EU imports from Britain drop by 47%

Scottish seafood group warns of business closures after post-Brexit exports  plunge 80% | Intrafish

From SNP Media today:

The SNP has said new export figures should serve as a ‘wake-up call’ that the Tories are not interested in securing a strong recovery for Scotland or the rest of the UK – as the reality of their hard Brexit continues to unfold.

Figures published by the EU’s statistics office Eurostat show Britain’s exports to the EU almost halved in the first two months of the year compared with last year. EU imports from Britain dropped by 47% to 16.6 billion in January and February 2021.

These figures present a much worse picture for the UK’s exports to the EU than the figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) last week, with Eurostat reporting the December to February fall in UK exports to the EU was 32% instead of 15%. 

The overall value of food exports, including Scottish seafood, is lower now than in any month of 2020 – having dropped by £300 million since December. 

Commenting, SNP candidate for Edinburgh Southern, Catriona MacDonald said:

“These figures highlight the immense damage that the Tories’ jobs-destroying Brexit is doing to Scotland’s economy. It should serve as a wake-up call that Boris Johnson will always prioritise Brexit over a sustainable economic recovery from the pandemic.

“When it mattered, Labour and the Tories fell in line together behind Boris Johnson’s botched Brexit deal. Now our businesses and exporters are paying the price for their failure to stand up for Scotland.

“Today’s figures underline the fact that Scotland has been completely ignored throughout the Brexit process. Only the SNP will stand up for Scotland’s businesses and for Scotland’s place in Europe.

“By casting both votes for the SNP on 6 May, the people of Scotland can re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”


Notes to Editors:

5 thoughts on “EU imports from Britain drop by 47%

  1. A fool could have seen all this and more to come
    Simply put yourselves on the EU side of the table and then consider what confronts you
    Take back control
    Let’s get Brexit done
    All his red lines
    No border checks for NI
    Throw your export forms in the bucket
    Our waters are soveriegn
    Then he plays hard ball
    Till no time left
    And all aling knows No Deal will be a unmitigated
    Disaster, which would result in a Emergency election or change of Premiership
    Now as the EU slide and turn the agreement over to Boris
    With your pen in hand and simply say
    Sign There
    When Boris Vacates the room
    The EU negotiator’s turn to each other
    With huge smiles and state “That was easy,told you he would sign, If it was us
    Never in a million years would I have,
    Would you
    The rest is unfolding history


  2. Vote the Tories out. Vote for Independence. The Tories mismanagement of the economy. The pandemic mismanaged by Westminster. The sleaze and corruption. Brexit ruining the economy.scotland can do better managing it’s own affairs. Devolution shows that. Independence will be even better. No corrupt Westminster interference.


  3. NI expect BREXIT won’t hit the fan till after the Scot. Gov. Elections.

    What will Westminster do regarding Indy Ref2 during a BREXIT sh1t storm. At which point support for Independence should rise dramatically!


  4. Brexit was never about business or trade.
    When Johnson was challenged to respond to the concerns of the CBI over Brexit,his response was “F*** business”.
    This has been entirely about the Tories escaping from the constraints of the European courts.
    Clearly,their so called strategy was to get out and negotiate on an issue by issue basis afterwards.
    Aka cherry picking.
    Not going too well for them,especially with their USA trade deal on hold.


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