Scotland’s renewables energy production keeps soaring

From Recharge, yesterday:

Renewables developer Iberdrola has unveiled plans to wire its 540MW Whitelee wind plant in the Scottish Highlands (sic) together with a solar array, battery facility and the UK’s largest electrolyser to create a new giant hydrogen production complex.

Leaving aside the usual confusion about Scotland’s geography, this is a big deal, to wire together wind, solar and battery facilities to generate industrial-scale volumes of H² (hydrogen).

From the report:

The Whitelee-connected project, which will produce some 8 tonnes of H2 per day, will also be to Green Hydrogen for Glasgow, a scheme to deliver carbon-free transport for the Scottish city, as well as meeting growing industrial hydrogen demand in the region.

This is, of course, only the latest in a stream of developments which is turning Scotland into a renewables powerhouse which will supply green energy to its neighbours:,according%20to%20Scottish%20Government%20figures.&text=%22Currently%206.5%25%20of%20our%20non,is%20generated%20from%20renewable%20sources.

Readers will remember that for some time now, massive amounts of electricity have been transferred to England on, of course unfavourable terms, thanks to the ‘advantages of the Union’:

In Energy Voice on 28 January 2020:

‘Mammoth Highland offshore wind farms are footing a bill of around £20 million more per year than English projects to connect to the grid, according to the builder of what will be Scotland’s biggest wind venture. The levied regime in the UK, called transmission charging and set up by the energy regulator Ofgem, is understood to be a major disadvantage to projects in the windiest regions of Scotland – with a £20m per year price tag that could rise to £30m by 2025’

Not only is Scotland paying extra to connect to the grid, but the electricity is then being transferred to England, Wales and Northern Ireland to compensate for their lack of generation and to help the UK appear to be meeting its carbon reduction target. See:

Government figures reveal the massive and increasing level of transfer of electricity from Scotland to England. In 2018 only, the transfer rate increased from 13 512 GWh to nearly 25 000 GWh. 1 GWh would heat 700 000 homes! This 83% increase is hidden in the above 53.8% increase total adopted.

Note that the ratio of transfers from Scotland to England compared with those from England to Scotland is 25 to 1!

5 thoughts on “Scotland’s renewables energy production keeps soaring

  1. It’s one of the many reasons why the English government will not let Scotland go. Over at Energy live news yesterday I noticed the many projects re energy in Scotland, in one article they say the power generated will provide electricity to thousands of homes, in the UK. In other words, to England. I will look out the article and link to it later, there was an article about a major project planned by the English government in Scotland, some connection between Aberdeen and Falkirk… putting their stamp on Scotland, stomp stomp!

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  2. Scotland is the best place in the world for renewables. Wind, wave, solar. Hydro. Oil & Gas.

    25% in surplus. Yet Scotland pays more, despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Another absolute scandal. If Scotland sold the energy it would be worth £Billions. Instead of Westminster incompetents wasting every penny.

    Scotland is in prime position for CCS. The North Sea ex oil reservoirs returning to use. Worth £Billions. Westminster control means that is not happening. The poor, bad decisions. The EU countries are already going ahead with it. Investing for the future. Scotland left out in the cold again because of Westminster intransigence and mismanagement,

    Hickley Point, HS2, Trident etc a total waste of monies with no business case. The Tory slush fund. Cameron even did not change the Law on lobbying so he could personally benefit from misuse of public monies as an employee of a failing company. He is away with £Million. He expected to be away with even more. He boasted about it.

    Another whitewash Inquiry. Just like Grenfall. A total catastrophe of Tory mismanagement killing people. The corruption in Gov is monumental.

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  3. There is no electricity or gas company in Scotland they are all based in england even the new online companies.
    What happened to the new cheaper electricity company SNP said they were going to set up ?
    I have tried many many companies and every one of them charges us more per unit of gas and electricity that they charge people in england even though the electricity and a lot of the gas comes from Scotland


    1. Nope wrong on that one…I am with a relatively new company, ‘People’s Energy’ 100% renewables and based now in Dalkeith they were in Musselburgh before. Reasonable tariffs and good customer service now I am ad for them, but, have found them good so far, they have a scheme where you can I think buy shares and be involved in decision making etc.
      Look them up…


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