Putting Alex Salmond into ‘the great scheme of things’ and voting SNP 1 Alba 2

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All of these men and women have the blood of many innocent women and children on their hands, from the atrocities in Kenya to the bombing of Libya. They have all sanctioned military action, often the bombing of residential urban areas, in pursuit of ‘Britain’s national interests’ – land, resources, influence. Some treated women badly. One may well have abused children. None had their political careers ended because of those offenses far less their crimes against humanity.

This man, Alex Salmond, has admitted to alcohol-fuelled but clearly unacceptable behaviour toward some women. He committed no criminal acts, and wishes to move on, after years of mediated psychological punishment, resuming a political career.

In the ‘great scheme of things’, I see no reason why he should not.

Remember, also, he has demonstrated a powerful and courageous moral strength in other areas. Only he and Charles Kennedy, among leading UK political figures, stood against the imperialist adventure in Iraq, going so far as to attempt to have Tony Blair tried for war crimes. The clearly jaundiced behaviour toward him of senior UK civil servants in Edinburgh may be due to the UK establishment’s patiently conceived revenge for that offense against their pride.

I am an SNP member and a staunch defender of the party, the party leader/FM and the Scottish Government, in this blog, repeatedly. Stuart Campbell of Wings leaves me out any comparative reports suggesting that I am no more than a mouthpiece for the party.

I have criticised the FM for idolising the war criminal and fake feminist, Hilary Clinton, for recommending we buy a book by the serious war criminal, Henry Kissinger and for allowing a smiling selfie with that loathsome architect of the Iraq War, Alistair Campbell.

These are serious lapses, worrying indicators of a poor grasp of non-domestic politics, even lack of empathy for women in the Arab world dying at the hands of our ‘heroic’ pilots, but, given her massive competence in the domestic arena, I suggest only some staff development is required.

Finally, the notion that he should not be allowed to take part in Scottish politics because of his show on ‘Putin propaganda channel’ RT, is ill-informed hypocrisy. In 2014, I was on RT three times, accusing the UK propaganda channel BBC, of bias. No one complained then.

I’m not daft. I know RT has an agenda. I know Putin would love the UK to break-up just as he loved Brexit, but no UK broadcaster would give me air time and not even the Sunday Herald would give me space. What was I to do?

No UK broadcaster would give Alex Salmond air time because of his nerve in criticising the state they serve. What was he to do?

So, almost certainly, I will vote SNP 1, Alba 2.

Before you condemn me, do some ******* reading.

39 thoughts on “Putting Alex Salmond into ‘the great scheme of things’ and voting SNP 1 Alba 2

  1. From a political point of view I really admire AS, he is simply the greatest Scottish politician of all time. I may vote for Alba on the 2nd vote, but in my region (MS&F) they need at least 6% of the list vote. That is going to be hard for anyone to do at this late stage, and so I will watch the polls until nearer the time before I decide.

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    1. I agree on the lateness. This should have been done 6 months to a year ago to get the media petulance/rage out of the way.

      And get it into the heads of some in the SNP that this could help, if played right.
      Right now, they are attacking a pro-independence party in stead of the British nationalists. If they cannot be positive, then at least shut up!


      1. This should have been done, not 6 months ago, but nearer to 6 years ago. If you read the polls back in 2015 it was obvious the SNP were going to sweep the board (nearly) in the constituency section which would put them up against it in the List. It was simple arithmetic (and a working knowledge of D’Hondt – which ironically was put in place to prevent Labour treating Scotland like Strathclyde Region, and also to give the Lib Dums something to do. How times change). I wrote about it at the time, and interceded on the websites of two particularly well-known bloggers, one of whom regularly deleted my posts for disagreeing with him.
        My biggest regret though is that the SNP so precipitately shut down Yes Scotland after September 2014. This could easily have been scaled down to a skeleton organization functioning as a sort of think tank and discussion forum for ideas about how to achieve independence and what an independent Scotland might (in the strongest sense of that word) be like.
        Of course the SNP arent going to countenance that sort of thing – folk who arent members might be putting forward their ideas and, naturally independence is a monopoly of the SNP. If they were members they should remember their place and that only the leadership put forward ideas (though you can put them forward at Conference, if the Committee agrees).
        Put another way GavinOchiltree, with a bit of forethought we could have had this in 2016, an indy majority then, as well as looking to do it again next May. But more than anything else, we could have had a List option without the (I could use a very rude word here John – begins cluster) between Alex and Nicola that has scarred the last three years


