Brexit: Scottish food and drink exporters lose more than 1 billion in 2021


The SNP has said figures showing a dramatic decrease in food and drink exports to the EU is the “grim reality” of Boris Johnson’s botched Brexit deal.

According to figures by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), sales of milk and cream to the EU are down an incredible 96% – with chicken and beef exports down by almost 80%. 

Overall, export barriers created by Brexit have cost exporters more than £1.1 billion since the start of the year. 

The FDF are now urging the UK government to conduct “essential” talks with the EU as a matter of urgency or face severe consequences.

Commenting, Scotland’s Trade Minister and SNP candidate for Glasgow Provan, Ivan McKee, said:

“These figures highlight the grim reality of Boris Johnson’s botched Brexit agreement and the immense damage it is having on Scotland’s economy. 

“Scotland has been completely ignored throughout the whole Brexit process, and we are now paying the price of Tory incompetence with a deal that hampers every aspect of our trade.

“Our long-standing ties – cultivated with our European neighbours – have been ripped apart by a Brexit agreement that we did not vote for. Our rural areas are also crying out for help – yet the Tories remain silent.

“And let’s not forget that Scotland’s six Tory MP’s and Labour’s only MP voted in favour of this deal – this is something that the people of Scotland will not forget. 

“The Tories have shown time and again that they cannot be trusted with Scotland’s food and drink sector – that is why it is vital that the people of Scotland give both their votes to the SNP in this upcoming election. 

“It is only by voting SNP on 6 May that we can truly protect the sector and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson and his band of Brexiteers.”


Notes to Editors:

‘Sales of milk and cream to EU down 96% and chicken and beef by almost 80%’ –

7 thoughts on “Brexit: Scottish food and drink exporters lose more than 1 billion in 2021

  1. And losing these export arrangements will not be easy to regain because the countries we export to will fill the gap by getting the goods from another country.
    All this will feed through into pay packets , mortgage interest rates and food prices before the end of this year.


    1. “All this will feed through into pay packets , mortgage interest rates and food prices before the end of this year”

      Importantly for Unionist Politicians in Scotland . . . . After the May 6th Holyrood election.


  2. Brexit has pretty much killed stone dead, any idea that Westminster is in any way open or amenable to Scotland’s political, economic, or cultural needs. So it is only causing self-harm to continue forgiving the excesses of right-wing English nationalism. Just because that’s the way Scotland has been conditioned to respond to British constitutionalism. Which is a poor arbiter of risks and privileges, and prone to British nationalism. As you might expect it to be. 🙂

    The Future of Economic and Social Rights: Introduction

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  3. I recall Sir Ivan Rogers having been ditched by the Tories saying that lack of attention to “Financial services” and “Phytosanitary products” in any future deal would decimate the UK’s primary tax revenue stream and devastate agricultural and associated industries across the entire country, but what did he know…

    There will be a marginal improvement in coming months, but the damage will continue nevertheless under the Tories – Even were they to be forced to look at a customs etc union, remember that it took them 4 years to screw things up, it will take longer than that for them to reverse their dogmatic opposition.

    Independence is no longer the preserve of a few obsessives but the majority of Scotland, even a politically reluctant business sector torn between dogma and downsizing or even bankruptcy are seeing independence as not only mainstream but their only fire-exit.

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  4. Brexit is just the latest in a long line of economic disasters foisted upon us.
    It is not unique!
    The system of UK Government is based on policies that are London centric. The railways were closed in the 60s based on passenger usage per mile and not the needs of a large community based in rural areas.

    We are in a Union that draws people to the South of England and the formula for civic spend is based on bang for buck which then increases the isolation of Cornwall, Wales, Scotland etc.

    The other key driver is the elite who accumulate wealth by driving issues such as Brexit. The same people who made money from Covid. People like Dyson who poured money into Brexit but moved to Singapore but tried to cash in on Covid.

    Brexit only highlights that the UK is a casino run by a few extremely wealthy people.

    In the Wilson era we called it devaluing the pound now we call it quantative easing. That keeps the sheep voting for the wolves.

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  5. Dyson is back. Still tax evasion. Wanting tax exile status for his business. Texting Johnston to arrange it. The tax evaders costing £Billions in lost revenues. London the tax evading capital in the world. Thatcher established tax havens throughout the world. The UK the most unequal place in the world.

    The EU is coming down on tax evading. The reason the Tories wanted Brexit. Facebook, google, amazon and the (US) multinationals tax evading. Ruining the world. Illegally selling people’s details to swing elections, Against the data protection Act and the Representation of the people’s Act. The Electoral Laws broken.

    The Brexit vote is a scandal of corruption. Farague. Illegally manoeuvred to make Hedge Funds £Billions and Johnston PM. Cummings worried he will get jailed. The deleted files saved. They are just a bunch of total crooks. Starving and killing people.

    The only way is to vote the unionists out in Scotland and have another Indy Ref which will be won. The Westminster criminals have been taking funds from Scotland forever. Ruining the Scottish economy and funding London S/E. The North/South divide. It is only since Devolution 2000 Scotland has got better off and increased the population. It leads to growth. Restricted by Westminster poor, bad decisions. Total mismanagement of the economy.

    Rail times take nearly twice as long in Scotland. Scotland has to pay for HS2. Instead of improving rail services in Scotland. HS2 total waste of monies. The Tory slush fund. Cameron British/Chinese consortium. Along with Hinkley Point another total waste of public monies. Scotland has to pay for it. Despite being 25% in surplus in fuel and energy and nearer the source. Scotland has to pay more because it is colder, Scotland should pay 10% less for parity.

    Vote SNP/Alba. Vote for Independence.

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  6. It is reported £59Billion has been lost in exports to the EU. Since December? That is a massive change. Scotland could be £5Billion down. Goods coming from the EU are in short supply putting up prices. Electrical supplies are in short supply and going up in price. Tradespeople are in demand due to a backlog.

    Postage costs from the EU have increased. People do not expect it and are being charged on delivery. Tariffs going up. People complained the the Tories ministers and were told nothing could be done. They were told to relocate a division to the EU but it was too expensive. There are longer queues at the airports. Even with less travel and flights.


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