Do you think that Scotland is missing out on family bereavements?

Today with Jackie Brambles above and yesterday this:

It’s hard to stay cool at times like this when the propaganda is both naked and evil.

Is this what they want? Relaxing like England? Infected like England? Dying like England?
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9 thoughts on “Do you think that Scotland is missing out on family bereavements?

  1. The BBC NEVER learn !
    After hundreds of thousands of complaints about the Royal Propaganda Day ( and that was just those who could be arsed to complain ) they now want a Benefit for Undertakers Day ! Really ?
    Thank God there are few who listen to them anymore – apart from you , John ( for all the best reasons ) !

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    1. Oh the BBC ”learn all the time, they up their dirty tactics daily to lie to the people of Scotland, taking their orders from the British Nationalist state…they are the EngGovs’ mouthpiece in fact why bother Johnson ever having to appear on screen, (he is a lazy selfish good for nothing anyway) they could just have one of their BBC lackeys standing in front of the butchers aprons galore, telling the people how they should act, think and vote!

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  2. Well, I did listen – or rather it was on in the kitchen. I find Jackie Brambles slightly more tolerable than Kaye Adams but the approach was the same: hoping for as many complaints as possible about the Scottish Government.
    From what I actively heard, she wasn’t getting full co-operation from the public as many folk were supportive of a more restrained approach to easing lockdown and aware of the dangers still ahead of us.

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  3. In terms of corporate media and BBC coverage, these official, authoritative UK government statistics on case numbers and deaths per 100,000 population in each of the four UK nations must surely be candidates for the most ignored, the least publicised, the least reported official statistics of all time!

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    1. You’d think, if we were one nation, there’d be 1 representative from each of the 4 on the podium and slides similar to those on Travelling Tabby.

      I wonder why not. (Rhetorical)

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