The Sturgeon Effect is good!

A poll from Tipsy Moron for Talking-up Scotland suggests the First Minister’s performance yesterday has been good for the SNP.

A poll of my 5 382 ‘followers’ attracted a pathetic 139 responses. I’d do a poll asking if I’m doing too many polls but I’m afraid no one would respond. I had 5 400 followers until I commented on the trans issue.

Anyhow a whopping 65% said that after Nicola Sturgeon’s performance on the committee they had heard of someone joining the party compared to only 8% who had heard of someone leaving.

Similarly, 20% had heard of someone deciding to stay in the party and only 7% saying they had heard of someone saying they planned to leave.

So, based on a sample big enough to satisfy the editor at the Herald or at Reporting Scotland, I predict more members to tread the pavements with leaflets any day soon.

19 thoughts on “The Sturgeon Effect is good!



  2. John
    All the comments and feed from the MSM
    is for one purpose only and its sweet FA to do with what it is really about
    Quite simply its all about defeating us at the upcoming Holyrood poll
    Soon all their foot soldiers shall discover they
    Have been marched up the wrong hill
    Thereby leading to onset of poor morale
    And await issue of new orders as to where when and how to regroup
    We should be clearly able to hear the stomp
    Of their Jack Boots as they do so


  3. Will vote for SNP as I have always done; at the moment the only way for independence but I’ll never rejoin.


    1. Will vote for SNP as I’ve never done before now. You’re right, peeliewallie it’s certainly the only way for independence.

      Unlike yourself, after the pathetic performance given by Margaret Mitchell yesterday, I’m even considering joining – and I’ve never graced a political party with my membership!

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  4. Tipsy Moron? I think I knew her sister.

    “The Sturgeon Effect”.
    Apoplexy in the BEEB and Tory party ( same thing really).
    How can a sure-fire slam-dunk go down the tubes???
    “If we don’t get Salmond we get Sturgeon”, was the Brit Nit war cry.
    Every Unionist propagandist from the Kent Gazette to the Torygraf was wheeled out -Hon Sarah to Andra’ Marr.
    Folk who couldn’t find Scotland on a map suddenly KNEW we were a “failed State”, and DOOMED to eternal penury.
    But in the eternal words of Radio Norway—-
    “Maggie Thatcher, your boys took a hell of a beating”!
    Not just boys like DRossy, Ruthless got a BIG Riddie as well, Murdo, Big Jackie and all the rest of the Toadie crew.
    Now we have the Tories pay off a civil servant the large part of a half million for Priti Patels Ministerial Code violation. Will the BEEB make a fuss?

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      1. John
        And to add to the subject of polls
        Rooth the Mooth uses as far and ilk concerned the best one in the World

        And that is ( making allowance for the spelling
        But not for the meaning)

        The Greasy One


  5. ” they had heard of someone joining the party compared to only 8% who had heard of someone leaving.”

    ‘heard from’ is what your poll said.

    It could have been 140.


    1. The poll is tongue in cheek, but it’s great, we need positivity to counter the utterly disgraceful negativity we have been literally bombarded with for weeks, months and in fact years. For the English government and their disgusting media, to start calling Scotland a ‘one party state’, and a ‘banana republic’ or any other dangerous terms such as’war’, they use against Scotland and Scotland’s democratically elected government, is nothing short of despicable. It’s sinister, dangerous and deliberate, designed to create a climate of hate and othering, owards Scotland from outwith Scotland.

      Let’s be positive, and not allow the English government to trash Scotland’s democratically elected government, how bloody dare they.


  6. Margaret Mitchell was the one talking sense. It should have gone to arbitration. The whole sordid, sorry mess would never have happened.

    Mistakes have been admitted. Assurances have been made the procedures will be changed and followed. So an innocent person never has to be dragged through Court. An unelected civil servant is never allowed to pervert the cause of justice again. .

    It happens too many times. The Prisons are full of people on the spectrum or with additional needs. 50%. They need help and support not persecution. The Police should have more training in diversity. Not wasting time and monies. Trying to drag people through the justice system. Then it gets dropped. The Lord Advocate needs replacing for breaking the Law. Wasting £Millions of taxpayers monies. Unbelievable.

    85% of (young) men have a criminal conviction. Nurture or nature. Crime is a gender issue.


    1. Gordon
      Re.crime Where are the key minutes of the first 6 cobra meetings from the start of the pandemic
      The 1st 5 of which Boris the Terrible failed to
      Attend,but importantly he did do for the 6th
      And most important one where no doubt
      SAGE trashed his herd immunity strategy
      And a a response from him was still way short
      Of what was actually advised .
      He only acted weakly and belatedly when no doubt he was cleary shown that if he stuck
      To his herd immunity ideas the consequences
      In Deaths and the complete collapse of the NHS were not only impossible to avert but where indeed imminent
      I fear these minutes will eventually end up under The Official Secrets Act
      Why bloody obvious Heads and big ones would roll
      Compare this to what is currently going on at Holyrood
      I know without hesitation as to whom and how i governed
      Holyrood cost no lives and a mere £ 500k
      Boris has brought about at least 250 k lives
      And well over £ 1,000,000,000
      Still counting both the latter,far less the overall impact on the EHNS ,long covid,Mental Health, increased poverty levels
      And The Economy
      Funny creatures we Human Beings indeed
      are, when it comes to matters of crime and its gravity


  7. Many wrongs do not make it right. Nicola admitted mistakes were made. An innocent man was dragged through a Courts. There is something going wrong within the legal system that needs to be and should be put right.

