Thousands dead because Johnson would not follow Sturgeon’s lead

Some key dates on the above death rate line graph:

  1. On 1st September, people in the Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire local authority areas were told they should not meet with people from other households in indoor household settings, because of rising infection levels in those areas.
  2. 9th October, national lockdown in Scotland with infection level at 165 per 1 million. England at 236.
  3. 3rd November England locks down.
  4. 26th December, Scotland goes into full lockdown after only Christmas Day eased.
  5. 5th January, England goes into full lockdown.
  6. By January 27th England’s daily death rate is twice that in Scotland.

In the Guardian today:

Delaying the winter lockdown caused up to 27,000 extra deaths in England, the Resolution Foundation thinktank has claimed as it accused the government of a “huge mistake” which should be central to any public inquiry into the UK’s handling of the pandemic.

In Scotland, 138 per 100 000 die. In England 197 per 100 000 die, 43% more.

So, Scotland had 7 529 deaths under Sturgeon but, under Johnson, might have had 3 237 more or 10 760 in total.

Headline is:

Sturgeon saves more than 3 000

but Ian Murray, Sarah Smith, Iain Macwhirter and others:

Scotland did no better. Sturgeon is just better at spin.’

9 thoughts on “Thousands dead because Johnson would not follow Sturgeon’s lead

  1. Your final statement is the ‘narrative’ that is presented daily by the English based media. The condescending ‘progressives’ of the Guardian, Observer, New Statesman et al, trot this out like the shorter catechism and, having dismissed the Scotch provincials back into their corner, they move on to more serious matters about the quality of kohlrabi inorganic food boxes in North London.

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  2. Yup, our colonial media and Uncle Tam politicians do Scotland “proud”.

    The “Queens Shilling”, but you can only spend it in the Boris tuck shop, and you have to slither in, under the door.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that, given their penchant for bare fased lies, why would any sane person believe their death toll.
      The worst death rate in the developed world, and thats (probably) after massaging the figures.

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    2. Aye, there’s the strange difference between Scottish & Welsh figures that increase when changing from one measure to another measure while the English figures drop…


  3. But – according to the neutral BBC’s trustworthy Sarah Smith , the completely impartial Ian Murray , the facts nerd Andrew Marr , the Barreness that is called Ruthie , Scotland is no better than Engerland !

    If only the verminous Scots would wake up and smell The Brexit they could embrace the global opportunities presented by this wonderful new world we have entered following our purblind leader .
    We already lead the world in deaths per million from Covid – and that was after China and other countries got a head start on us ! It didn’t take us long to catch and overtake due to our inherent Britishness .
    Forget your worries about Covid , closed shops , lost jobs , rotting fish on the quayside – look to the sunlit uplands which Boris has promised us – and he has never lied to us !

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    1. Yup, the BEEB could hardly restrain its sniggering when reporting first–
      China–“shutting down an entire city”!!!. “Fools, that’ll teach ‘um”!
      Then laughing at–
      “Italy–its health system overwhelmed (haha–not like the NHS), its streets deserted, and people singing out of windows”.

      All this while Boris was proclaiming:–
      “its just like the flu”–and
      “dont panic, trade comes first. We dont cut and run at the first whiff of…….this is mighty Blighty, dont yer know?–and
      “Dont shake hands? Dont be daft, I shook hands with them ALL”!

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  4. Though a thorough sociological analysis of covid-19’s impact will probably never fully emerge in Brexitania, Scotland has benefited from the fact that our culture does not readily support the numptyness right-wing populism that English culture does. Though we still have to suffer due to the racist and patriarchal practices that characterise British constitutionalism.

    Anti-lockdown politics: A successful revival for Farage’s right-wing populism?


  5. And little or no reference to the new highly more contagious English Kent variation
    Of which the Gpvernment were informed of
    In early October 2020
    So here is how science would be expected to behave once identified by Genome sequencing particular so as such revealed 3 coded changes to the Physical properties of the spike that attaches to the host cells to facilitate infection by entry to host cell
    This is a red flag
    So action as follows
    1.Submit virus to visual imagery by means of electron microscope,which would clearly show considerably modifications to the spike
    Another red flag indicating serious probability for it to be more successful in transmission
    2.Immediately call up all positive test samples
    From loci of those already identified as the English variant
    3.Collate data from 2 above,this will confirm
    It more contagious
    Another red flag
    4.Spread your geographical search of new positive test results to identify extend of spread
    5.Once established that such spread is indeed far and wide from original spource
    Wave giant red flag straight in Government face
    6.Widen Asap genome sequencing in a corderinated and rational matter
    7.Once data received call in epidemiological and Statistical modelling experts to produce
    Data to demonstrate the effects of this new variant
    Once initial work completed another massive red flag raised w/o doubt
    8.Make it No.1 priority to track and report as fast and effective as possible
    9.Ask ASAP the NHS to coordinate with you
    And report on all new variant admissions as to A) Age demographics B) ICU admissions
    C) Recovery and Death rates
    Another big red flag particularly as it becomes obvious that it now impacts also on a younger demographic that did not do so with the original virus

    All this if implemented would have been possible in a 6 – 8 week timescale from early October 2020 taking you to Early December
    Why did it take till January 2021 to act appropriately
    1.Science did not take the route i outlined
    Very Very unlikely as they informed government early October but in a most severe manner early December telling Government this new English variant at least 70 % more infectious and affecting younger age groups
    2.Either the science was incompetent in its Modus Operandi
    Boris picked up his fiddle and played it as Rome burned
    I leave all to draw your own conclusions
    But in doing so I leave you with mine
    Either the Science was negligent ( very unlikely)
    Government guilty of gross mis conduct and incompetence resulting in a massive spike far in excess of the 1st wave in
    Hospital admissions
    ICU admissions
    Long covid
    Massive needless economic costs
    I have no doubt as to How History shall report upon this
    But how the F**k is Boris now soaring in the polls
    By means of a compliant propagandist press


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