Headlines that should have been as Davidson and Ross ‘get a kicking!’

Yes, there’s a prize for even better headlines.

Yes, it’s the same prize as the last time.

16 thoughts on “Headlines that should have been as Davidson and Ross ‘get a kicking!’

  1. If you think the bbc headlines are misleading you should see the sun (flawed and failed), mail (the buck stops with you) and express (hanging on but at what cost?). They reference the policy with prominent pictures of the FM. As I have learned from this blog this is deliberate.
    Shameful and deliberate distortion. Msm bosses will be giving out bonuses no doubt.

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    1. They do these things to sow the seeds of doubt, they know they will not succeed in their faux outrage, (as if they themselves possess one iota of integrity) but if it loses a few votes for the SNP, all the better. It’s also an attempt to undermine the FM’s reputation outwith Scotland. It’s damage escalation, and this is not the end of it.

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      1. Arthetty
        Most certainly not the end of it from the Conservatives
        But more importantly as far as they concerned
        The Beginning of Their End


  2. On the take. £1500 a week plus expenses. To ruin the economy and kill people.

    DR expenses £150,000 a year. Plus salary and perks. Brexit to ruin the economy and kill people.

    Brexit illegally bought by the Tories and donations. To illegally make monies for Tories and their associates. Total corruption. Breaking the Laws with impunity. The Courts having to enforce the Law.

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  3. And Boris Johnson doesn’t even know D, Ross’s name. He referred to him as “Murray Ross” today.

    :o) :o)


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