    Comparing it to other Govs where corruption is totally rampant. Does not put it right. People can judge about the obvious out of control, criminality of other governments. Beyond belief. They can vote accordingly. No one is arguing that Westminster is not totally corrupt. That is a given. That is what Independence is about to be better. Especially bette4 that that.

    People want better than that. (For Scotland). There is nothing wrong with that. To make it right. It is an honourable position to undertake. An apology and compensation for Alex Salmond would be a start. Reconciliation. After all Alex Salmond has done for Scotland all his life. He should not have been treated in such a way. It is appropriate to put it right.

    The Lord Advocate should go he breaks the Law. Too many times. Costing £Millions. Beyond belief. Evans is going in any case. Not soon enough. There will be another Westminster appointed 3rd rater. They owe their allegiance to Westminster. Corruption.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.


  8. Could I give the perceptions of an ‘outsider’ on this? Quick context. I’ve never been a member of any political party, don’t know either NS or AS beyond what I’ve seen via media and don’t usually vote SNP. I’ve seen many sides of the membership’s opinions but not the effect on people you’re trying to convince to vote YES – some call them ‘Dinnae Kens’. People more like me, but who still need enlightening.

    Heads should roll? Yes – demoted, if not fired. Once the Committee has looked into the handling of the case and discovered who took what action and when. Application of a rushed, new procedure was botched. Certain of the Committee, which should be finding out who botched it and how, are taking advantage of the situation to discredit the FM. (I’m looking at you in particular, Mitchell). Baillie ‘merely’ tried to trap her into saying things which could be taken 2 ways or which, she hoped, could be used later. She does it in Parliament too. Should an ‘impartial’ officer imply “If you’d seen what I have” in public?

    She’s often accused of being a control freak. Sounds to me as if she delegated responsibility to officers and left them to get on with it. REAL delegation includes real responsibility.

    Arbitration? She was damned if she did (COVER UP!), damned if she didn’t (Those poor women. And, more to the point, TAX PAYERS’ MONEY!!!) Plus, whatever she read in that letter seems to have made arbitration unlikely. From what she said at the Committee, it was far more than a pinched bum as they walked past – and she was reeling not only from the contents of the letter but from HIS version of one of the events.

    Why did it carry on for so long? Because ‘Counsel’ were the lawyers operating on a day-to-day basis, whose communications were considered by the ‘Law Officers’ appointed to advise ScotGov on appropriate actions. They thought it viable Once new information came to light, after following due process, the action was withdrawn.

    Court cases aren’t “innocent people” being “dragged into court”. Allegations are made, both side puts their case, evidence is weighed, and innocence is decided. This happened. AS was found not guilty of illegal actions, was awarded a considerable amount of damages and costs. That should have been the end of the matter. As far as I (and people like me) was concerned it would have been.

    But it doesn’t seem to have been enough for AS. And I have to ask, just what on earth does he think he’s doing? Has he lost the plot? Doesn’t he realise the damage he’s doing, not just to the SNP but – more importantly – to independence in general? He’s said to be an astute politician, but saying “Scotland’s ready, but the Government isn’t”? Why? Any ‘Dinnaes’ may well think “Now is not the time”. (I possibly would’ve, previously.) And where’ve we heard that before?

    From outside, any damage to his reputation has been caused by HIM and some of his supporters (who have written some truly vile things), not NS. It brought further attention to his actions. He was acquitted of legal wrong-doing, but he wasn’t an innocent. His own Counsel admitted inappropriate behaviour not towards 2 women, but 8.

    Whether the perception is correct or not, he comes across to outsiders as vengeful, vindictive and intent on the destruction, not just of the women, but of NS and the SNP. Is he so hurt, he either doesn’t realise or doesn’t care how he’s damaging independence any more?

    I agree with Gordon. It is a sordid, sorry mess. Whatever AS has done in the past, NS is now ‘the face of independence’. What, if anything, can be done?


    1. I used to be english

      “But it doesn’t seem to have been enough for AS. And I have to ask, just what on earth does he think he’s doing? Has he lost the plot? Doesn’t he realise the damage he’s doing, not just to the SNP but – more importantly – to independence in general?”

      During Indy Ref. 1 , the first debate with Darling, on the currency wuestion . . . AS. Just stood there as if speechless, . . . . Before words came to him, the single biggest issue . . . . At that moment we felt he had damaged our prospects, . . . And here he is at it again.


      1. ” At that moment we felt he had damaged our prospects, . . . And here he is at it again.”

        I hope so, Clydebuilt. And I really hope that the ‘Dinnaes’ think that way and not as I fear they might. And that it’s not used by Yoons to undermine the message.

        Who knows? It may mean both sides of the argument (so to speak) are attracted by the notion that Independence is a broad church (so to speak!) Hope so…


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