          I must beg to.differ
          Timing and a huge element of surprise is of the Highest Importance
          And This late Move has caught everybody completely off guard
          Under normal circumstances Westminster rapidly sets the agenda firmly then control,s the narrative all by means of sleekit control of
          Our supposed free and Independent MSM
          This time they cannot due to electoral commission rules
          But as they responded via S.Smith headlining BBC news comments with their initial reactions and the rest of the sheep in the media herd getting it all totally wrong
          Just consider how General Heinz Guerdian completely fooled the French and a little later
          When he completely blind sided them
          By completely avoiding the supposedly impregnable Maginot line and launching his attack through the heavily wooded Ardennes
          And Low countries of Belgium and Holland
          Thought to be completely unsuitable terrain for Tank and Mechanised warfare all
          strategically covered by massive air cover
          Result complete confusion and massive disarray in the French ranks and even more so upon the BEF ( British forces ) as Guerdian,s
          Panzer divisions completely out flanked and over ran its opposition, leaving the mopping up to the German infantry, Whist his Tanks and mechanised infantry made a swift straight run almost totally unopposed for Paris
          Result Ignominious defeat for France and The BEF skin of the teeth Dunkirk escape
          Note REME had to blow up over 360 Spitfires and Hurricanes to avoid them falling into German Hands, Not 1 piece of British Battle Field weaponry made it home
          Alex has quite literally launched his attack upon the Westminster establishment in a very similar manner
          They never expected it as to when and how
          I assure tis them that now in complete disarray along with their initial moves all being
          Grossly wrong and indequate
          The Tories now Stand alone in Scotland as their Better Together buddies ignorred their
          Clarion calls to muster under The Union Jack
          Tis they that are totally divided now
          Recognise all this on your side unite and drive ruthlessly our spearhead clean through the
          Now weakly defended objective of denying us of a outright huge Massive Yes majority
          Those at the top of the SNP and the Yes movement who fail to see such are naive and not fit for purpose of leading the massive success that is now laid out in plain sight of our eyes
          Seize the day
          Hesitation is for knaves and fools
          We have a open goal with the Union defence broken as the key defenders of Lib/ Lab broken and Dross in no fit state to play goal keeper now
          Keep calm SNP hold the Constituency votes
          Then slip the ball to Alba in the list vote to thump the back of the net, if not then BURST it
          Not believe me then ask yourself why Alba were the headlines all over the MSM
          Just as Guerdians tanks were as they burst through the Ardennes into the open plains
          And nothing to stop them reaching Paris ( undefended ) in a few weeks
          Guerdian knew full well he was setting the narrative and total control of the agenda as the 1st shot was fired
          Smell the coffee


  2. Me too, SNP constituency, Alba on the list. There’s hundreds of thousands of SNP list votes which don’t provide any additional list MSPs. That needs to change.

    As for Alex Salmond, he remained as innocent of all charges after the trial as he was before trial. There’s at least one woman accuser who, according to evidence, should be facing perjury charges.

    The vitriol displayed by e.g., that awful man, Tom Gordon, and others at Alba’s launch was stomach churning. Would many people, having been found innocent, feel it is acceptable to be vilified incessantly as he is?

    What is the point of our justice system if people don’t accept the clear result of criminal trials.

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  3. The case for Alex Salmond below

    When he was my mp
    He frequented my local bistro
    Have a guess who his eating buddies were
    1 was very found of gers
    The other had a unique choice of clothes
    Snp 1 and 2 for me john
    Oh both conservatives by the way,he seems to like their company

    Like I said before. Alistair Campbell was on the a/s show ,score that 1off


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  4. Alex Salmond did not get us independence. Did not get TB done for war crimes. Did not get opinion polls soaring to 50% for indy.

    Tactical voting will carry a high risk of losing pro independence seats both green and snp.

    Salmond is obviously a useful idiot for the unionists.


    1. Alex Salmond got Scotland to 45% supporting Independence at the 2014 referendum adding about 20% on to support in the 2 or 3 years before the vote. Since then, about 7 years, we have got to circa 50%.

      He did well and had the Unionists peeing their pants.

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      1. He only got it up to 45 during the campaign. We are not even getting a referendum yet. Dyou think Dave would have agreed to it if he thought he would lose


  5. Alex Salmond had his innocence upheld by a jury of his peers.

    He had nothing like a previous Deputy Prime Minister’s history of leaking, sexual misconduct, witness intimidation, expenses fraud, pornography et al.
    Yet THIS sleazy man has revived his career– is regularly on the TV as a “talking head” who is never described as “disgraced” etc, which the “Scottish” colonial media reserve solely for the SNP.


    1. This Deputy Prime Minister was one of dozens of Tory MP’s whose disgusting conduct was recorded in a dossier by Westminster staff.

      What happened next? Nothing, but the sound of silence!


