Douglas Ross suggests ignoring SAGE advice on schools re-opening

The Scottish Government has begun a phased re-opening of schools with intervals in which to gather the data on infection levels and make scientific assessments of how to proceed. Is there an expert who disagrees with this approach?

The Scottish strategy, as with its care home vaccination prioritising, is supported by independent experts. Professor John Edmunds of SAGE has suggested that one reason for not easing too quickly is the risk of further mutations: 

It is certainly a risk if we allow high risks of infections in certain parts of the community, among younger individuals, then we do run the risk of further mutations occurring which could reduce the effectiveness of the vaccination programme.

Ross bases his argument on falling infection levels in the wider community and perversely thinks it clever to call the decision by the Scottish Government to react to those falling levels with an expert-backed slightly faster but phased return, a ‘u-turn’ and then argue for a full-English return of the kind criticised by experts there.

His logic is comparable to that of advising a just-passed the test driver, who has overcome their fear of speed to get up to 60 on the motorway for the first time, to now ‘just floor it!’

Safely? Stupidly?

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14 thoughts on “Douglas Ross suggests ignoring SAGE advice on schools re-opening

  1. Anything to scrape together a few isolated votes and keep in side the diehards
    Like the George Sq and Ibrox ones
    Bah Bah Black Sheep


  2. Seems Tories don’t need much in the way of qualifications and experience these days to be an expert on public health.
    He should have been in George Square at the weekend showing Rangers supporters the red card.

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    1. Bringiton
      Yes he should have been in George Sq.
      And catching lethal covid
      Punishment to fit the crime i believe it is termed as


  3. The young ones are back at school. Before those in the south. The others go back in a week. A correctly phased in return. The parents/carers really appreciate the timing of the return.

    The football fans will have spread the virus. Infection will go up and people will die. DR out of the loop once again.

    The Tory Royals breaking the Law with impunity. Killing people. Illegal wars and financial fraud and tax evasion. The corrupt British State. The state of it. The Tory corruption at the heart of it. Heartless, brainless and pointless.

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  4. DRoss’s sole concern is to get publicity and criticise SG, as with so many in opposition this appears to be their sole contribution.

    The problem for DRoss is that SG’s cautious approach and strategy is welcomed by the vast majority of Scots, and admired by many English seeing the WM “gung-ho” disaster continue.
    With the Scottish May election fast approaching, DRoss et al will not want to be seen pushing something rash, hence “encourage” and “safely” being emphasised.

    Come June they’ll revert to the “lagging behind England” strategy and bombast…

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    1. Yes, And when Gary Robertson quoted Mr Johnson’s ‘data NOT dates’ soundbite, Mr Briggs said, “Of course its about data, but we MUST have dates.”


  5. Eire introduce mandatory quarantine in hotels for those arriving from the 33 worst covid infection rates countries and for those arriving without a recent negative covid test confirmation

    Closes the loophole we seen a couple of weeks ago where a man and his daughter arrived in Scotland from USA via dublin

    Scottish government are ahead of the game

    Pity we have the neanderthals of westminster still sending covid infected people to Scotland via English airports

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  6. He has plenty to say on return to school but on George Square – silence. Strange when you consider that football related matters might be his area of expertise.

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  7. Just back from essential trip in town, place dead, next to no one about.
    Usually a lot of old folk around. So DRoss and his boss’s message of up and at it, back to normal, is being dismissed as wrong by a pro union demographic that tend to vote.


  8. You can always be certain that these Tories , especially DRoss , will never follow ‘Sage’ advice .
    Imagine that the Scottish Government had done what he is now suggesting – he would have immediately assumed the opposite position and continued to complain .

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  9. Ah Duseless good to see he’s following his “my own man” mantra by suggesting we follow his masters example. Oh for the day when he thinks for himself.


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