Confirming the incredible?

Murdo Fraser claims he could perform a citizen's arrest on Sturgeon | The  National

On the 9th March, Murdo Fraser of the Scottish Conservatives (Membership not published) told Scotsman readers:

It was even announced that as many as 10,000 new members had joined the SNP following her appearance – a claim which is as unsubstantiated as it is incredible.

I’ve just seen evidence that there have been 224 new members in in Ayr, Prestwick and Troon, in the last month. The population in the area, 76 000, is almost the same as the average for Scotland’s 73 MSP constituencies (74 600 00).

This is a marginal constituency with at best, average SNP membership so, reasonably, there may have been around 16 000 new members across the country (73 x 224).

The SNP has only claimed 10 000.

I suppose it must be a bit depressing for people like Murdo, reliant on rich donors.

6 thoughts on “Confirming the incredible?

  1. All the Tories need is a parcel of rogues in order to maintain England’s control over Scotland.
    In Scotland,a parcel is a press pack plus a few hundred Tory supporters.
    If you have a press pack,there is no requirement for democracy.

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    1. Bringiton
      The word Tory is derived from Irish Gaelic
      And translates as Robber/criminal
      Me thinks that as far Irish Gaelic & English
      Languages are concerned
      That by far the Irish one is smarter and more factual


  2. My mum tells me there have been 64 new members in her area up in Avoch (Black Isle), not sure of the exact constituency. Positive news amongst the bleak negativity from some factions of the party membership.


  3. Tory opens mouth and let’s belly rumble, John just checks out the truth and puts them to shame.
    Well done.


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