Sarah Smith: 7 sneaky reveals but still not out

Gerry Hassan has tweeted with mastery of understatement on Sarah Smith’s latest reveal:

The spin of @BBC Scotland Editor Sarah Smith on the independent #HamiltonReport completely clearing Nicola Sturgeon saying this “will allow her to claim she has been vindicated.” Not a good look from the BBC or Smith.

Mean, grudging, foul-smelling, I’d say.

Anyhow, I make this the 7th offence in just over a year. She keeps sort of apologising, PQ colleagues say she’s being bullied by the Nats, and she goes on to do it again.

Here are my previous six best:

I’m grateful to for some of these these reminders.

In November 2020, she told BBC 1:

Also in November 2020 she platformed one barber to tell us that the Scottish Government’s pandemic strategy was ‘Rubbish!’ and undermine compliance:

In June 2020, she clearly enjoyed this one:


In February 2020, she lied:

In July 2019, on drug treatment and the blanket refusal to allow safe injection spaces, she told us that, ‘of course it’s VERY convenient for the Scottish Government to argue that they’re being hampered by Westminster.’

In January 2018 she knew fine what she was doing:


There’s more but, I’m tired.

Light relief now:

26 thoughts on “Sarah Smith: 7 sneaky reveals but still not out

  1. I hope Sarah follows her convictions and moves to England permanently once we win independence. Her hatred of us is evident in her behaviour, a Union lover par excellence. She obviously could not stomach a free Scotland. Good riddance to her and her fellow BritNat extremists. Bye.

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  2. What is Hon Sarah’s job remit, I wonder? Her job interview would make interesting reading, I think.
    Given her family background she should never have been considered for the job, and she has lived down to expectations.

    But this is Scotland, which the BBC seem to think is “Injun country”, not worthy of serious and honest journalism, rather than the present mish-mash of slewed opinion, Unionist blether and fish-wife gossip.

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    1. As the “Downing Street Blondie” media would put it:–

      “One way or another, I’m gonna get ya’
      I’ll get ya’, get ya’ get ya’ get ya’ gat ya’,
      (Where I can see it all, find out who ya’ call)’
      One way or another, I’m gonna get ya’,
      I’ll get ya’, get ya’ get ya’ get ya’ get ya'”

      Journalism UK-style—free Union Jack with every pack!

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    2. Since the Hamilton Report was published yesterday, the BBC approach has been of pure bealin vitriol! On GMS when Laura Maxwell was interviewing John Swinney the anger and hatred in her tone was almost palpable,

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  3. Since the BBC is an organ of the British state,they are not going to employ people who are neutral on the continuing existence of that state.
    Their job is to oppose Scottish independence which represents their most existential threat.
    It is self evident that the British state is biased against Scottish independence.
    However,we need to keep reminding our fellow Scots of that reality and that what the BBC present as facts,may not actually be the case.

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  4. The mature students (20%+) are never included in the figures. There would be no attainment gap. 30% pupils from school. 20%+ mature students. Life long learning. People get another chance. 50% of the population have a university education. One of the highest in the world. One of the first countries to have tertiary education.

    Scotland has one of the best education system in the world. 15 universities pop 5.5million. Ability to learn not ability to pay. Loans, grants and support. More for those of lower household incomes. Colleges and apprenticeships. Most pupils take advantage of these facilities and advantages. Tradespeople can earn a comfortable income. They are often hard to find.

    Scotland would do far much better without Westminster interference and mismanagement of the economy. Westminster bad, poor decisions wasting Scotland’s revenues and resources.

    Scottish invention and discovery has shaped the world. TV, radio, telecommunication. Led on to the internet because of Scotland’s good education system. It could be even better without Westminster appalling interference.

    The ConDems cut £6Billion a year from education funding from 2015 to 2020. They were elected to support education. Clegg now making £Million as tax evading Facebook Europe representative.

    Facebook illegally sold people’s personal details to illegal polling companies. Owed by Political activists. Cambridge Analytica and others. They broke the electoral rules, the Representation of the people’s Act and the data protection Act. They were fined.

    The polling industry has been censored and fined many times. They swung the Brexit vote illegally. Pollsters are paid to manipulate and influence the results. The data and results can be suspect. Farague declared the Brexit vote was lost. The Hedge Funds made a killing on the stock market in the intervening hours.

    Hedge Funds, Brexit supporters and donators, used the information to make money (£Billions) illegally, on the stock markets. The economy has/will lose £Billions because of Brexit. It is already happening.

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      1. Terence
        And we must hit back with the real positive facts re.Scottish Education and their are loads of them
        Scotland has in 10 yrs completed 117 new school builds all modern and fully fit for purpose
        And many many more such facts to completely rubbish their spurious claims
        Such is our efforts that it is beginning to shine through in the form of High Inward Ivestment
        In our modern industries such as Bio Tech, Information Tech, Green energy engineering
        And much more
        We have every reason to hold our heads proud and high, eyeball the Unionists face to face
        Tis they that shall have to avert their gaze and cast their face to the pavement
        The future is bright but not Orange
        It is Saltire blue

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      2. Education in Scotland – from early years to higher education – has much to commend however: (a) it is plagued by negativity in the media; (b) it is a common target for opposition politicians; and candidly (c) the positives could perhaps have been better and more persistently explained to the voters by the SNP/SG over many years (I recall the ill-informed stushie over FE courses/student numbers that the Lib Dems focused on a few years ago) – although goodness knows it must be hard to do when there is a relentlessly oppositional media!

