BBC campaigns to blame the SNP and hide far higher death rate in private /corporate care homes

Having misquoted the First Minister on hospital discharges into care homes, where outbreaks have been shown in 5 research reports to have been caused inadvertently by agency staff and not by the discharges, BBC Scotland headlines newly published details so as to again imply Scottish Government responsibility, just over two weeks before the election.

Note the link to a Glenn Campbell piece misinterpreting deliberately the words of the Health Secretary on the 8th April.

What the data reveal is proof that the causal factor in the rate of death is ownership. Almost without exception the toll of death was greatest, by far, in the private sector and, especially in those larger homes owned by corporations such as HC-One, which we know demanded full resident occupancy of their managers and control of costs, in terms of staff wages and PPE, and so relied, more than the council or voluntary sector, on, agency temporary staff. The latter travelled between homes spreading the virus.

Covid-linked deaths by care provider

523 of the total 3 292 care home deaths took place in HC-One homes. HC-One has 29 care homes in Scotland.

There are around 1 100 care homes in Scotland so 16% of all the care home deaths took place in 2.6% of the care homes.

To be clear, there is a problem in that care homes are of differing sizes and the HC-One homes will be among the largest, but crudely, the death rate in HC-One was SIX times higher than it might, statistically, have been expected to be.

The top 7 with the most deaths were all corporations.

We really need the ratio of deaths to total residents within the homes of a provider but I don’t see that available here:!/vizhome/CHD_16154580881600/TrackingcarehomedeathsinScotland?publish=yes

14 thoughts on “BBC campaigns to blame the SNP and hide far higher death rate in private /corporate care homes

  1. Fret not i consider all this to be none other than the (ABC )BBC

    Driving the last of the Nails into their Coffin Lid
    They will soon have to launch a competition for a new title that ensures that they MIGHT just be granted a licence that entitles them to
    Broadcast in a Indy Scotland
    As for the current head of their propaganda operations at Pacific Quay
    Would someone be find enough to summon a nurse C/w a straight jacket
    to attend upon this poor suicidal fellow
    Ach on second thoughts bring a needle also


  2. The BBC may be legally compelled to support British nationalism, but it is also legally required to be impartial. Which it clearly has no intention of acknowledging, let alone respecting.

    Now if Westminster did not consider itself impervious to international law, it would be more able to support human rights and constitutional democracy. So Scotland’s future would not be dependent on political parties that have been captured by the cult of gender-ideology, and so are unable to support trans-individuals without discriminating against women and children. Such is life, I suppose.

    International environmental law and global public health


  3. To be more explicit, it is not possible to support public health if your legal system is disabled in its capacity to reflect biological reality. This was never the intention of the GRA, which only sought to enabled the legal recognition of adopted gender. Gender is not the same as biological sex. So Scots law must not insist men can literally become women, as that would support a material fantasy, and significantly undermine the potential for Scots to enjoy good public health.

    An ecofeminist conceptual framework to explore gendered environmental health inequities in urban settings and to inform healthy public policy


  4. Having read the BBC report, I have to say I was really shocked that the following, from a statement by Scottish Care, was published without any comment

    “We very much regret that insufficient attention was given to the needs of the care sector when compared to the preparation given to and focus upon the NHS.
    “Social care as a whole was let down in the early stages of the pandemic, not least by the failures to introduce testing of staff and residents earlier.”

    In relation to the first paragraph, the implication seems to be that as the NHS struggled to adapt in order to cope with what, at the time (ie March/ April last year) was seen as something that could very well overwhelm it (one only has to look at the experience in places like Italy to see how that might be thought), it would also take time to focus not just on itself, but on Care Homes that are not part of the NHS and are run for private profit. This is very like what I call “the baby bird” approach – that you sit about waiting for mummy and daddy to come along and stuff a nice big worm down your gob. Applied to the private care sector statement, this is very close to suggesting that in some respects the NHS (and/or govt) have primary responsibility for Care Home management of Covid. If so, then there surely have to be serious questions asked about what it is residents were paying for. Certainly we might expect liaison and advice to be given, but in terms of resources and practice that is surely the responsibility of the owners?

    The second paragraph in contrast is utterly jaw dropping. Just what responsibility does govt have for testing to be introduced into private care homes. Right at the start of the Health and Safety at Work Act, there is an obligation on the employer to ensure the “health, safety and welfare at work” of their employees – not the govt, but the employer (and thus the care home owner).

    I doubt very much this will happen, but I still hope there is a documentary maker somewhere who will call out the care home owners, who, in many cases, are nothing more than self-serving money grubbers who consider their residents as little more than an income stream, and who will at any and every opportunity pass their own responsibility on to anyone at all.

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    1. Agreed..
      I couldn’t quite decide whether this gambit (Kilgour/Pennington predominantly) was to avert litigation for the corporates, or it was politically motivated.
      I don’t recall any such claims made in England let alone given the publicity afforded it by Scottish media.

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  5. O/T – Curious admission from Dross on BBC Radio 4 when asked why Boris wasn’t coming to Scotland during the election campaign.

    Ross commented: “I think people would understand that the leader of the opposition and the leader of the Liberal Democrats at UK level do not have the same pressures as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who is dealing with the roll-out of this pandemic.”

    Help ma boab – if he’s rolling out the pandemic, just as well he’s not coming up!

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  6. A summary of what the Opposition and HMS Sarah Smith have been up to is below, this article is merely the latest salvo in a long propaganda game.

    The portrayal since the summer of 2020 of SG veering from national clinical guidance is a known lie which opposition politicians and the media have conspired to portray. I’m fairly convinced Scotland became and remains the diversion to addressing the appalling toll in England’s care homes, but the malevolence with which it has been pursued in Scotland’s case is sheer political chicanery.

    Whereas I agree travelling personnel became a known factor, only a full inquiry will established what went wrong when and where.

    This PQ piece has no timelines, no %age populations, nothing, so what is it’s purpose ? Given their history, to keep their lie going.

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    1. Meant not happy…watch this folks. An old pal in his 80’s just sent me a card saying all is well, we have ‘herd immunity’ so, right wing rags, it’s a massive worry. It means that people are taken in by the false sense of security, as well as favouring the Tories and of course voting for them by larger numbers in Scotland.
      Hugely concerning. Where are my masks, oh and the double variant from India is likely in the community in the UK already…wonderful, not.


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