Sarwar Labouring under amnesia

Today, Anas Sarwar has suggested that the Scottish Government has a ‘record of shame’ on child poverty.

Already today, I’ve outlined what has been achieved, praised by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, within the heavy limitations of devolution.

Read it at:

As for Labour:

In 2010, Professor Danny Dorling then at Sheffield University, wrote:

[W]hen writing a book, The Widening Gap, with colleagues in 1999, which considered how, under both the Tories and the start of New Labour, the gap
between rich and poor continued to grow. We highlighted that New Labour explicitly continued Conservative spending policies for those two years and, once in office, did not enact the key policies to reduce inequalities that it had supported throughout opposition. That gap became
 a great deal wider in the years that followed.

Click to access dannydorling_publication_id0596.pdf

In that same period, Scottish Labour MPs toed the line and did nothing to alleviate the crushing poverty in their constituencies. After devolution, still under the thumb of London, they did nothing and even famously returned £1.5 billion to Westminster rather than implement equal pay, build hospitals or improve public services.

In the last 12 years, though constrained by the devolution settlement, with major powers axed in the final days of negotiation, not by the Tories, but by Labour, SNP governments have achieved more than Labour has ever done.

14 thoughts on “Sarwar Labouring under amnesia

  1. I seem to remember the UN visit to the UK examining poverty in children. I recall England was castigated, and Scotland was praised.
    The Tories of course denied the report was accurate.
    Well I guess that is just what they do. ad nausium.

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  2. John,After many emails to Mr Ross I received a reply he seems a very bitter and angry person,check it out.

    Keeping the failing corrupt separist SNP Government out for the good of Scotland and it’s people is the main aim and objective. We cannot have another few years of failure! I wonder where we would be if Scotland were independent when the vaccine roll out was Commenced in the other home nations. Probably similar to our education system, our health infrastructure, our building of ferries, sadly our drugs deaths and so much more – heading in the wrong direction.


    1. Scott
      Thanks for that insight into the mind of Dross
      Who clearly demonstrates that he and his ilk
      Nothing to offer
      Utterly useless
      Not fit to lead far less control anything
      But more importantly shows they now utterly
      Desperate and bewildered as the approach the hour of battle
      But I now reduce to 1 word and 1 only

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        1. IusedtobeEnglish
          Thanks very very rarely do i hold back
          And when i do it is more in the form of cocking the barrel and taking aim before i squeeze the hair sensitive trigger
          The Art of Diplomancy is how to lie on behalf of ones Country


    2. “We cannot have another few years of failure!”

      Indeed not.
      Vote tory – make the failure permanent!

      Is this a straight cut and paste of what he wrote?


  3. Margaret Thatcher considered Tony Blair to be her heir, and although repackaging neo-liberalism under the guise of Cool Britannia, and attempting to refocus government efforts towards strengthening local accountability and poverty alleviation, New Labour were ultimately unable to disprove “there is no alternative”. Of course, conducting expensive wars of aggression, while strengthening the legal machinery of the surveillance state, wasn’t particularly helpful to the cause of social democracy.

    Austerity: Neoliberal dreams come true?


  4. Labour’s illegal wars, banking crash, tax evasion and financial fraud, caused child poverty all over the world. Millions of deaths. The worst migration problem in Europe since WW2. The European countries have to pick up the mess. It caused Brexit. Labour are appalling hypocrites. They have caused poverty worldwide. It has cost £Trns of wasted funds. That could have been better spent.

    The SNP £10 a week payment to children from lower household incomes will alleviate poverty. Welfare cuts mitigated by the Scottish Gov £100Million a year. Support for education, apprenticeships. Low unemployment, extended nursery support. £250Million to reduce drug/alcohol deaths. Kinship payments, care allowance and support. Less children in the care system.

    Labour supported Westminster Tory austerity, welfare, education and NHS cuts. £13Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. Labour are complete hypocrites.

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    1. But they got their just desserts … many many seats in the House of Lords .
      The very institution that Labour used to despise and say , given the opportunity , they would close forever .
      Well , in 1997 they had ample opportunity – has it gone yet ?


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