Tom Gordon turns Freeman’s ‘admission’ into a ‘fatal blunder’

The Herald’s photo editor, Jamie (14) rushes into Tom Gordon’s fuggy office clutching the above image.

‘Well done lad! Now nip downstairs to the chemists and get me a fungicide.

Seriously though, Jeanne Freeman’s ‘admission of guilt’ yesterday was a better feed even than Tom’s had from Conservative HQ.

Accepting the open goal gleefully, he writes:

Nicola Sturgeon must take responsibility for the fatal blunder which saw infected hospital patients moved into care homes at the start of the Covid pandemic, opposition leaders have said. The First Minister’s role in the decision to move 1,300 untested patients into care homes came under scrutiny after Jeane Freeman last night admitted it was a “mistake”.

I’m not going to repeat myself at length but, ‘fatal blunder?’ A plain lie.

There is no evidence whatsoever of hospital discharges of patients, who had tested positive, causing outbreaks, far less causing any death.

There is, in in the form of 4 research reports, evidence that outbreaks were more likely to occur in the larger, corporate, care homes, with high occupancy, staff shortages and the overuse of agency staff travelling between sites, to fill gaps. You’ll find the reports here:

The care home owners must take responsibility and they surely will be told to, once the Crown Office has finished with them.

11 thoughts on “Tom Gordon turns Freeman’s ‘admission’ into a ‘fatal blunder’

  1. What about the PM’s failure to implement good pandemic prevention measures, and HMG’s innitial reliance on the social transmission of a debilitating and potentially fatal pathogen to produce herd immunity? Surely he’ll be held to account for the role this idiocy plaid in turning a manageable public health threat into a ‘national’ crises?

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    1. Cameron
      With 100% respect
      I must take issue with you over Boris being held to account
      Oh yes no doubt he will but not in a way that hangs him out to dry
      The top civil servants behind the scenes are currently busy little bees in establishing the remit of such enquiry and all in order to prevent the damming truth from being revealed
      After all they have loads of form in these matters
      Names can be Named but never ever firmly blamed


      1. Re- holding Johnson to account. There are valiant attempts to do so that deserve great credit even if chances of success may be slim.

        Relentlessly, day after day after day after day, Peter Stefavovic – lawyer/journalist/filmmaker – aggregates and amplifies on social media his evidence of the UK Prime Minister’s lies. Today as every day he tweets in this or similar vein linked to his video evidence:

        From @PeterStefanovi2:
        “Now on 8.5 million views! What the hell will it take for you to report this @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @SkyNews?

        ‘Lying in Parliament is a shameful national scandal. When will you hold this truth twister to account?’

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        1. stewartB
          Thanks and much appreciated
          But look how hard and long to reveal the truth of Hillsborough
          The English only respect 1 thing and terrified of any loss of that 1 thing
          What is THING
          Tis MONEY
          And money hath no honour,respect of compassion whatsoever


  2. Wasn’t Boris, around that time suggesting that we ‘take it on the chin”?
    Laissez faire, old boy – It’s the Tory way….

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  3. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Tom needs some shaming. A devil of a complete poor, bad reporting. Totally tragic. A pandemic and all the problems looking for a scapegoat. Groundhog Day at the Herald. No wonder no one reads it. Stuff and nonsense. Tom looks quite ill. Most people are sick of it. Bad statistics and analysis.


  4. With all due respect John, the Tom Gordon “Nicola Sturgeon must take responsibility for the fatal blunder” again ignores the childish blonde elephant in the room –
    Did the SG methodology depart from the Emergency Covid powers granted, the requirements imposed, or the 4 Nations approach adopted by all ? NO…
    This has made in London stamped all over it complete with adhesive Union flegs, yet SG have to answer ? Hello ?

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  5. Jeane Freeman Nick Robinson Interview

    What on earth persuaded Jeane Freeman to do this interview. NR would have approached it with one one objective, ie. To get some words that could be used to undermine the (correct) public perception that The Scottish Gov. Have handled the pandemic well.

    This is what they did to Salmond during Indy Ref. 1 “once in a generation” . . . Still one of the Yoons favourite weapons.

    The interview wasn’t even broadcast, to hear it you have to down load a podcast.
    Nothing to gain everything to loose.

    After Indy Ref 1 Nicola Sturgeon said they would not make the mistake of treating the media as unbiased again. (Not exact words)
    They need to remember that lesson.


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