BBC bias is now ineffective says shocked Prof

Professor John Robertson, forced out of his job, after the Referendum, by sleep apnoea which he blames on the stress resulting from BBC Scotland’s attempts to have him punished by his employer the University of the West of Scotland (his wife blames his becoming a fat bastard) has been shocked by the latest findings from Ipsos MORI and has revised his opinion of the importance of BBC bias against independence to ‘diddly squat.’

1 031 Scots were asked:

Looking ahead to the Scottish Parliamentary election, which, if any, issues do you think will be very important to you in helping you decide which party to vote for?

Only 5 out of 1 031 or less than 0.5%, chose ‘Alex Salmond enquiry.

The most popular were:

  1. Scottish independence/devolution 394 or 38%.
  2. Education/schools 305 or 30%
  3. Healthcare 239 or 23%
  4. Coronavirus 199 or 19%
  5. Economy 163 or 16%
  6. Europe 127 or 12%.

Prof Robertson says:

Look at the above, think of the attempts, just in the last year, by especially Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland, to blame the SNP for the ‘worst drug deaths in Europe’, hospitals infected by deadly pigeon poo killing babies, Dundee oncologists risking the lives of breast cancer patients, civil wars and sex scandals in the Party leadership, anti-democratic conspiracies, Jeanne Freeman this and Jeanne Freeman that, yet more more than 50% say they will vote SNP and only 5 in 1 031 say the blanket coverage of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, might affect their vote?

BBC Scotland is clearly a complete failure in its attempts to save the Union. It may now actually be counter-productive. We may be watching an example of a reverse media effect caused by the audience having come to see through the propaganda agenda:

The more BBC Scotland try to undermine the SNP, the more popular they make them.

Keep up the good work chaps!

16 thoughts on “BBC bias is now ineffective says shocked Prof

  1. No one bothers with it. A white noise. Annoying the background. People do not watch it anymore. It does not reflect people’s lives or experience which governs people perception. Out of touch out of the loop. Irrelevant to people’s lives.

    Viewership going down and down, it does not justify the expense. £5Billion. A public disgrace of mismanagement. People get and share information on the internet. Many ‘reporters’ got paid off recently. Cut backs,

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  2. The BBC in Scotland are just the tip of the ice berg.
    There is a cultural attitude embedded in the media in Scotland that the SNP are a rebel regime who must be brought down in order to maintain Westminter’s hegemony.
    That will not change until they have to apply to a Scottish government (not a Scottish political party) for a license to operate within our country.
    In a democracy,the media has to be pluralistic and hold the government of the day to account but that is not what we have presently have.
    Very unhealthy,not only for consumers but for the longer term outlook of the industry as well.

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  3. ABC (BBC)
    John i must take issue
    They are of the utmost and vital importance
    When it comes to providing up to date news
    E.G. Should your cat ever become stuck up a tree, then once they sure they can get a crew out to it,they will ensure The Fire Brigade arrive
    And the poor wee moggie rescued
    All broadcast as lead item in the evening
    Now thats a service that is a bargain when you consider the cost of their licence fee

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  4. Yep. I’m not surprised. It sums up my own feelings. Gordon and Bringiton have put things in a nutshell.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the world of Scottish journalism (If you can call it that) once independence happens.

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  5. Martin Patience. a BBC hack Tweeted this on the Sarah Smith affair.

    She made a mistake @BBCsarahsmith and immediately admitted that mistake. You know what? It happens. But the difference is when you do it on the telly everyone knows about. There’s no hiding. So, honestly, ask yourself: have you ever made a mistake at work?”

    He failed to ask what happens when you repeatedly make the same “mistake” at work.

    He says that when you do this on telly everyone knows about but failed to acknowledge that when you “clarify” this on Twitter only a handful of people are told that it was a mistake.

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  6. Just heard Andrew Tickell on the BBC’s Radio Station based in Scotland . . . .

    1. The evidence of a conspiracy that AS says his solicitors posses can’t be handed over due to legislation passed when he was FM
    2. Was very surprised that his solicitors didn’t appeal Lady Dorian’s decision not to allow this evidence / information to be used in his defence. . .
    3. Also thought that if there was evidence of a political conspiracy against AS that Lady Dorian would have allowed it to be used.

    This ain’t over yet.


  7. Git that wife of yours telt John um ah fatter bastard than U an there’s mair fat bastards ( non Mc Donalds customers ) it’s in the Jeans an mines Primark Jeans


  8. I appreciate Andrew Tickell is an law professor, but I don’t value his legal opinion as being particularly competent. He appears to be primarily an old skool legal positivist who consider the practices of British constitutionalism to be just and binding. Which is evidenced by his failure to give appropriate consideration to international law, sociological jurisprudence, and natural rights.

    Natural law and critical theory: Bringing rights back in


  9. Once again the Nationalists are echoing the Westminster Tories who dislike the BBC. The parties are so much more alike and have so much in common than they care to admit


  10. There is no “Alex Salmond enquiry [sic]”. There is an inquiry into the behaviour of Nicola Sturgeon and another inquiry into the behaviour of the administration led by Nicola Sturgeon. The is NO Alex Salmond inquiry.

    What matters about the two Nicola Sturgeon inquiries is not how large they loom in the minds of voters now, but how significant they are held to be six weeks from now.


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