        Need for a ‘balanced scorecard’ account of the status of education in all its various elements under the SNP? I suspect this would show solid, valuable and sustained achievement but not spectacular success across the board.

        But then one might make similar process points regarding health and social care – and probably other policy areas too.

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  5. The Labour Party links are embedded in the BBC in Scotland. Fifty years of Labour. ‘Reporters’ brought up in an atmosphere of unionist support. Reader/viewership low. Often non existent a few thousand. The reporting is so bad no one watches. People get shared information from the internet and other sources.

    The MSM is eroding any support. A waste of time and money with an agenda. Controlled by Westminster unionists. Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy.

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    1. My understanding is that for the Westminster and Scottish governments the Independent Advisors on matters relating to the Ministerial Code are appointments made by PM and FM respectively. Was there an implication in the media that the probity of the individuals and their reporting is somehow diminished by this fact? That would be a very serious charge and slur!

      The Scottish Government on the matter of the Ministerial Code and how any potential breaches are investigated seems to follow broadly similar practices to HM Government in Westminster.

      Each government has a document – the Ministerial Code – which are very similar in scope and content. New versions of are usually published at the start of each new administration, although in certain circumstances updating occurs more frequently. Each PM and each FM pens his/her own foreward to the document upon taking office.

      The status and role of the Independent Advisor on Ministerial Interests (the Westminster terminology) with respect to the Ministerial Code for the Westminster Government is described in this briefing paper for those wishing more details:

      Source: House of Commons Library (2018) The Ministerial Code and the Independent Adviser on Ministerial Interests. BRIEFING PAPER Number 03750

      Specifically the HoC Library paper explains:

      ‘3.1 Appointment of the Independent Adviser: The Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests is “entirely a personal appointment of the Prime Minister of the day”. The role does not have a statutory basis, and is not subject to open recruitment or a pre- appointment hearing.’

      So such an Independent Advisor for HM Government would be strictly Boris Johnson’s, the PM’s, ‘Advisor’. And the same goes for the SG and FM.

      More on the Westminster system: ‘Since 2006 there has been an Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests, to give confidential advice on request from Ministers and to conduct investigations at the request of the Prime Minister. There have been calls for this role to be reviewed, particularly with regard to the current absence of any power for the Adviser to initiate investigations unless so instructed by the Prime Minister. There has been some controversy over decisions of successive Prime Ministers not to refer individuals to the Adviser.’

      This approach has been debated previously in Westminster as we learn in the same briefing: “The Government response to this report, ‘The Prime Minister’s Adviser on Ministers’ Interests: independent or not?’ … , was published in February 2013, and stated that the Government remained of the view that the role of the Independent Adviser should be a personal appointment made by the Prime Minister of the day.’

      The June 2008 edition of the Scottish Ministerial Code introduced independent advisers on the application of the Code. The SG’s website states: “Where they deem it appropriate, the First Minister may refer matters to the independent advisers to provide advice on which to base their judgement about any action required in respect of ministerial conduct. The findings of the independent advisers are published.”

      The Independent Advisors on the Ministerial Code in Scotland – broadly equivalent to the role in Westminster discussed above – have since 2008 been:

      Rt Hon Sir George Reid and Rt Hon Lord Steel of Aikwood KT KBE: June 2008 to August 2011

      Rt Hon Dame Elish Angiolini QC DBE August 2011 to date

      Rt Hon Lord Fraser of Carmyllie QC: August 2011 to June 2013

      Sir David Bell KCB: October 2012 to January 2013

      James Hamilton: January 2013 to date

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  6. That last photo.
    A face that was used to launch a thousand ships. The dents in the ships must have caused an expensive repair.


    1. You really must attend to that t and p affliction –
      It was Helen of Troy who launched a thousand ships, note the p.
      It was HMS Sarah Smith who launched a thousand shits, note the t, some of whom were contracted and still are, others directly employed – Viz, Wark (on the Wildside) v Glenn (I am the Lieman for the Country) Campbell.
      This was not a public disservice announcement from the BBC…

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  7. The Sun, Record and others all had front pages supporting Nicola Sturgeon. Just glanced at in the paper rack. They appeared to be supporting her (SNP?). Weird.

    Are the worms turning. Or will the papers end up in the compost heap.


    1. “Are the worms turning. Or will the papers end up in the compost heap.”

      Hopefully the papers WILL be composted – it’s the eco-friendly thing to do! 😀

      Why the support? It may just be sharks circling, attracted by nice, familiar, headline-friendly words like “tawdry” and “grubby”.

      Or, their job’s to sell newspapers after all. Maybe they can sense public mood in Scotland and want to be on the ‘winning side’?

      Possibly as an example to the major parties in WM of what can happen if they don’t toe the line? “We broke you in Scotland, we can break you here too”.?

      (Tell me. You can be honest. Am I getting too cynical?)


        your theory partially correct but and no buts about it
        All the MSM take very subtle orders from the very centre and top of the dark forces of the British state
        Believe me if they accept and groom K.Stammer entirely to make him fit for their purpose you will soon find that the undermining of Boris would slowly but surely commence and all end up with a winning campaign and election for them and puppet Stammer
        Their prime objective is as far as they concerned
        The Ship of State MUST sail on


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