How many times will Reporting Scotland use this child?

Coincidentally, just after referring to Anas Sarwar’s campaign, Reporting Scotland brought back one of their most long-running and regular stories to cast doubt on the competence of the SNP Government – the death of one child.

We’re told:

The mother of a ten-year-old girl who died at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow in 2017 has called for the health board to resign and for a fatal accident inquiry so lessons can be learned from her daughter’s death. Ten-year-old Milly Main was in remission from leukemia in the Royal Hospital for Children when she dies ‘after’ contracting an infection. An independent review found the infection was ‘probably’ caused by the environment at the hospital she was in.

For three years now this story, with the parents ‘probably’ groomed by Anas Sarwar, has returned to BBC Scotland broadcasts at least seven times, according to my records. Most recently Anas Sarwar shouted ‘what about Millie Main’ as a debating point with Nicola Sturgeon.

Why has it returned today in Election Week? Did the parent approach BBC Scotland? Did they approach her? Did Scottish Labour approach both? The health board review was published on the 22nd of March, 42 days ago. Has BBC Scotland kept this on file for release in an election week?

Even in 2019, the whole thing had become a bit creepy:

In 2021, one child’s death has now become the reason for mass resignations. In 2019, the same incident led to calls for the Health Secretary to resign:

In England this year, 8 deaths led to nothing at all as far as their Health Secretary was concerned.

As for the cause of death, it was cancer. A hospital infection may have been caused by the presence of something in the environment which may have contributed to the death.

The parent is upset and angry but is not qualified to judge. The medical experts do not know anything for sure.

I do know it’s propaganda.

As for the ‘review’, it found (page 54):

No single source of ‘exposure’ to specific micro-organisms which may cause infections had been identified across the six year period.

Click to access queen-elizabeth-university-hospital-nhs-greater-glasgow-clyde-oversight-board-final-report.pdf

7 thoughts on “How many times will Reporting Scotland use this child?

  1. This is so far beyond the pale. Downright disgusting. Saw the mother being quoted, calling for Board to resign en mass. Wonder if this came from original interview or if it is new? Doubtful I’d say

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  2. The wife heard this story today and said why talk about it happened years ago and maybe more children have died in hospital since with some form of infection,my reply to her was.
    There is an election this week.

    PS I feel sorry for any child that has died but it does happen.

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  3. Both the BBC and Labour have turned this form of abuse into an art form. Neither is interested in the story or the facts. The misery of a family is used as a weapon against political opponents.

    People who have had great misfortune often look for someone to blame in their grief.
    Unfortunately the ambulance chasers in Labour will always sink to the gutter to take advantage of such incidents.

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  4. Pretty disgraceful but it’s what we can expect from the British Nationalist Labour party HQ’d in London. They are actually attempting to garner support for their own jobs, by preying on and using a grieving family. Not a good look for Labour branch office in Scotland, just shows how desperate they are.

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  5. Saw this on TV tonight and was not surprised. BBC Scotland is a dismal Brit propaganda outlet at heart.

    PS saw your ‘interview’ in The National 🙂


  6. This is still raw in folk’s minds, solely due to it’s regular and abrasive reminders by HMS Sarah Smith and Anas wi teeth.
    This bizarre serial migrated between incontinent pigeons precision bombing AC ducts and homicidal showerheads let loose in the dark on innocent sleeping children whilst the Wicked Witch of Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley circled menacingly overhead on her Dyson Hang on..
    Sounds like the makings of a good Novel and a quick buck, Hairy Splatter and the Secret Toilet, Holy Potterer and the Pensioner with Azproblems, Harry’s spotter said Phil dropped two stone, ok let me work on it for a bit….
    “Why has it returned today in Election Week? ” – Let me take a wild guess, Orthodox Easter ?

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  7. “The parent is upset and angry but is not qualified to judge. The medical experts do not know anything for sure.”
    That is true, but it’s not how the media works is it? A parent in tears at the loss of her child is always going to be better telly than a bunch of scientists even if they do have white coats. That is what Sarwar has traded on.
    The problem is the utter bias of the Scottish media, for we know that Milly Main did not die of an infection. Her death certificate is public domain and makes clear she suffered a sub arachnoid haemorrage – a bleed in tissue between the brain and skull, allow blood, which is neurotoxic to bathe the brain in blood. Even for a healthy person, the survival rate is less than 50% and Milly Main had suffered leukemia. The footballer Davie Cooper died of a sub-arrachnoid haemorrage. But there is little or no mention of this in the Scottish media, and that is the problem. If the media was not so prejudiced – and fearful of telling a grieving mother that little could have been done to save her daughter – then Sarwar would have been chased long ago.


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