Covid infections in hospital plummet by more than 50%

Figure 1: Epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay, by onset status: week-ending 1 March 2020 to week-ending 21 February 2021 (n=14,610).   Figure 1 is an epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay. The length of the bars are the counts of COVID-19 cases during each week, from week ending 1 March 2020 to week ending 21 February 2021, with the bars broken down by hospital onset status: non-hospital onset (day 1 or 2 of in-patient stay), indeterminate hospital onset, probable hospital onset and definite hospital onset. The chart shows a steep increase in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases until a peak on week ending 5 April. This is followed by a decline in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases since this peak; few cases were observed during July and August. An increase has been observed in overall and definite hospital onset cases since week ending 30 August, plateauing towards the end of 2020. The chart shows a further increase in overall and definite hospital onset cases from week ending 3 January 2021 to a peak on week ending 17 January. This is followed by a decline in overall and definite hospital onset cases.

I’ve had to step in again to report the great news of falling hospital-acquired infections of Covid-19, as regular commentators Lisa Summer of BBC Scotland and Helen McCardle of the Herald have gone of sick at heart after their sterling work reporting increases back in January, at the same time as overall hospital admissions soared.

Both have accused me of being simple in suggesting that the two might be connected when that anaesthetist whose kids went to the same nursery as theirs, told them it was due to badly positioned hand-sanitisers.

Anyhow, here’s the latest:

  • 31 (0.5%) were reported as probable hospital onset (first positive specimen on days 8 to 14 of admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 14 February 2021) there were 64 (1.1%).
  • 60 (1.0%) were reported as definite hospital onset (first positive specimen date was 15 or more days after admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 14 February 2021) there were 137 (2.5%).

Send get-well-soon cards for Lisa and Helen to me and I’ll make sure they are put in the blue bin.

15 thoughts on “Covid infections in hospital plummet by more than 50%

  1. I had my vaccine today 17/3/2021 superb organization here in Dundee Caird Hall and i cant believe it but i did not actually feel the injection , wow i was still sitting there with my sleeve up waiting for when the doctor a lovely lady Mrs McIntosh told me it had been done .
    Now thats what i call expertise.

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    1. Terrence
      And such expertise we posses in most matters pertaining to life sciences, medical research and health matters
      But also in many key areas of social and sustainable economic develeopment
      Have none tell you other otherwise
      By our very nature Scot ,s are caring,canny,compassionate,thoughtful,
      Inventive,honest and hard working
      We are more than blessed with not only the positive attributes of our peoples but with vast natural resources,which many other Nation,s would give their arm for

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      1. Scotland also has the good sense to realise that other nations have good ideas too – and isn’t afraid to adopt/adapt them. The benefit of an inclusive society.

        England reminds me of another island society – Van Diemansland. They were a highly technically developed society cut off (though not, I think, by choice) from the rest of the world. As a result, when the island was “discovered” by Europeans, they were found to be high-tech Neolithics…

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  2. Here a look at how the law relates to folk enjoying their Right to Health. Though is should be noted that the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are couched in terms of peoples enjoying their “Right to Development”. Which requires states to ensure peoples have the potential for social and political participation and development, as well as the control and benefit of all their natural resources.

    So you’re on to plumbs if you live in Scotland, as Westminster considers itself impervious to outside law that challenges English legal culture (see Parliamentary sovereignty), and English Torydum is hostile towards international human rights law, and Scotland’s legal right to self-determination. Though so is British Labour, otherwise Sir Startup might have objected to Scots having our EU legal identity forcibly removed against our democratic will.

    The essential role of law in achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals


  3. Here some detail on how to use the law to ensure good public health and sustainable development. Though given ‘our’ legal Establishment have grown accustomed to standing under Westminster, and the traditions of English legal culture, it’s perhaps a tad academic.

    The legal determinants of health: harnessing the power of law for global health and sustainable development


  4. Helen McCardle, multi Herald taster, quoted that a woman was waiting for the vaccine. Along side a photo of her getting it the day before.

    Groundhog day at the Herald every day. Boring. Heard it all before.

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  5. Covid is up in Glasgow. The football obsessives. Breaking the Law to spread the disease. Some people never learn. Making people ill. Putting a strain on the SNHS. Killing people. Marauding around the streets. Protected by the Police. It makes people really annoyed and angry. What is so special about these people.

    Not very fair or sporting. Not giving a damn about other people. Just the ‘team’. Not team players to protect and cut the virus. They should be fined. Everyone else breaking the rules are fined. Parties. Tradespeople are being fined for trying to go about their business. Even in an emergency following the rules and guidelines. Most of them are staying at home,

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  6. It probably doesn’t need emphasis, but covid-19 has changed how humans fit into, and function, within the environment. So this will mean a need for new thinking and doing things, a.k.a. new organisational practices. Unfortunately, Tories tend to deal poorly with complexity and change, and are desperate to privatise the life out of our health system.

    So here’s a look at covid-19 from the perspective of critical grounded theory, which highlights the “matrix of culture, structure, and agency”, as well as the problem of “discursive erasure”. Which refers to the process of being “written out” of public consciousness. So it’s a problem that plagues Scotland, as a result of British constitutionalism privileging the political demands of English nationalism.

    How to Have (Critical) Method in a Pandemic: Outlining a Culture-Centered Approach to Health Discourse Analysis


    1. Cameron
      All life forms and species or species groups
      Must adapt in order to survive in a changing environment
      One sure fire route to extinction is either and or
      Rapidly changing environmental conditions
      That are faster than the ability to evolve
      Or the speices concerned does not evolve and Homo Sapiens
      Has created a unique eco system for themselves all as most social
      Species such as Bees,Ants and most higher primates
      Even Whales who very quickly adapted when whale hunting became big business .They very quickly learned that the tactics of
      Of forming a protective circle and using their massive tails collectively to deter Ocra killer was useless
      When whale hunting sailing ships arrived upon the scene they very quickly learned to swim away in the opposite direction of the wind, resulting in sailing ships unable to pursue
      But when steam power and the Harpoon arrived that was almost
      End game
      So regards covid 19 Man and his matrix of societal ways
      Dictate that those ones that change and adapt WILL survive and prosper
      Whilst those of The Neo Liberal persuasion such as the Tories and England are doomed to cataclysmic failure and extinction
      All this is a simple universal truth that none can avoid
      So it is imperative that Scotland goes Independent as a matter of
      The Utmost Urgency and if you factor in the impending effects
      Of global warming such now is a certainity


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