The biggest pack of lies ever from Reporting Scotland?

In Reporting Scotland tonight, we hear:

Andrew we’re in the middle of an election campaign and the whole care homes issue really does show the enormity of the decisions those in power take.….There is a huge burden of responsibility for those that seek office. Heavy is the head that wears the Crown.

It doesn’t. It isn’t. The decisions to discharge from hospital into care homes were taken, in the interests of the patients, many of them traumatised there by dementia, by highly qualified medics in consultation with care home managers, skilled in the isolation of infected residents from decades of flu epidemics. ‘Those in power’, SNP politicians, played no part.

The decisions of those owners in the larger corporate homes to maximise occupancy and to skimp on staffing, PPE and testing, with over-dependency on agency staff travelling between sites, caused the deaths.

Just before the above, we hear that the highest number of deaths was in one voluntary care home for veterans, 32, yet hear nothing of the 523 who died in HC-One’s 29 homes. 16% of all the deaths in 2.6% of the homes.

Before that we heard Douglas Ross claim that Scotland had the highest percentage of deaths in care homes anywhere in the United Kingdom because of these discharges. He’s right in a way. A higher percentage of all of Scotland’s Covid deaths were in care homes BECAUSE we had 40% fewer deaths overall. AND, per head of population, England has had far more deaths in its care homes. Indeed in the period from January 2021, the death rate there has been MORE THAN TWICE as high BECAUSE they did not follow the JCVI guidelines and vaccinate all care home residents and staff before al other groups.

Nicola Sturgeon is allowed briefly to tell the truth but the two stories, one lies, the other the facts, are left as just differing opinions.

Finally, Anas Sarwar repeats his bizarre arrogant claim that we do not require medical guidance to see that common sense tells you that you do not send Covid patients into care homes. When did that happen? When did medical expertise become secondary to common sense? In which century was that last true? 15th?

Have we been less informed since the Daily Record in 2014?

4 thoughts on “The biggest pack of lies ever from Reporting Scotland?

  1. This is the BBC’s start of the election campaign to disparage the SNP government.
    It also featured on their national news.
    The BBC seeks new lows in it’s so-called impartial reporting, but I just hope it won’t sway voters too much, at ths important juncture.
    What a country to live in where the main sources of news are outwith our borders, yet free to despise our chosen government.

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  2. Repressing Scotland has gone from “news management” to “election management” in one easy snake oil slither.
    They make hucksterism look simple!

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  3. It’s worrying that only bloggers seem capable of debunking many of the BBC and MSM lies, truth economies and propaganda.

    Why on earth do SNP politicians not come to the table armed with this evidence?

    There are allowing them a free rein here.

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