P&J poll made to reveal 6 point lead for Yes with EU membership and complete 4 in a row!

When the P&J published their Survation/DC Thomson poll they were keen to keep something out of the headline – a six point lead for Yes with EU membership:


And, note the 10 point lead for women and massive leads for the younger population. I’m ashamed of my age group. We shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

So, with the above in mind, all of the last four polls have really been clear margins for Yes. Back on track.

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6 thoughts on “P&J poll made to reveal 6 point lead for Yes with EU membership and complete 4 in a row!

  1. As well as ignoring this the media focused on the Alba Party being favoured y 3% of those polled and claimed this was a knee in the goolies for Alex Salmond. This ignored the fact that Alba is standing only in the list section where around 7% can win a seat. In addition, there was no regional breakdown presented, so it is likely that in some regions it is greater than 3%. Finally, this poll was carried out very shortly after the party was launched, and most people knew little about other than Alex Salmond.

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  2. ” guaranteed EU membership”

    Is that the game over then??? How can this be ‘guaranteed’ – as distinct from being ‘likely’ and a ‘clear intention’?

    And if it was being ‘guaranteed’ (by whom and by when?), would this not imply that we the voters in Scotland – following our democratic decision to be become independent, to achieve national self-determination – would be committing to accept EU membership REGARDLESS of the deal on offer?


  3. There’s muddying the water, then there’s Scottish politics. Scots enjoyed democratic membership of the EU, through the British state, until England’s voters decided they could not tolerate foreigners. So we’ve now lost our EU legal identities and rights, as Britain is not a union of equals. England clearly owns us, as Westminster continues to wave the rules.

    Dirty, Diseased and Demented: The Irish, the Chinese, and Racist Representation

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  4. I appreciate folks may have doubts about EU membership, as the British media has conducting a systematic campaign of othering Europe. So I wish Scots could learn that our democratic rights are constrained and undermined, by the institutional racism and cultural patriarchy that characterises Westminster’s political and legal practice.

    Whiteness, Britishness and the Racist Reality of Brexit


  5. The unionist P&J. Parochial, biased.

    P&J owned by unionist D C Thomson Dundee. 2006.
    Printed in Dundee since 2013.

    Voted best regional paper. Oldest paper in the UK. 1747. The ‘Enlightenment’.
    What happened.

    60,000 circulation. Goes up to Orkney.

    In with the unionist AC council. Kept in place by a two job Tory. A renege LibDem, who because Independent when elected to join the illegal Unionist Alliance Party. 9 Exiled Labour members. Destroying the City with impunity despite protests.


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