Three just men, three zombie parties

Douglas Ross wrote to Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie after the launch of the Alba Party

The nasty party, committed to the maintenance of a brutally unequal society, offers a union with a party with no shared values bar one and a wee party it formerly abused in a previous cohabitation. That’ll work.

Why now? I’m guessing they know that they’ll lose some of the unelectable zombie MSPs they have on the list life-support system such as, say, eg:

Murdo Fraser on Twitter: "Oh… "

Zombie parties, Life support? Yes:

A map showing the constituency winners of the Election by their party colours.

Tories: 7 MSPs actually voted for and 22 zombies unknown to constituents.

Labour: 2 known and 21 zombies.

Lib Dems: 4 live ones and 1 zombie.

I know it’s complex and different experts say different things but the Tories are worried so they know the Alba Party is bad news for them.

10 thoughts on “Three just men, three zombie parties

  1. The Brits have whined for years about the Greens getting their seats via the List.
    Now they can have a double whine about Alba, while without the List the Tories would his-tory, and Labour wouldn’t have enough folk to stand in the next leadership election.

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  2. “Trust in me, just in me,
    Close your eyes and trust in me.
    You can sleep safe and sound,
    knowing I am around.”

    “C’mon Starwars, you can carry my bags.
    Never mid Wee Wullie–he is asleep”!

    King DRossy—King of the Swindlers!


  3. Your photo montage is an invite for a caption competition, L to R..
    And this is what I use to take political temperatures as learned fae the coos, Which sanitiser do you use and where is it placed? No the Sanitiser, Whit’s a Coo ?, FU you you’re stuck with me hahahaha..


  4. So basically all those people hating ALBA and telling us not to vote for them telling us to vote SNP 1&2 want us to be satisfied with 4 SNP zombies again ?

    If we vote ALBA we could triple our zombies


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