Tory Government accused of robbing children of their rights

Call for UN Convention on the Rights for the Child to be incorporated into  UK law - Napo

From SNP Media yesterday:

Ian Blackford MP has accused Boris Johnson of “robbing children of their rights” as the UK government plans to take the Scottish Parliament to court over the incorporation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scots law.  

The SNP Westminster Leader called on Boris Johnson to withdraw the UK government’s legal challenge, describing it as wrong and morally repugnant. 

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said: 

“Every party in the Scottish Parliament supported the legislation incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – even the Scottish Tories.

“This is a tale of two governments – we have a SNP Scottish Government delivering the baby box, doubling the Scottish Child payment, and providing free school meals to every primary school child. At the same time this Tory government’s priority is robbing children of their rights. 

“Quite simply, the SNP Scottish Government has, and will continue to work to ensure Scotland is the best place possible for a child to grow up. This legal challenge threatens that.

“I called on the Prime Minister to commit to withdrawing his legal challenge. If he doesn’t, we’ll see him in court.” 

4 thoughts on “Tory Government accused of robbing children of their rights

  1. All quite simply Westminster puffing its chest and playing
    We are the Boss here
    Well then go ahead and you shall find who the real Boss is
    And that happens to be the citizens of Scotland, not the subjects you believe us to be
    I am a subject to NO ONE

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  2. I hope pro-Indy canvassers for 6 May are making a great deal of the fact that a vote for ConLabLibdem is – without Independence – a wasted vote? Because it seems to me, disagree with their other policies as you may, the Scottish branches tried to do the right thing on this one and were ridden roughshod over as much as any other party.

    As a non-aligned voter, I’d like to see elections where all parties were talking for themselves not merely mouthpieces. That just isn’t possible within the Union as it stands.

    In the meantime, perhaps they’d “lend their vote” to the pro-Indys. What could we call it? The Tartan Wall? The Saltire Wall? The Shortbread Wall? 🙂


  3. Guide me ,O thou great redeemer,
    Pilgrim through this barren land,
    I am weak,but thou art mighty,
    Hold me with thy powerful hand,
    Bread of heaven, bread of heaven,
    Feed me till I want no more,
    Feed me till I want no more.

    Mana from the English Establishment taking Scotland to court to counter one of the most emotive UN policies on children.
    That alone would give Scotland world wide recognition as an independent nation.

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