  6. “No U.K broadcaster would give Alex Salmond air time because of his nerve in criticising the state they serve. What was he to do.”
    Stay quiet, or advise the electorate to vote for an independence supporting party, if he couldn’t back the S.N.P.
    And why anyone would chose to stand on platform beside Stuart Campbell is beyond me.
    This move is nothing more than an attempt to by Alex Salmond to comfort his gigantic ego, saying he is more important than our goal, an Independent Scotland.
    By God, R.B.C Graham was correct when he said, ” It wont be the English who stop us becoming independent, it will be the Scots”
    The British State will be loving this. Another open goal presented to them by a person whom they hated. What’s the betting now Alex Salmond, and his acolytes, will never be off our corrupt M.S/M spouting their hatred of the S.N.P.
    When we should be hanging together, Thomas Paine, instead, because of one man’s twisted ambition to become a political force once again, we could destroy our one opportunity, probably this time “for a lifetime”, to become an independent nation once again.
    Despite being in my eighties, I’ll be out on the streets shortly, campaigning for S.N.P 1 and 2, because if we don’t get an overall S.N.P majority, then we can kiss goodbye to our chances of becoming independent, and condemn our children, grand-children, and in my case, great-grandchildren, to Tory domination for the foreseeable future.
    Sorry if my anger is palpable, but I feel very strongly about Alex’s actions.

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  7. Who would want to work with him in Holyrood?
    The founder of Alba is a friend of Craig Murray who called the FM a conspirator and outright liar.
    It’s not difficult to see what this is about. Many of those who support Alba have been saying they are opposed to her and the SNP and want them out.

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  8. Mr Robertson you wrote:
    “”Only he, among leading UK political figures, stood against the imperialist adventure in Iraq, …””
    Not true.
    Charles Kennedy, then leader of the LibDems, opposed the war from the start and was vilified for that stance.
    Robin Cook, Labour minister and former foreign secretary in Tony Blair’s gov, resigned from the Cabinet because of the proposed invasion of Iraq.

    Perhaps you should do more reading.

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  9. best post for a while prof…

    It’s Alba for me but still canny bring myself to vote for corruption so it’s a a spoilt ballot on constituency.

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  10. Brilliant the best news in ages. Independence is guaranteed.

    SNP/ALBA. It has been needed forever.

    A totally innocent man. One accusation in over 30 years of public life. More than reasonable doubt.

    Nicola and Alex did nothing wrong. Surrounded by liars.


  11. Now here this
    Now here this
    To ALL in the MSM
    be very very careful of what you write or say
    With regards Alex and his Personal Character
    If you fail to do so
    Then immediate litigation of the highest order shall be launched against you as a individual and those whose pay you are in
    Me thinks so far in his early interviews Alex
    is giving out such a signal
    Tis only a matter of time till one of the Mad Dogs says the wrong thing live and makes a fatal error
    There is a New Sheriff in town now
    So to all you in the Media better leave your gun belt at home from now on
    Because you aint gonna like High Noon
    Bang Bang


  12. I have no doubts that the higher echelons of the SNP have been well and truly infiltrated
    By the Dark Forces of The British State
    And if any other at the top actually quietly working away to de rail Indy
    Then the New Alba (Alba Gu Brath )
    Shall be the most potent of Cattle Prod upon
    Your Posterior


  13. What about those of us who live in the South of Scotland where the SNP won 3 list seats last time? If the pro–indy vote is split here then nobody except the Unionists will gain. So, for me it still has to be both votes SNP. I can understand that voting SNP in constituency and Alba (providing there are no other pro-indy parties) might be effective in places like Glasgow where the SNP won 111,000 votes and not a single extra seat but not here in the South.

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    1. James Patterson , for you SNP 1 & 2 is best i agree with you.
      Elsewhere there are seats where SNP constituency wins are certain and in those an SNP vote for the LIST seat fails and goes to a union party so best if they vote SNP constituency and ALBA or suchlike pro indy party for the LIST


    1. No AWPR, no International airport, no golfing tourism. To improve the economy. No Oil industry. Having to import it before renewables take over.

      No Queensferry Crossing. Journeys taking hours longer. Cars spewing out fumes in congested traffic chaos before electric can take over. £Millions lost on empty cycle lanes and the tram debacle. Total mismanagement. Reasonable development opposed, increasing costs £Billions. Then complaining there are no funds for essential services or combat poverty.


  14. We all have our own circumstances, lived experience, and personal agendas. Subsequently, we all see the world differently, and have our own set of priorities. At least I’ll be able to vote now, without undermining Scotland’s democracy by endorsing and supporting poor policy and practice.

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  15. P.S. That’s not to say I think the SNP have gotten everything wrong, though there are a couple of examples of strategy and policy I simply can’t tolerate. As my overarching concern is that Scotland is able to become a normal nation state, where all Scots are able to enjoy the full benefits of open democracy. Or as close to a state of ethical government as is possible in the real world.

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  16. Surely you are not saying that those men’s careers SHOULD not have been ruined? Of course, they should have been. And that makes your argument fall apart at the starting gate.

    I am sorry to hear that you will support that party.


  17. YES needs to build a solid % of votes not elect a random bunch of msps by gaming d’Hondt and undermining PR.
    How does undermining unionist representation convince soft YES/NO voters to join a supposedly democratic project?


  18. In what way do unionists support Scotland’s democracy? A pretense towards democratic process does not a democracy make. For that matter, how does undermining trust in the offices of government and the legal rights of women, support Scotland’s democracy?

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