Today’s contribution to the national effort against the virus from Scotland’s heidies

Today’s contribution to the national effort against the virus, from Scotland’s heidies, made my heart sink. It’s just endless ‘No, no, no….’ to anything the Scottish Government suggests.

In minutes I dug up these foosty items:

I used to be a teacher and teacher educator. On a daily basis, I’d meet several colleagues, apparently on the edge of a breakdown, really too busy to speak before at length telling me everything and then remembering to ask how I was coping .

I started saying with a smile: ‘Good, good, reaping the benefits of former efficiencies!’

I was soon free-transferred to the School of Media, Culture and Society where I had to start reading Neil Mackay.

Now, I know most of the above is the product of a small elite group and their pals in the MSM. I doubt many teachers were meaningfully consulted.

Better now, purged.

10 thoughts on “Today’s contribution to the national effort against the virus from Scotland’s heidies

  1. Teachers Unionista’s:–

    Stay home. Do nothing. Get paid.

    Oh, and recruit more teachers to–

    Stay home. Do nothing. Get paid.

    “Memo to self–return that call to Repressing Scotland”.

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  2. I was a primary teacher and when ‘big’ decisions were being made on new developments, classroom teachers were rarely, if ever, consulted. We were then expected to take on the new policies which often looked great on paper but could be a nightmare to implement in a class of 30 or more.

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    1. Sounds like they were more interested in ticking boxes than in actually developing a workable environment for teachers and the huge classes of children they were responsible for.
      Classes of 30 or more children was normal back when the BritNats were at the helm in councils and in government in Scotland.
      When my kids were at school during the Labour government years in Scotland, classes were huge, and head teachers spent their time fobbing us off saying ‘no money’ for learning support, and of the three we parents had to deal with, they were all bullies.

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  3. All part of the propaganda war against Scotland.
    Scotlands headmasters set themselves apart from teachers to control , some teachers suck up others speak up , headmasters have a separate union separate meetings with other headmasters and generally keep information from their teachers rather than share it and thats why teachers feel as if they are never consulted.
    They call it management.
    Its not good management because good management includes consultation and consensus , headmasters only consult if they know teachers will agree to their proposals.
    Whats new


  4. Here is what i would arrange for these utter
    Buffoons and video the expressions upon their faces as they witnessed,wait a moment or two and insist that they alter their previous inputs and jaundiced views
    So here is the arrangement
    For them to watch live images from a electron microscope the explosive multiplication rate
    Of a corona viral infection once it has entered
    The hosts cells
    The one and only politics to this can only be how you handle this virus
    Those who acknowledge its power will no doubt come out far better than
    Those who do not ( As Boris did ) will lose big time


  5. I think it is long past time for a crowdfunder to buy the EIS leader a SMILE .
    I have been struck by the ( increasing ) number of photos of him in the press or on BBC Scotlandshire – and the poor man NEVER has a smile breaking up his morose features .
    Please give generously as he is suffering doubly as he is also a Labour supporter !


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