Sunday Mail: Clear evidence of Staggering imbecility?

The Daily Record/Sunday Mail pays for a poll then goes on to completely fail to understand what it doesn’t tell them.

The highlights other than the headline are these:

The SNP would fail to win a Yes vote in the wake of the Alex Salmond inquiry, a new poll has revealed. A bombshell survey found that the majority of people in Scotland no longer want to break away from the rest of the United Kingdom. It is clear evidence that the feud between First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her former mentor now threatens to destroy their political dream. The Survation survey for the Sunday Mail revealed support for independence has dropped from 58 per cent in October to a 50/50 split.

As I’ve pointed out already today, this is only one poll, the first after a long trend of increasing support and recently a flattening with Yes at around 4% ahead. There is no drop of any until we get more polls saying the same thing.

The fall from 58% in October to 50% now is imagined . They’re cherry-picking one Ipsos MORI graph which they no doubt ignored at the time and comparing it with their Survation poll. Ipsos MORI tend to go high while Survation tend to go low because their methods differ. They’re not comparable.

Look at the graph again:

There hasn’t been a fall in the trend since early 2017.


It is clear evidence that the feud between First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her former mentor now threatens to destroy their political dream.’

Really? That’s a claim of such staggering imbecility, it took my breath away.

Why? Well mainly because they don’t appear to have asked that question – has the feud made you less likely to vote for independence?

Ipsos MORI did ask if it had affected how their sample might vote in the next Holyrood election. Only 5 out of 1 031 agreed that it might. Clear evidence that it doesn’t threaten anyone’s dream?

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Mail: Clear evidence of Staggering imbecility?

  1. Does this poll have any indication of voters intentions for the May election? The absence of any headline suggests that, if it does, the result is not to the Sunday Mail’s liking.

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  2. All the MAD MSM
    Are banging the big stick upon the same spot
    On the big drum of NO to Indy
    Little do they realise that upon each strike
    That the skin gets thinner and thinner
    And that the day the tiniest of beats shall punch
    A hole and their drum shall beat NO MORE


  3. Slightly OT, young Nick Eardley was permitted to sit in the studio with the ‘great’ Andrew Marr to discuss ‘the papers’ and he was allowed to opinion on Alex Salmond’s testimony on Friday. Not only did NE expound the Sarah Smith line that Alex had said Scotland’s institutions were not fit for independence (although more carefully worded that SS) he also referenced this Sunday Mail poll. Is it my failing memory but i recall that when opinion polls were first starting to show the upturn towards Independence the bbc took the high(?) ground that “it doesn’t report individual poll results” as they may not be representative.
    Another instance of the bbc having its cake …..?

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  4. More media lies. Not fit for purpose. More people will support SNP/Independence because they are sick fed up with the lying Press. Support will go up, especially when the campaign starts. A huge SNP majority at the Holyrood election in May. Might make them think again. It will give some indication of what will come.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote. Campaign, join and donate. Do whatever it takes to make Scotland a better place.

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