Fair pay for social care workers in Scotland but no room at the website

BBC Scotland staff feeling a bit queasy with two good news stories, stick in three Salmonds, leaving no space for this one:

From the Scottish Government yesterday:

A commitment to ensure adult social care workers receive at least the Real Living Wage of £9.50 an hour has been agreed with COSLA.

Funding of £64.5 million will be committed to ensure adult social care workers will be paid at least the Real Living Wage from May 2021, backdated to April 2021. This is an important early response to the recent Independent Review of Adult Social Care and comes as a joint statement between with COSLA has been issued setting out how they will work together to deliver on the review’s recommendations.

Subject to the outcome of the Scottish Parliament elections,  minimum standards for employment terms and conditions will be developed for the sector in partnership with COSLA. This includes a requirement for ethical commissioning which ensures procurement decisions take into account factors beyond price, including fair work, terms and conditions and trade union recognition.

There will also be new measures introduced to ensure staff, the majority of whom are women, are able to raise concerns, respond to local conditions and support an effective collective bargaining role in a sector where staff currently lack a clear representative voice.  

More at: https://www.gov.scot/news/fair-pay-for-social-care-workers/

6 thoughts on “Fair pay for social care workers in Scotland but no room at the website

  1. Didn’t hear this mentioned on their radio Stn. Either.

    They have had a bad morning. Mike Russell was on top form, 4% rise for Nurses. Westminster taking Scot Gov. to court to halt Scot Gov. incorporating UN children’s charter into human rights legislation.

    In fact it’s been a bad week for England’s propagandists . . . The First minster was found not to have Broken the Ministerial Code. Coupled with Tories being Tories .

    It’ll be interesting to see their attempts at voter control over coming weeks.
    Right now the Union is a busted flush.

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  2. It is important as the SNP make good progress upon all such remuneration matters
    That they rapidly set up a system similar to Denmark
    Whereby all employment,remuneration and conditions are decided by all parties within the organisation formulate and decide on all such matters in a honest and responsible manner
    This is achieved mainly by placing a condition
    That all increases in enhanced employment benefits and remuneration are justified on the grounds of improvement of productivity and customer services
    If they fail to meet such then no increases
    In short all involved must pull the cart in the same direction to a fair,responsible,equitable
    Improved destination


  3. More improvement for the Scottish economy. It just gets better and better. Independence will be even better. Spending Scottish revenues and resources on improvement for the economy and people’s lives. Not on Westminster corruption, waste and poor, bad policies.

    Illegal wars, redundant weaponry, tax evasion, financial fraud. Westminster corruption costing Scotland dear. EU loses will account for £Billions. Food and drink exports already down £Billion. Prices going up and shortages in many industries. A catastrophe.


  4. There is a trope emerging on the self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ left in Scotland that the SG has achieved very little. Cf ‘Source’s curmudgeonly piece.

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  5. My cousin is a social care worker in Northern England, about 3 years ago they had to sign new contracts, same hours, a third reduction in wages! The leader of the Labour counsel awarded themselves a huge pay rise at the same time.
    Scotland is so very much on a life affirming path, where workers are rewarded for their grafting, quite the opposite to England.
    Which ‘state’ has ‘failed’…hmmm, let me think now.


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