Support for keeping ‘verminous Scots’ in the Union almost halved in 6 years

This Daily Express England report alerted me to the Opinium Westminster voting intentions poll for 8th April. In it only 34% opposed Scotland leaving the UK and a majority of Labour and Lib Dem voters supported the idea. Only Conservative voters (50%) were predominantly opposed.

UK: Voting intention – 8th April 2021

In March 2014, an Opinium poll found 61% of English and Welsh respondents wanted Scotland to stay.

The data for the Tory voters above are interesting given the Ipsos MORI poll in 2019 which asked party members whether they would rather avert Brexit if it would lead to Scotland breaking away from the UK. 63% of party members would be willing to pay for Brexit with the breakup of the United Kingdom.

Trinny and Susannah who wailed ‘Please stay with us Scotland – we love you.‘ in 2014, have not yet been asked how they feel today.

The Spectator magazine which on the day before the referendum had a special ‘Scotland, please stay‘ readers’ letters edition, only ten years after publishing a poem calling us ‘verminous‘ has not yet decided which way to go on this one.

David Cameron has other things on his mind.

13 thoughts on “Support for keeping ‘verminous Scots’ in the Union almost halved in 6 years

  1. Democracy, human rights, and the rule-of-law can’t be separated, as they exist in mutually supporting partnership. So British constitutionalism may take on the procedural appearance of liberal democracy, but it falls far short in terms of substantive, participatory, democracy, that’s for sure.

    Procedure in substance and substance in
    procedure: reframing the Rawls–Habermas

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  2. I accidentally read the same Express article and sensed that there was a theme of England wanting to be rid of Scotland and that , according to the headline, we will be “Out in the cold.”
    I suspect that the softening up of the English electorate to Scottish independence is underway by presenting it as what England wants but to our detriment.
    Saving face will be the order of the day.

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      1. Yes, I’ve noticed quite a few Daily Depressed headlines recently where they’ve been trashing not only NS, but pointing out that our economy’s failing and it’s going to be awful etc. Then this “and we don’t WANT you anyway”.

        Very hopeful signs, I thought 🙂

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  3. Many people who supported Scotland staying, now support Scotland leaving. They can see how things are going. Especially with Brexit. Scotland did not vote for it.

    Most are telling Scotland to run as fast as they can. To a more equal and prosperous. Society. To curb the abuse of Westminster around the world. The corruption is endemic. People are dying because of it.

    The illegal Barnett Formula a straight jacket for the Scottish economy. Lack of democracy and Westminster illegal control. The majority now see through it and want Independence. They will vote for it by all accounts. It is just a matter of time. Time is running it for unionism. Demographics.


  4. Boris is more interested in writing begging letters to Russian ex-pats to wallpaper his hoose.

    Cameroon needs dosh for Sam, and to stay one step ahead of the Old Bill, who want to put the cuffs on him.
    Holloway or the Scrubs –not like Eton, you dont get a lum hat!

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  5. Or are we getting to a point where the UK state – increasingly dysfunctional – is approaching collapse? Northern Ireland is a mess, and it cannot be long where utter practicality results in a united Ireland (think the fall of the Berlin Wall here and reunification of Germany). A devout Unionist like Mark Drakeford is calling for renegotiation of the Union to something like a Confederation (which he wont get because WM isnt interested and is seeking to get the horses back in the stable with greater centralisation., At that point it’s “make your mind up Mark”.). And that’s before we get to those “verminous Scots”.

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  6. Rhe reason conservative voters do not want scottish independence is be ause they know how much money england will lose if scotland does stop england pilfering its resources.
    These conservatives know it will hit their share values they know how weak englands economy is without the broad shoulders of Scotlands economy

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      1. Yep, people in England really do believe they fund Scotland’s luxurious lifestyle! Perfect, who wants to work all the hours under the sun just to keep paying Scotland to have better services etc, best ditch them to save some dosh…it’s the only way for England to go really, and we can still be good neighbours. 😉


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