Herald columnist Uzma Mir seems particularly uninformed. Leaving aside her puzzling notion about heads and hearts and her parroting of the usual myths of an incomparably high Scottish Covid death rate, this astounds:

The internecine warfare within the party is utterly unedifying and won’t do them any favours at the polls. The Conservatives no doubt will make slight gains under Douglas Ross, slightly riding on the coat-tails of Ruth Davidson, but I don’t think there will be enough time for the new leadership of Anas Sarwar to bed in to make a difference, although I do look forward to him taking part in the TV debates as he’s a principled and smart communicator.

Has she read nothing. The most recent polls show an increase in support for the SNP translating into an astonishing overall majority, after 14 years in power, and suggest virtually no impact of the ‘warfare’ on support.   

The Conservatives will make gains? What poll suggests that? Even those suggesting a wee dip in SNP support do not imagine any converting to Tories.

Anas Sarwar is a ‘principled and smart communicator?’ Who thinks that?

Principled? As in this?

Smart? Why are Labour still in third place behind the Tories?

9 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. Ms. Mir is whistling in the dark comforting unionists.
    The UK Establishment would be wise to face up to the fact that Scotland is going the way of all their previous colonies and try to make the dissolution of the UK as amicable as possible. By doing that they may retain some dignity.

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    1. I echo your comment Alex on John’s contribution btl on the Tax Research blog.

      And thanks also to John for the link to the Allan Doran’s article on the SG’s contributions to tackling poverty.

      ‘What has the SNP done for us? Here are seven ways we’ve tackled inequality – only the SNP will put its left foot forward for the people of Scotland, writes the Scottish National Party MP.’


      This type of summary account is useful in all key policy areas. The challenge is getting published in places with a wider audience.


  2. The Sun and Record headlines were supporting Nicola yesterday. Far higher readership.

    The Herald’s misanalysis is leading to the demise. Groundhog Day. Low readership.

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  3. I think your article on McWhirter is the clue – Ms Mir sees the opportunity to step into his shoes as he withdraws into his new persona as the Scottish Howard Hughes .
    She has acquired his ( McWhirter’s ) facility to purport to be talking up independence while actually putting the boot in .


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