SNP voters KNOW deficit figures are made up

Leaving aside the facts that almost a third of Scotland’s imagined deficit is due to interest on debt that Scotland as the only part of the UK with a long-standing trade surplus, would not have incurred and that all countries other than Norway (see below) run a deficit, the above notion that SNP voters are somehow delusional is of course delusional.

Business for Scotland explained this years ago:

In the 1970s, Scottish oil revenues stopped the UK from going bust and requiring a bailout, but they were not enough to stop the UK debt mountain from growing. Scotland was then allocated a population percentage share of the costs of servicing that debt as well. Despite this double bailout of the UK, Scotland’s economy and its finances still managed to show a higher GDP per head and lower illustrative deficits than the UK until 2015. At that point, the UK’s mishandling of Scotland’s oil and gas wealth caught up with it and it decided to slash Scotland’s oil revenues by reducing the tax on oil extraction, which finally made Scotland’s finances look worse than the rest of the UK’s.

But it’s the UK’s deficit, not Scotland’s. If an independent Scotland had done the daftest thing it could have done with its historical surpluses, then as a nation, Scotland would be £508bn richer than GERS suggests it is, as part of the UK. If it had simply copied Norway, Scotland would have £547.5bn in a Scottish wealth fund right now.

It’s fair to say that in 2014 many people just didn’t believe Business for Scotland when we explained that Westminster was completely economically incompetent, that Westminster truly didn’t care about the impact of its policies on Scotland and was deliberately acting against Scotland’s best interests. 

Now, however, Brexit is making that thinking mainstream, and slowly but surely, as Brexit unravels, more and more people are beginning to see that Scotland cannot afford to continue subsidising this failing, disinterested and dysfunctional Union. The UK economy is in a fragile state and has not yet recovered from the 2007 financial crash, despite more than a decade of austerity and real terms cuts to public spending on essential services. 

The evidence is clear. The UK Government has created a situation where Scotland’s finances show a false deficit, one that is not related to the economic performance of Scotland. Pro-Union politicians and the highly biased mainstream media point to that false deficit and say that it is proof that Scotland can’t afford independence.


8 thoughts on “SNP voters KNOW deficit figures are made up

  1. Scotland’s Conspiracy Files

    John,I was going through some old videos and came across this one 1979 can still be seen on youtube nothing has really changed still being told lies.

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  2. Yes the union lies about Scotland.

    But even if Scotland was a poor country with no natural resources at all i would still recommend independence because with a small population we can build a strong economy better houses better more secure jobs and services that improve as modern life allows it to .

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  3. I’d dispute one aspect of the BfS piece, that it was all down to government incompetence – I suspect a quieter version of what is now glaringly obvious with the current UQ incumbents, a few billion here and there spaffed up the wall among friends, but “to hell with the Scots wha wha, they’re paying for it”.
    That would be as true today as it was then, it’s not been incompetence but malicious theft from the populace of the UQ.

    The “deficit” is an absurd fabrication for political ends, even HMRC figures show Scotland consistently in rude financial health, and so far as the “national debt” goes I’d defer to the eloquent and knowledgeable Richard Murphy who has consistently ripped the myths to shreds.

    What Ian Lang started as a ruse to prevent devolution has become the national scam of GERS, London are terrified that scam unravels and is revealed just as the “austerity to pay for Covid” is about to be rolled out. Hell mend them.

    If England stopped reading the Mail and Depress tomorrow they might just wake up, but the majority of Scots don’t read that rubbish, are very much awake, and aware, and hungry for change…

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  4. Even Private Eye has joined in…

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon faces tricky questions over public finances north of the border, which show a huge £15bn annual deficit even before the pandemic.

    They usually stick to wee krankie lookalike jibes!


  5. The McCrone Report. Devolution held back 20 years.

    The £13Billion so called deficit. Paying fir debts not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Trident, Hickley Point, HS2 etc. Gov jobs in the Mall and London HQ. Tax evasion. Paying for what Scotland does not need but not having the money to pay for what it does need. Scotland can’t borrow to invest in growth. Brexit.

    Scotland voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Scotland has not decided Westminster parties in power. Out voted 10 to 1. The Westminster lies.

    Scotland resources and revenues taken and wasted by Westminster. . Illegal wars,
    tax evasion and financial fraud. Scotland raises £66Billion+. More pro rata than the rest of the. UK. UK raises £630Billion+. The rest of the UK borrows and spends £10Billion pro rata more than Scotland.

    Scotland could raise the same as Norway. £80Billion. Without Westminster colossal interference. 100 ships a year are built in Norway. Trawler, ferries and leisure boats.


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