‘Bare in mind’ BBC Scotland is in campaign mode with a petition anyone can sign

Yesterday, as the election of a massive pro-Indy majority looms for BBC Scotland, it was the Institute for Fiscal Studies, funded by a group led by Douglas Alexander, telling us that Scotland spent too much to survive.

Today, it’s the teacher assessment, they championed last year, as a fair alternative to the SQA’s brutal algorithm, taking away our children’s life chances then, now imposing ‘exams by another name’ to get the evidence for that teacher assessment. Damned in headlines if they don’t, damned if they do?

What’s their evidence? Same as last time. A pupil petition which 4 340 had signed this morning. Wow? Nope. There are around 300 000 secondary school pupils in Scotland. Anyone can sign the petition – parents big brothers, sisters, wee brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents…..BBC staff?

‘Analysis’ by BBC Scotland’s Lucy Whyte is typically partial:

However, the perception of unfairness might be one which is hard to shake. Teachers have been given guidance on how to come up with pupils’ estimated grades, but they have also been given some flexibility. It means that the experiences of young people in schools across the country could be totally different, the very situation everyone was hoping to avoid. The authorities will say that “quality assurance checks” will make up for this.


‘Will say?’

Finally, maybe we do need testing and QA checks? Look at the petition opening:

Today i am writing for the urge for the SQA to reconsider the act of the final grade of students in 2021. “Final assessment” is just a mockery of the word, it’s where students like myself need to do an exam in classrooms where our final grade will be judged apon, bare in mind we were only in school for less than 4 months, most of us less with the isolation.

Am I being unfare?

12 thoughts on “‘Bare in mind’ BBC Scotland is in campaign mode with a petition anyone can sign

  1. Had to check the date. Once upon a time all assessment was done by exam. There were no assessment. No computer access. Those were the days. Not. Only 10% went on to higher education. The professions. Now that was deprived. Now it is 50% + . Love long learning. More than a bit easier.

    A pokey wee exam which pupils all have to take in a pandemic. Better not say ‘snow flakes’ with all the connotations. Or mental health problems anxiety about exams. Everyone is in the same boat. That is a leveller. Most of the assessment will be done by other methods. There has been online learning and other forms of study. There will be instructions on what to swot up and every help available. Right of appeal.

    Everyone can’t get an A. Attractive proposition as it would be. It would make a complete mockery and cause more mental health problems of those struggling. There is always next year. To catch up. The % average of pass rate will be taken into consideration. Just like it always is for the available places. In the grand scheme of things, what’s in a year. Over a life time. They are even e-mailing it in. More time to do it and to investigate. Not cheat. Just look it up and change the words. Sound advice. April fool. Never said that.

    Plenty of time to catch up. With the other 20/25% mature students. They might enjoy it better. There are still colleges and apprenticeships. Enough for everyone and more available. Scotland has the best education system in the world. What is one small exam or assessment. Incidental. Good luck and don’t Muck up. Everyone is rooting for the young. Flowering violets. Prone to outbursts. Calm down. Everything will turn out all right. On the night.


  2. Debate night tonight. Or Date night as some people always miss it. Better than QT by far. Stephen Jardine is much less biased. More fair and balanced. From the grey fair City of Aberdeen. Spot the unionist.

    At one time there was only one Tory in the village of Torry. Now it is all SNP/Alba/Independence. All the banners are going up all over region. SNP/Alba. No Tory even in the shire. Bowie be afraid. Very afraid. 600 votes. Fergus Mutch could walk it. Plenty posters up. Alex Salmond popularity 27,000 bringing up the rear. Independence majority.

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  3. When I retired from teaching I received a thank you letter from the local authority education department hoping that I would now have time to ‘persue’ all my hobbies!


  4. The comments in the BC piece are stunningly poor, disjointed and incoherent. Just another SNPBaaaad article form the EBC.


    1. The story was based on ONE teacher and ONE pupil. It was clearly to provide a peg for the opposition parties to make jibes at the SG.

      Even the teacher unions have not – yet! – started grumbling about these assessments/tests.


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