Where’s Jackson?


They’ve backstabbed better men and women than Douglas Ross before. Their London coven did for Maggie!

They’ve left Jackson Carlaw out because they didn’t do a poll in his time. YouGov did on the 27th January 2020 and found only 25% of Tory voters trusted him and 8% of all voters trusted him. Would you have bought a car from that man?

By my reckoning, that makes Douglas Ross a whopping 3 times more successful in winning hearts and minds. What’s their problem. Who could they get that’s any better? Jackie Baillie? Sarah Smith? George Galloway?

3 thoughts on “Where’s Jackson?

  1. Tories
    Never ever trust them
    If ever offering a wee dram
    Do so with a Quaich
    Because then as they take hold of this drinking vessel then they must do so with both hands
    Thereby disabling the hand that would draw their dagger


  2. Can they sink any lower.

    £150,000 + salary and perks. Wants another salary. For uselessness. The Tories trying to milk the system. The collude in a system from which they have most to gain. People are dying because of it.


    1. ”Can they sink any lower ?” DRoss likes a challenge so the answer is , probably Yes !

      And you forgot his wee week-end job for Pin money – waving a fleg at people – so , no change there !


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