Does he dream of Nicola?

Quite a few old, often paunchy, white guys seem to have a ‘thing’ about Nicola Sturgeon. I know she is the First Minister, but it’s been getting a bit creepy for a while now. Ruth Davidson revealed its dark appeal for some when she enthused, after Andrew Neil supposedly gave the FM ‘a good kicking.’ That other unreconstructed big beast, Andrew Marr, got right into giving her the sharp edge of his tongue with some carefully selected ‘facts’ back in November.

Iain Macwhirter is more the determined wimp with her.

He writes today, under that headline predicting damage:

NICOLA Sturgeon’s reputation as a master of detail will never be quite the same. Both the Hamilton Inquiry, which says she didn’t mislead parliament, and the Holyrood Harassment Committee, which said she did, are agreed on one thing: the First Minister has “regrettable lapses of memory”, as James Hamilton put it.

What damage does he imagine?

Losing a vote of confidence? Nope.

Losing the next election? Nope.

Oh, well, at least not getting an overall majority? Nope.

He has nothing to go on and he’s been going on about her for a long time.

This month: ‘Moans covering guilt?’

Last December: ‘Uncanny popularity?’

And failing the workers:

Last July: ‘Too prudent?’

Last May: ‘Hopeless and unctuous?’

Last April: ‘Control freak?’

Iain needs to find some new interests.

He doesn’t seem to have written about Douglas Ross since last November when he described him as ‘competent enough.’ Well, he is a man.

As for Ruth Davidson, I see nothing since 2018 when he imagined she and Nicola together, swapping ideologies.

He seems to have found Anas Sarwar too dull for his words. How could he?

Who else could he write about. I know Willie Rennie? Nope.

Patrick Harvie! Nope.

Nigel Farage? Well yes, in 2019 kind of standing up for his right not to be milk-shaked.

Boris Johnson? Several times including a defence of the big man’s place in history.

Hitler? Well quite often but famously in 2010 reminding us that Adolf was a Catholic! Did Kevin McKenna see that one?

Your turn.

10 thoughts on “Does he dream of Nicola?

  1. Let all who have had a lapse of memory
    Remember to remember that you have
    And will continue to suffer such
    Else why make notes.keep a diary and constantly remind yourself

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  2. McTwitter mindless. An irrelevance nonsense. Out of the loop.

    Even Sun and Record, not a great record, headlines were supporting Nicola. A higher readership.

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  3. Political conservatism is ideologically motivated to be highly tolerant of inequality, though intolerant of social change and cultural difference. This is problematic, as inequality undermines social sustainability, where as adaption to change and cultural difference are the main drivers of evolutionary survival.

    Ethical politics requires the effective management of motivated cognition and risk, so Scotland is on to plumbs, as our political/legal class and civil service are characterised by an excess of motivated cognition. Which significantly undermines their capacity for effective risk management.


  4. The ” old, white, paunchy guys” seem to prefer misogyny to actual reporting factual content. Do they indeed, “dream up” the next days content?

    I had expected some comment on the utterly daft, politically incompetent, decision by the DRoss/Ruthie leadership team, to press on with a confidence vote– posted before the evidence was even heard–that they were certain to lose.
    That is a huge failure of leadership which the public will notice, even though our media wear Union Jack blinkers, and cannot see what is obvious to us all.
    The failure of political opposition in Scotland is also a failure of journalism, which fails, and fails again, to tell the truth about the status of Scottish politics, in the eyes of the public.

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  5. MacWhirter is just doing his bit for his country , england , he sold his credentials a long time ago to westminster and its propaganda machine.
    He is just a rusty old cog in that machine slowly grinding out the same old worthless product that nobody buys


  6. The Tories complained about the SG continuing with the Salmond court case when it was warned it was unlikely to be successful .
    Then , ignoring the evidence before them , those same Tories continued with a motion of No Confidence in the FM when EVERYONE knew that it would fail catastrophically !
    It seems that they won’t even take their own advice !

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