Leader of Scotland’s least popular party is leader of Scotland’s least popular party

What is he on?

Today in the Herald:

Willie Rennie has cast doubt on whether an SNP majority in the next Holyrood parliament would be a “legitimate” mandate for a second independence referendum. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader said there were “many factors” to a mandate, including the conduct of the election campaign, not simply parliamentary arithmetic.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t democracy all about arithmetic? People turn out and your share of the votes is reflected in your share of the MSPs, 5 in the case of the Lib Dems, despite them attracting little support outside of the Northern Isles, Edinburgh Western and North East Fife.

Are any of the other four, less representative of the Scottish Electorate?

As for conduct of the election campaign, does he mean telling fibs? Like his rant on Question Time or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Insignificant AND untrustworthy.

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12 thoughts on “Leader of Scotland’s least popular party is leader of Scotland’s least popular party

  1. Kinda on the same topic (threat to SNP majority).

    John Curtice this morning on BBC radio Scotland. “The threat to the SNP comes from the Greens on the constituency vote”

    They are standing in 12 constituencies.
    This week in The National James Kelly (Scot goes Pop) pointed out that a green standing in Edinburgh East constituency let Ruth Davidson in.

    The Greens have argued that we live in a democracy and that they have every right to put forward candidates. Which of course is true. B U T there are consequences when they put up candidates in a constituency. The result is an increased chance of a Unionist being elected.

    By standing in 12 constituencies the Greens pose a real threat to an Independence majority in the next parliament.

    One thing is certain, without independence the policies the party want to see in action will not be implemented!

    They let individual branches decide whether to stand in the constituency.
    Have these branches been infiltrated by supporters of the Union?

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  2. I listened to the QT ‘debate ‘ and Willie Rennie was the only speaker who was not interrupted by any other – then I realised that they were all put to sleep by his soporific delivery and his total political irrelevance !

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  3. It’s what we’ve come to expect: britnat BS supported no doubt by the britnat media. You see Scotland is only allowed to have another referendum if 1000000001% of Scots vote for pro-indy parties. Britnat scum.

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  4. Wullie on about jobs in Scotland but what about this,a flyer from them for the Highlands but yet this flyer is printed by a company in London I wonder did they look for one in the Highlands to do the printing.
    Also today one from the tories with a photo of the mouth,ross behind her,the only thing in it is telling people to vote tory in the list vote not one thing about what they would do if elected all just stop the SNP bla,bla.

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  5. Rennie always demands policies which are in place. Wee willie must be asleep all the time. Dead boring. The ConDems ruined the economy. Leading to the worst right wing governance now falling apart and failing in every way. The demand for AV no one was interested in. Self seeking, self serving hypocrites.

    Clegg now making £Millions as tax evading facebook European Rep. Facebook selling details to crooks to swing election. Illegal and Undemocratic, against the data protection Act and the Representation of the people’s Act. Electoral fraud. Allowing Hedge Funds to make £Billions from electoral fraud.

    Cameron now embroiled in absolute scandal. Embezzling £Billions of public monies to line his and his associates pockets. Monies which could be better spent. Total corruption. The LibDems facilitated this total corruption which led onto Brexit.

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  6. “The Greens” aren’t one homogeneous mass and “they” don’t dictate policy from the centre.

    12 of 73 constituency groups decided to field candidates, because that decision is entirely up to them. I don’t like it any more than you do, but the Greens leave these decisions to their local groups; 12 opted to put up a candidate, 61 opted not to.

    It was Central, not East(ern) that elected Davidson.

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    1. Drew

      My original post acknowledges the point of your post.

      Doesn’t change the fact that by standing in 12 constituencies the Greens are a threat to there being a majority of pro independence politicians in the next parliament.

      If you want Scotland to become independent and the Greens to Be able to implement their agenda
      Don’t Vote Green in the Constituency


  7. The Greens opposed the Queensferry Crossing, the AWPR, sporting developments, International airports, tourism, the Oil &Gas industry. The trams total mismanagement. Wasting £Billions which could be better spent. The FM on 2nd rate roads. Accidents every week before better roads were built.

    The Oil capital of Europe without a by pass road for 40 years. £Billions in revenues going south. The traffic chaos. If the Oil industry was shut down it would have to be imported. Then standing in constituency where they have no hope of winning. The SNP could win.

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