Wow! He looks like me in 20 years

I look like the guy in my bathroom mirror, 20 years younger than the guy above.

And, where did those elephant ears come from?

I do agree with him though. Makes perfect sense for an older guy.

24 thoughts on “Wow! He looks like me in 20 years

  1. Excellent interview. It was great to put a face to the name and hear what you had to say. I also stopped voting Labour after the Iraq war- a defining moment for me. I then started voting SNP. I really hope we make it this time with an SNP majority. I love reading your posts – on a bad day we certainly need to talk up Scotland. Thank you, Maureen

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  2. Anti-imperialism eh? Good show. I’m trained as a bit of a material naturalist, moral realist, post-colonial, ecofeminist, grounding my theory and practice in post-positivist social science and a relational approach to law and legal practice. Mentalist for short. 🙂 That was thirty years ago, when academia was actually training folk to help women defend their legal identity from men’s rights activists and their followers.

    Can Queer Theory be useful for a feminist agenda?

    Click to access 1334208.pdf


    1. I hope this doesn’t come across as rude – it isn’t meant to be but…
      I haven’t a clue what an ‘ecofeminist’ is, but shall look it up shortly. Note to self: Must look up Queer Theory and post-positivist social science at the same time.

      And how to get “a feminist agenda”. Is there only one? Do I have a choice? I may already have one! Does 7 years old me asking Father Christmas for a carpentry set because all the girls’ toys were boring count? (For the record, my mother nodded and my father spent all evening showing me how to use it.)

      I’m merely a woman. I didn’t receive any training in it – it was all hands-on, University of Life in that regard. I self-ID as a Person. Beyond physical attributes, neither I, nor anybody I know, can actually point to anything which is solely felt/ thought/capable of being undertaken solely by either sex.

      Seriously, thank you for caring enough about the difference in treatment of female-shaped people to want to ensure they get equal treatment. It matters that people take note and want to change this.

      HOWEVER – I’d much rather *everybody* had rights as a Person and *everybody* was protected against abuse and poor treatment. No minorities needing ‘special protection’ but one set of rights for all. It’d be far easier to notice if a right was threatened if it applied to all – the ‘all’ might be motivated to do something about it.

      There shouldn’t need to be any ‘discrimination acts’ against *anything* – sex, sexuality, race, colour, religion or anything else. There should be protection for everyone equally. And I’d hope that any ScotGov of ANY political colour combination whatsoever would work towards that. If not, it’ll be no different than being run by WM…

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  3. Very well said Prof.

    Your words are pretty devastating when delivered with your calm, considered demeanour. A firebrand just wouldn’t have had the same impact.

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  4. Being less flippant, I’m trained to view development and sustainability critically, as well as to strengthen democracy and improve social well-being. So the links I’m punting aren’t simply random guesses, there’s actually trained method to my mentalism. Even if I’m rusty and conveying my perspective poorly.

    The Sex/Gender Distinction and the Social Construction of Reality


      1. The Prof. was outlining his ideological roots, so I’m pointing to mine, as I’ve not been giving voice to my own personal prejudices. I’ve been reconnecting to how the Royal Town Planning Institute trained me to support open democracy. So it’s up to you who you trust, the RTPI or a low-flying product of the Scottish justice system, who appears to have finally nailed her colours to the mast of HMS gender woowoo.


  5. “And, where did those elephant ears come from?” – Beach walks with head down into the windblown sand ?
    The interviewer didn’t appear to twig who you were, and many complimentary comments were made by English viewers when it screened.
    These National shorts do seem to be showing how well informed and engaged Scots are on politics, even if one was a well kent thorn in the side of the BBC travelling incognito…

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    1. I didn’t notice the ears. So I had a close look. Still didn’t notice them!

      Don’t ears keep growing all your life? And noses? ISTR reading that somewhere.

      Mind you, that doesn’t make it true. And I’ll read anything. I’ve even read Con/Lab/LibDem pamphlets over the past few weeks. Which goes to show…

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  6. Many people will be gone in twenty years. Scotland should be Independent before then. Hopefully soon. Live to see the day when many ambitions will be achieved.
    Voting on Thursday. Two days to go.


  7. Nice to see your face John, a nice cheery one at that. A good interview.
    I agree with your views although my history on party support was different. Until 94 I was a Tory but binned them to support the SNP. The trigger being the anti devolution stance and an ever growing realisation that they are indeed the nasty party.
    Like you my face shows what I will look like in 20 years time, I am 71.

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  8. If you want to really know what you will look like in 20 years. . . . Do some exercise then look in the mirror. . . .

    National Journalists (one in particular)

    This morning two journalists were interviewed Catherine MacLeod (ex adviser to Gordon Brown) and the National’s Shona Craven

    CM managed to attack the SNP and independence several times . . . . “The SNP’s own figures show Scotland will be worse off after Independence”

    S. C. Not one word talking up Independence or pointing to the damage caused being run by Westminster.
    Craven is the go to journalist for the “Pro Indy” viewpoint. . . . Is that because she is not a supporter of Independence.


  9. Ah, now the Guinness and single malt makes sense.

    Looking on the positive side of life is essential, especially in Scotland where the Scottish Cringe has had three centuries to embed its destructive self.

    This website is definitely essential.

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  10. The List Vote

    A voter might feel they don’t need to vote SNP 2 as they expect their local constituency MSP to be a shoe in. . . However will every SNP constituency candidate in the voter’s Region be elected?
    According to James Kelly’s articles in the National, there are many constituency seats where the SNP are up against it.

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