Poll from Tory Heartland puts YES at 53%* and Tory losses at more than a third!

The P&J, local rag for Douglas Ross, tends toward the Union most of the time, so they were careful with their headline. They do tell us:

New polling suggests Scotland would only vote to become independent if it was guaranteed EU membership. Data compiled by Survation for us reveal 51% of voters would say No if asked “should Scotland be an independent country”. But if admission to the European Union was a given, then 53% of voters would agree to separation from the United Kingdom.

If admission to the European Union was a given?‘ I think we know the answer to that one.

The poll has not yet become open to scrutiny, may have used a non-standard question, but some on Reddit had this:

Seat Projection:

  • SNP – 67 (+6)
  • Labour – 24 (+1)
  • Conservatives – 22 (-8)
  • Green – 11 (+6)
  • Liberal Democrat – 5 (nc)

Pro – Independence majority of 13. 78 for vs 51 against.

Lib Dems overtaken by Greens. Conservatives in third place.

A ‘large’ sample size of more than 2,000 Scottish residents was surveyed between March 11 and March 18.

4 thoughts on “Poll from Tory Heartland puts YES at 53%* and Tory losses at more than a third!

  1. The Safaris had a hit instrumental with–*Wipe Out*.

    Wonder if DRossie has heard it?
    It might be compulsory listening soon.

    Had a quick read online at the Torygraf–two sleazy articles bad-mouthing Sturgeon from Madeline Grand and Sherelle Jacobs.
    Tories getting very, very frightened.

    Send all your spare Union jack toilet paper to No10, where the need is now great.

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  2. Though this refrain of ‘split down the middle’ is for the reality in politics a meaningless one.
    The No vote doesn’t work for Scotland. The Labour No wants a Labour Westminster and the Tory No a Tory Westminster.
    Not too bad for the Tories as Westminster is Tory 2/3s of the time and the Brit establishment is Tory all of the time, though sometimes a slightly different shade.
    75% of Scots want rid of Tory control and Tory ideology but can’t get it because of the Lab section.
    One might feel there is a strong argument to be put to the voters on that, especially as Scotland hasn’t voted Tory since 1955. Labour voters you just ain’t gonna get what you want.


  3. The needs of self-preservation are a powerful motivator, and the general direction of travel of English Torydum, especially Brexit, poses a significant threat to Scotland’s economic and cultural viability. Which is probably concentrating a few minds, and destroys any pretense that the union is one of equal partners. Or wholesome.

    The Relationship between the Brexit Vote and Individual Predictors of Prejudice: Collective Narcissism, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation


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