Alastair Darling, tells Tory voters that “Anas Sarwar shares your priorities”

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From SNP Media:

The charade of the Scottish Labour party’s campaign has been exposed today with a clear statement from the party that Anas Sarwar shares Tory priorities – which include cuts to services and stopping Scotland’s progress.

In a desperate plea for Tory votes that will shock younger and more traditional Labour supporters, the former leader of the No Campaign, Alastair Darling, tells Tory voters that “Anas Sarwar shares your priorities”, confirming that Labour cannot and will not stand up to Boris Johnson..

Alistair Darling as Chancellor pledged that Labour would cut “deeper and tougher” than Margaret Thatcher. Families in Scotland are still reeling from the decade of austerity measures.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said: 

“This intervention is an absolute disaster for Labour two days before the election. 

“Not only have they learned nothing from their toxic alliance with the Tories in the Better Together campaign, but they are actively keeping it alive.

“Labour voters will be horrified to see senior figures in their party say they share Tory priorities. This simply confirms that to elect experienced leadership that will stand up to the Tories it has to be Both Votes SNP.

“Labour may have a new leader but they clearly haven’t changed one bit. Labour have confirmed today that they are incapable of standing up for Scotland and standing up to the Tories – no matter what they do to Scotland.

 The letter targeted at voters in seven Tory-held seats at Holyrood says:

9 thoughts on “Alastair Darling, tells Tory voters that “Anas Sarwar shares your priorities”

    1. Darling is a complete unadulterated LIAR
      DO AS I SAY

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  1. Your man Darling has benefited handsomely from selling out to a Westminster system that is steeped in cultural exceptionalism, and considers itself impervious to international law. He’s also received ample reward from the banking sector, for nationalising the massive debts racked up by the banking sector in 2008. So your man Darling is hardly likely to bite the hand that feeds him. And that’s a class you and I will never belong to.

    N.B. All Scots are agents of international law, even if Westminster prevents us from gaining access to it.

    Embracing the tension between national and international human rights law: The case for discordant parity

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  2. Your man Darling has certainly landed on his feet. If only Britain had a working constitution, or English politics wasn’t suffering from an overdose of fantasy-nostalgia and retrogressive cultural chauvinism. Scots would still have our EU legal identity and associated fundamental rights protected under international law. 😦

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  3. The term Red Tories applied to Labour has never been more appropriate!

    Sarwar is a Tory. A wealthy shareholder who sends his children to private school while paying workers the Minimum wage.

    Sarwar is a Unionist. His misleading presentation of policy as being in the middle ground is false. Not supporting an Independence Referendum is both anti democratic and enforces the Union on Scotland by pushing status quo.

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  4. The unionists priorities to ruin the Scottish economy. They have been at it for years. Fifty years of pathetic Labour. People voted Labour to keep the Tories out. The McCrone Report hidden. Scottish revenues and resources taken and wasted. The lies to cover up. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. The Westminster unionists mismanagement, misappropriation and corruption.

    Thatcher kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Used Scottish revenues to fund London S/E. The only place unemployment was under 10%. It was 15% in Scotland. 20% in NI. The Troubles caused by Westminster unionists. For Tory votes at Westminster.

    The Tories have shafted NI over Brexit and everyone else. The lying cheating duplicity. Thatcher started the banking fraud. Established tax havens. The bankers fund the Tory Party. Brexit another illegal Tory fraud. To make £Billions for their associates and Hedge Funds. They funded it.

    The illegal, gerrymandering breaking the data protection Law, the representation of the people’s Act and electoral fraud. Illegally accessing people’s data from Facebook to target them. Paying punitive fines. Instead of going to prison.

    Scotland would be Independence now without the lies that were told by unionist Parties. Labour lies have come out about hiding the wealth of Scotland. Leaving Scotland in poverty and deprivation. It is only Devolution and the SNP that has made Scotland better off and increased the population. Now going down because Brexit. Scotland did not vote for Brexit.

    Vote SNP/ALBA. Vote to make Scotland and the world a better place. One day to go. To vote the Unionist corruption out. To vote for Independence.

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  5. A question prof. When was the last time a Scottish elected Labour politician used the word ‘socialism’? This could be called the Jimmy Reid question.

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  6. Who do Labour voters hate most Tory or SNP ? That is the question.

    Keith Brown “ to elect experienced leadership that will stand up to the Tories it has to be Both Votes SNP “
    does this statement make Keith Brown a liar too ? Or just a politician ?
    The best way to stand up to the tories
    ( presumably he means tories in westminster )
    Is to vote SNP and ALBA which is the combination that will provide the biggest number of Scottish independence MPs in the Scottish parliament


  7. How come nobody in the Scottish parliament ever campaigns for the same voting system as westminster ?

    Lets dump dhondt and have the same voting system as england
    Surely thats a certain win ?
    How could westminster refuse ?

    If we had the same voting system as westminster SNP win every time we wouldnt need list only parties and would force labour tory lib dems to be what we know they really are… one party


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