Latest poll: Overall SNP majority, Sarwar disappoints and support for Alba doubles in 1 day

Today’s Panelbase/Sunday Times poll suggests an overall majority of 1 for the SNP but a pro-independence ‘super-majority of 29.

Support for the new Alba Party at 6% is double that reported in the Survation/Courier poll which allegedly completed its field work only one day earlier, on the 30th March.

From the Times (data tables are not yet published):

Today’s poll of 1,009 adults on March 30-April 1 puts the SNP on 49 per cent in the constituency vote (+2 since last month), with the Tories on 22 per cent (-1), Labour unchanged on 20, the Lib Dems on 6 per cent (-1) and Greens still on 2. In the regional vote, the SNP is at 39 per cent (-3), the Conservatives on 21 per cent (-1), Labour on 17 per cent (-2), with the Greens on 8 per cent (+2), Alba on 6 per cent and the Lib Dems on 5 per cent (-2). All For Unity, George Galloway’s new unionist party, scores 4 per cent, on which basis the maverick former MP would be expected to become an MSP.

Perhaps most striking in the above is the apparent failure of the MSM efforts to present Anas Sarwar as man of ability, to replace the disappointing Douglas Ross, as the new hope of the Unionist cause.

17 thoughts on “Latest poll: Overall SNP majority, Sarwar disappoints and support for Alba doubles in 1 day

  1. Not Galloway. Not that lying parasite. What an embarrassment. Disgusting Total opportunist. Brexiteering hypocritical liar. Trying to ruin Scotland and the Scottish economy. Lowlife trougher. Been round the houses so many times causing trouble. Supporting Independence for Palestine and everywhere else but not for Scotland. Involved in the Oil for food scandal. Two faced liar. Leaving people in poverty. The Dundee Mafia. Crombie coats. A villa in Portugal but against EU membership. Total hypocrite. Trying to get in to the Scottish Parliament to ruin it. Just like the Tories.

    Alba coming on. The supermajority can be improved. That is all that matters now. To boot out the unionists from causing any more trouble. Independence coming soon. Breaking D’Hond’t. It is just amazing after 20 years. Scotland can finally become Independent for a better place in the world. Make the world a better place. Get rid of the Westminster corrupt and criminality. The illegal Barnett Formula.

    SNP 1 Alba 2. Nicola and Alex the two best leaders Scotland has ever had. Get the band back together.

    Leaders come and leaders go but Independent is the most important. Another Referendum on the way that will be won. It is just incredible. After nearly 100 years. Universal,Suffrage 1928. Scotland will be Independent at last. To celebrate. People will not be deceived. A new dawn is opening. A new Spring has sprung. The pandemic is lifting finally. People can see their loved ones. Keep safe and carry on.

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    1. I cant help wondering why you are Gordon here… but Ken on WGD.
      Your staccato style sentence construction is a dead give away Harry.


  2. Interesting numbers at this early stage with a pro-indy majority of 29. But that is not a “super majority” in any meaningful Holyrood context. We need 86 seats for an indy super-majority of two thirds of the 129 seats. This is not nit-picking because at 86 seats the parliament has the ability to create a “democratic event” by dissolving itself and, for example, calling a new election to enable it to declare independence. If parliament is intent on negotiating independence with Westminster on the back of a true super-majority , then the negotiating leverage is very strong and could force Westminster to the negotiation table. So it is important to define “Super Majority” correctly.

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    1. Galloway could be the Trojan horse built
      By the Dark Forces of The British State
      And the troops within being strategic
      Rigging of the pretty much loosely controlled rigging of postal vote system
      After all just consider as to what might be contained within the MI5 files held in the
      Bold Georges name whose contents probably has enough to lock him up and with a little inventive tinkering of the facts, enable them to throw away the Key
      If so they will have succeeded in having planted a headline making disruptive loud mouth of a cavalier wrecking ball
      Into the Parliament and Indy game
      Puppet on a String Galloway is or a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing
      And a very useful clown indeed
      This is not far fetched
      But very much a case of Know Thy Foes
      This is not Cricket my dear fellow
      More like a
      Nod & Wink
      Shunt of the Elbow, Know what I Mean
      And probably started by polling results cleverly manipulated in a undetectable manner in order to give George a cosy position in the line up before the Steward
      Drops his flag for the horses to bolt for
      The winning post
      This dark horse ( Donkey cannot ever possibly be seen as coming from nowhere as the finishing straits entered )


    2. bushgeoff , get your point but we dont need two thirds of the seats.
      We need the same as every other democracy on the planet , a majority , even if its one , that is how it works.

