Don’t panic, it’s only a ‘vaccine bounce’

Mark McGeoghegan, well worth following, has a persuasive and encouraging take on recent polls.


I can’t trace the source of these graphs, so I’m just taking them from:

So, after blanket media coverage, BBC carpet bombing, of the supposed SNP civil war, approval for the FM and Scot Gov falls but remains far above that of any competitors.

Boris now slightly less disapproved of but Douglas Ross more disapproved of!


Across 7 personality variables, the FM far ahead of Sarwar and Ross. Ross seen as pretty much thick, weak, dishonest and boring as…


First Minister seen as more intelligent now. Surely useful in a First Minister?


No sign of a major split among SNP supporters and only Tories believed the former FM?


On every issue that matters, at least one pro-Indy party trusted more than the others.


On every issue, the SNP is more trusted.

Finally, Mark McGeoghan makes the most sense in explaining the recent narrowing in the polls = ‘vaccine bounce’:


5 thoughts on “Don’t panic, it’s only a ‘vaccine bounce’

  1. BBC Scotland news always manage to stick in a picture of the army when showing vax centres. Yesterday with Gove hovering over (not socially distanced) some unfortunate.
    BBC Scotland ALWAYS big up bad stats for Scotland but sit on good stats.
    The BBC always Johnson airtime on EVERY news bulletin. Whether relevant or not. No questions asked.
    The BBC is a State propagandist outlet.

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