a massive swing from Labour of 16%

In the past, some in Scotland have clung to the noble aim of making all of the UK a better, fairer, place and internally aligned themselves with those they thought were like them in the North of England, against those selfish, racist southerners. The red wall in the north fell to Boris in 2019. His failure to reward his new subjects there seems to matter little and today they flew his flag again as they contemptuously rejected Sir Keir Starmer and New Labour 2.

It’s over folk. Yes, there are good people in England you might have wanted to ally with before but they are too few, far too few, now.

The path for Scottish Labour is now clear. They need a new leftist leader with a commitment to a second independence referendum who will copy the Salmond Stratagem and force march her (:-)) troops to the left, outflanking the SNP. Who knows, they might even do well in the first Scottish election after independence.

Anas? Host of Good Morning Scotland’s TV Breakfast Show from 2022.

9 thoughts on “Get the message now, Scotland? An Independent Scottish Labour Party?

  1. We far less Scottish Labour can no longer
    Be part of the Fledging 4th Reich that without doubt is now gathering real traction in England
    If Scottish Labour do not break away from London then they shall become extinct in Scotland
    As John Wayne used to say in unwinnable
    Let,s get the Hell outa here


  2. Sturgeon has to go and the sooner the better. I don’t want to be marched up the hill again, stumble back down and be bereft of any hope.
    I have had enough.
    Better to take our chances now than be ground down by the British state into becoming North Britain.
    When the results are in she might be the the mistress of all she surveys but it will not last long and before long she will become the most reviled woman in Scotland.


  3. Clear evidence now that Scotland and England are different polities and on divergent paths.
    The only reason they still exist in Scotland is because of tactical voting by those opposed to Scottish independence and a small number of people who delude themselves that British Labour is a socialist party.

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  4. The English working class voting Tory. Beyond belief. Wait until Brexit starts to bite and they get shafted again. There is only one election yesterday Hartlepool. The MSM garbage. Patel acting illegal again.

    Nicola Sturgeon is the best SNP/Scotland leader ever. If people want Independence they have to vote for it. They will.

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  5. LOOK , Labour party in Scotland will not break away it is British through and through and to us Scots we know without a shadow of doubt that
    that means english

    The Labour party in Scotland was planted here to keep us thinking that we were an integral part of the westminster government and they did a great job on us for sixty years but anyone who still thinks Labour is different from conservative is quite frankly living in dreamworld.
    England england england is all that counts to westminster

    When have been fooled dont go back for more
    Forget Labour

    Once Scotland is independent new political parties will arise some with all the aspirations you share , hold tight

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  6. England continues its crooked way towards more and more right wing xenophobic sun-sh!t uplands.

    Labour won’t win Westminster anytime in the near future, regardless of any support in Scotland.

    Labour voters in Scotland must see the best way to influence Labour-supporters in England to fight back against the tories is to set up a left-of-centre government in an independent Scotland.


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