      Now the definition of a super majority is another matter.
      To me a super majority is anything above the highest we have ever achieved but if you want it to be two thirds or more in your mind thats your personal choice and perfectly okay.

      I think a supermajority is not one particular figure
      And not the same figure that will be in every individuals mind
      Its whatever you as an individual decide it is

      Nowhere in westminster will you find them setting themselves a two thirds majority before they plod on with their changes in fact often they dont even require a majority they enforce change on the basis of the party in power having as little as thirty percent of the vote in their favour so lets not set Scotland ridiculous targets that nobody else on the planet is required to meet.

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  3. Galloway is attracting Unionist list votes, mostly Tory, I see no downside to that. All4Unity getting one seat for the loss of 6 Tories sounds a good to me.

    A Supermajority is the key to delivering Independence. I want to see a number of parties at Holyrood post Independence who will speak up for Scotland. I do not want the old Unionist Parties bleating about the Union. I want new parties offering different visions. That is the purpose of manifestos.

    The Unionist Parties (even the Tories) could make a contribution if they could finally accept that Scotland is a Nation.


    1. thesnpleftme
      For the Unionist parties and most certainly for the Tories to admit or concede that Scotland is a Nation
      Would for them be a Act of Suicide

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    2. Can you explain how having a few less unionists (highly questionable theory) at Holyrood, helps achieve an indyref ?

      Wings spent the last 2 years saying WM only has to keep saying no, and indeed, Johnson says even 129 pro indy seats will still not move his position.

      So how does a couple of Alba seats change anything ?

      Asking for a couple million indy supporters…

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      1. I Million of them waste their list vote at the moment so they maybe interested.

        Your question regarding less Tories – “What difference would that make”
        a) Did you read the article? ( Tories -7, Labour -4)
        b) You are seriously suggesting that a dominant Independence supporting Holyrood would have no political impact on the debate.

        In your World a majority of 1 is the same as a majority of 20 OR do you only think in the one dimensional context of a single Party?


  4. Interesting. It will be a wee while yet and a few more opinion polls in order for us to get a view of what maybe. Personally I am still at SNP1 and Greens2 as this is best for my local area to maximise the Indy MSP’s.

    I hope the Torys come third. This will make them even more insignificant here and allow us to attack Westminster as the party we like even less.

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    1. andyfromdunning , great that you are choosing the best combination for where you live , thats what we all have to do rather than just blindly going SNP both votes.

      Worth having a read of the Scottish greens website and see their policies and some of their claims .
      Worth also having a read of bright the greens website for england&wales and Scotland and Ireland and NI this website carries some interesting storiesabout policy in each of the coutries.
      I will vote ALBA but if they were not around it would be scottish greens.


  5. British constitutionalism only remained politically tolerable while Westminster notionally took account of Scotland’s political will. That is clearly no longer the case given Brexit, and the trends in polling suggest Scots are waking up to the reality of our virtual slavery to England. Hence the heightened efforts to undermine our progress to a state of political emancipation, and access to substantive human rights. It should be remembered that it isn’t possible to make effective claims to legal rights, without a defensible legal identity. So don’t expect the British state and its agents to ever recognise Scotland as a nation. That would be like the slave master acknowledging his slaves are human.


  6. ‘Sarwar disappoints’. I dunno, seems the millionaire socialist is doing a good job for Scottish independence, though Dick Leotard, ‘take ScoTTish warterrr back inta bublic ‘ands’, would have been even better. Wonder what training Sarwar is doing now to carry out his instructions to faux his caring sharing, everyone is equal even the folks we pay a low wage to ‘because we can’ lol.


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