Scotland on Sunday’s FAKE poll intended to conceal 5 point lead for YES AFTER Sturgeon show

Scotland on Sunday

I could’ve have just shared James Kelly’s demolition of the Scotsman/SoS shameless reporting of their poll, apparently showing a surge for the Union, after Nicola Sturgeon’s performance, but I want to spread it wider via the blog and take the opportunity to both applaud his work and to add one thing:

They did it because they were desperate to back up their claims that Sturgeon had damaged the cause. They so wanted that and when they didn’t get it, they fiddled it.

Of course, all of the MSM media, even the Guardian, and people like Sarah Smith (above) gobbled it up and spread it happily wherever they could.

Calling it a ‘stunt’, Kelly tells us that SoS have published knowingly the unweighted numbers that suit their agenda to get this:

 Yes 43% 

No 46% 

Undecided 11% 

as opposed to, as all pollsters know to do, the weighted numbers based on knowledge of which groups are more likely to actually turn out and vote:

Yes 47%

No 42% 

Undecided 10%

If you don’t take account of the greater likelihood of, for example, older, SNP and Tory voters to turn out, you results are likely to be off.

I strongly recommend you follow Kelly. He’s at:

For the full story on this new low for the Scotsman/SoS, see:

7 thoughts on “Scotland on Sunday’s FAKE poll intended to conceal 5 point lead for YES AFTER Sturgeon show

  1. Par for the course
    What else do you expect
    They always enter the casino
    With loaded dice
    A False deck of cards
    A weight to throw the roulette wheel off balance in their favour, by placing the weight and concealing below the Wheel
    And make no mistake about this
    That such was not only ordered but monitored by the Dark Forces of the British State
    No bloody accident it was on the A.Marr show this morning
    Their gruppy paw marks are all over this
    We are 1 inch away from a police state
    A simple choice confronts us in May
    At least another 25 yrs of ever increasing
    Hostility till we no longer exist
    Tis genocide they seek

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  2. BBC Scotland’s late night TV news giving Rangers fans a TV profile to show off their breaching of Covid guidelines (or is it the law.?) We’re told this is a celebration taking place (in terms) ‘across the country’.

    Is it common for a public service broadcaster to frame such breaches of government guidelines – (or is it breaching the law?) – is such a positive, celebratory manner?

    And then we have more from Adam Tomkins MSP:
    “Adam Tomkins MSP Retweeted
    Club 1872

    The point here is that this tweet was above a picture of the unlawful assembly of fans. See:

    But later (at 9.18pm, yes 9.18pm) he seeks – after all he and his Tory colleague Murdo Fraser had tweeted previously – to cover his back with this:
    ‘Adam Tomkins MSP
    To all Rangers fans—celebrate, of course celebrate. But please do it responsibly. The First Minister is right about this. Behave.
    9:18 pm · 7 Mar 2021·Twitter for iPhone’

    Despicable politician!

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  3. I wouldn’t be suprised if Johnson mentions it in his answer to Ian Blackford’s questions at Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday at Westminster, gloating as he likes to do.


  4. People will die because of this ‘celebration”, it is disgusting and unbelievable selfish. The burden it will put on the SNHS. This is not sport or fairness it is just against the Law and guideline to keep people safe. The sporting clubs who cause death and destruction should pay for it. A total embarrassment.

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  5. There is no doubt in my mind this Scotsman poll report was contrived to convey the negative ASvNS impact they long predicted to obscure news of an uptick in SNP membership inferring the precise opposite. I don’t agree with James that this was “shoddy” journalism, it was a propaganda stunt, no more no less.

    Collusion in promoting the lie from first publication is what stands out most, from it’s presentation by the Dishonourable Smith and others in the media and a repeat run in SoS, Marr etc., who to quote a certain Nick Robinson “..said nothing”.

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  6. They cannot grasp the difference between Party Politics and support for Independence. We may have disagreements about a Party at the moment but that has nothing to do with Independence.

    I left the SNP not the YES movement.

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    1. Julia
      One cannot leave the Yes movement
      You and all are part of it for Life
      And that is exactly what Westminster and the
      Chattering classes fail to appreciate
      We are a irremovable Wall


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