Massive support for independence among BAME groups

In one of the largest polls of Scots over 16 years-of-age, more than 70% of BAME groups support Yes.

In weighted samples of 3 884 on March 1st and 1 488 on March 9th, between 70% and 80% of BAME respondents would vote Yes, compared to 53% of ‘White’ respondents.

6 thoughts on “Massive support for independence among BAME groups

  1. Simples
    Most of those in the BAME group are in tightly knit social groupings along with many friends and families with direct experience of how they are treated in England in comparison to their acceptance as Scots and one O Jock Tamsons Bairns
    Not rocket science
    We humans all know where our bread is buttered


      1. Agree. Equal representation

        Women 30% under represented

        Disable 20% pop. Need more representation. 21 people

        MSP’s do have disabled members in their families. They know the needs for support.

        LGBT 8% pop 8% represented?

        Holyrood 129


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