NOT TO BE MISSED: ‘Unionist arguments suggesting Scotland could not be a successful independent country are “plainly ludicrous”

From SNP Media today:

Boris Johnson has today been warned against trying to block a democratic mandate for an independence referendum by a former senior civil servant who helped draft the Edinburgh Agreement that led to the 2014 referendum.

Professor Ciaran Martin said trying to prevent a referendum in the event of a pro-independence majority at Holyrood would mean the Union would change from one based on “consent” to one “based on force of law”.

Now a professor at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, Prof Martin made the comments in an academic paper in which he added that unionist arguments suggesting Scotland could not be a successful independent country were “plainly ludicrous” given the success of numerous smaller independent north European nations.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“This paper blows apart Boris Johnson’s strategy for trying to block a referendum and exposes it for the anti-democratic ploy it is.

“Professor Martin’s comments are a welcome acknowledgement – from someone at the heart of the UK Government in the negotiations leading to the 2014 referendum – that there is no democratic basis to block an independence referendum if the people of Scotland vote for one.

“The union must always be based on consent, and to try instead to base it, in Prof Martin’s words, on the ‘force of law’ would be doomed to failure.

“Scotland has a right to decide its own future, and if there is a mandate for a referendum at this election then Boris Johnson has no democratic or moral authority to try and block it.

“But the only decisive way to ensure there is a re-elected SNP Government, led by Nicola Sturgeon, which is in a position to deliver a referendum is to give both votes to the SNP.”

11 thoughts on “NOT TO BE MISSED: ‘Unionist arguments suggesting Scotland could not be a successful independent country are “plainly ludicrous”

  1. I was all geared up to give this a Like … then I read the final quote … so BOO!
    How many times does it need saying, almost everywhere An SNP list vote is a vote thrown away!

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  2. Good but , do we need to end every report or comment from SNP with
    “ give both votes to SNP “ ?
    We know thats the SNP,s want , i am a member , they sent us an email weeks ago saying give SNP both votes.

    Im not going to
    I will vote SNP and ALBA
    And for as long as SNP keep saying it i will counter it
    2016 , best evidence available on the matter showed us both votes SNP gave dozens of votes to unionists it also shows that those of us who voted SNP and greens in the hope that we would avoid giving dozens of votes to unionists found that we failed and dozens of votes still went to the unionists.
    We now have the only the one and only ever , opportunity to vote for a scottish independence party that is not competing with SNP but intends to support SNP with LIST votes namely ALBA and yet because Nicola Sturgeon doesnt get on with Alex Salmond now we are being told to give up this fantastic opportunity to get a really big conclusive majority of scottish independence MPs in holyrood.

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    1. Terence,
      You wrote: “”And for as long as SNP keep saying it i will counter it
      2016 , best evidence available on the matter…””

      What would happen if you drew your circle a bit wider to include 2011? Then it was both votes SNP as promoted by Mr Salmond which led to a majority SNP Government.

      Use too narrow an evidence base and you can end up with a result no one wants.


      1. The difference between 2011 and 2016 was that the Tories vote recovered from the low if 2011 and Labour’s fell by roughly the same proportion, even though SNP was up slightly.


  3. ‘force of law’ a.k.a. authoritarianism

    Have I not been pointing to the unconstitutional and undemocratic nature of Brexit? Forcing Scots to abide by populist and xenophobic English nationalism, simply isn’t compatible with the Treaty of Union, nor Common law or Natural law reasoning, democratic theory, human rights, or international law.

    General Will, Natural Law and the Human Rights Theory


  4. I have liked the article, but as with others, the last line does not necessarily
    fit with most peoples’ thoughts on how to get that indy majority. In Edinburgh central the taking to people last time so many gave their ‘2nd vote to the Greens’, and of course we ended up with untRuth and her hands off approach, hold a surgery? What’s that? Meanwhile she has been very happy taking a massive sum of cash from the public purse.

    Here is Gordon Ross talking about the list votes etc. I really like his programme ‘Broadcasting Scotland’ programmes, some days it’s more interesting than others but really worth supporting. Give the youtube vid a like…

    Thanks John for all the great articles today, you have been working very hard indeed…

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    Scotland is rich in assets, it has excellent people. It has a politically aware citizenship. However the gradualists ( or glacierists) in the SNP will allow incredible damage to be inflicted by Westminster if we delay. Seven years to prepare for Independence and almost zero policies in place. More effort has gone into identity politics than Independence.


    We either unite for Independence or sit and throw rocks at each other.
    ALBA voters are willing to back the SNP in the constituency. Are SNP voters really going to dig in and waste a Million votes again?


  6. This BIG story is leading the news on Scotlands papers, and is the top story on Repressing Scotland…………

    …….in a parallel universe…….far, far away!

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