Can ITV disinform us any more?

ITV Tonight, last night, on Scotland, offered a trail of well-worn distortion of the factual evidence. I suppose there is still the danger that some will believe it.

Disinformation 1

Scotland had its big chance with a referendum and said a resounding NO. It was supposed to be a ‘once in a generation vote’ but six years on its back on the agenda.

The inverted commas tell us that they know it’s not a fact but an opinion, yet the myth is nevertheless presented without explanation, as if is is a fact.

Disinformation 2

If she gets the big majority many are are predicting, she will see it as a decisive political moment, a mandate for a new referendum on Scottish independence.

See the personalisation, making it seem as if it’s just her, as they did with Salmond in 2014, as if it’s not a mass popular drive? See the ‘she will see it’ when it will be in the manifesto?

Then we get the, all-too-common now, wondering just why is this woman so popular, in poll after poll, when ‘we know’ all these things about her that should lower it?

Leaving aside the wee dig about ‘her conduct’, that ‘barefaced integrity’ we saw in the committee interrogation, they move onto their own ‘barefaced lack of integrity’.

Disinformation 3

When you look at the raw statistics, she moved people into care homes. The death rate here in Scotland in November last year was worse than it was in England.

The care home infections were caused inadvertently by agency staff mostly in larger corporate institutions. There is no evidence that hospital discharges led to any outbreaks.

The death rate was ONLY higher in November 2020 but lower in every other month and over the whole pandemic, much lower at 135 per 100K as opposed to 194 per 100K in England

Disinformation 4

Nicola Sturgeon’s record on the pandemic is not dissimilar to Boris Johnson’s. The death rate here is lower than England but it’s still one of the worst in Europe and there was chao around PPE supplies and exam results just like in England.

By January, England’s death rate was the highest in the world and now free of the 4 Nations strategy the death rate in Scotland has fallen dramatically. PPE supplies in Scotland never ran out.

‘Her record’ recently on care home vaccinations leading, to a death rate half of that in English care homes is pretty dissimilar I’d say.

Disinformations 5 and on….

Professor Mitchell and the haulier – every single thing they said, wrong, unchallenged. I’m not going to waste time and energy on them again.


Not in the broadcast but in the online report:

Since last summer, more than 20 polls have suggested a clear majority would vote for independence, overturning the result of the 2014 vote. But our poll suggests that’s on the decline – from a high point in October of 58% wanting independence, to a narrower margin of 53-47 if the vote were called tomorrow.

That’s a good one. The ITV poll was done by Savanta. The Savanta poll in October returned almost exactly the same result as this one. The ‘high point’ they refer to was an Ipsos MORI poll for STV using their methodology – not comparable in that way.

9 thoughts on “Can ITV disinform us any more?

  1. Presumably made for the english audience so it will come as more of a shock to them when they find out how they have been deceived.
    IMHO while it may reinforce the beliefs of Scottish unionist the majority, because we are a majority, will see through it and shrug it off for what it is.

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  2. No one watches it anymore. They are in for a shock. So out of touch from reality. Trying to glean up advertising revenues from elsewhere. That will not help their viewing figures. Go figure. Losing even more viewer numbers.

    A cheap programme to make to justify their licence content requirement. A self professed prophecy of failure. Misinformation. Playing to the gallery. Keeping the shareholders but not the viewers.. A London HQ. Controlled by Westminster-unionists. To who they owe their licence.

    More information on the internet. To share, digest and inform. .


    1. Is there any other Nation in the world that is subjected to such externally generated propaganda, yet expected to also pay for it?
      I just hope that enough of us are realising the constant barrage is simply aimed at subduing Scotland.

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  3. It’s so frustrating having the same old lies thrust at us day in, day out. The MSM still think we button up the back.Their incessant propaganda is tedious.

    How amazing will it be to live in a normal country and to watch current affairs programmes that don’t involve the neighbours bumping their gums on how we run our own country.

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