Surely Sarah Smith has broken some code of conduct and should resign too

I’m grateful to for some of these these reminders.

In November 2020, she told BBC 1:

Also in November 2020 she platformed one barber to tell us that the Scottish Government’s pandemic strategy was ‘Rubbish!’ and undermine compliance:

In June 2020, she clearly enjoyed this one:


In February 2020, she lied:

In July 2019, on drug treatment and the blanket refusal to allow safe injection spaces, she told us that, ‘of course it’s VERY convenient for the Scottish Government to argue that they’re being hampered by Westminster.’

In January 2018 she knew fine what she was doing:


There’s more but, I’m tired.

13 thoughts on “Surely Sarah Smith has broken some code of conduct and should resign too

  1. Hon Sarah.
    Well, she never got the job on journalistic ethics, did she?
    Unionist family; Labour Princess; one of us; safe pair of hands.
    And working for the BEEB.
    “The news is what we say it is” Boris Broadcasting Corps
    The BBC is now a fully fledged Tory propaganda outfit–like the Torygraf, Mail, Express or Times.

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  2. John, waste of your time complaining. Sarah Smith is at least as bomb proof as Marr. I complained about her just before the 2015 election. The cry from the Labour Party at the time was that the electorate “weren’t listening”. She had a sample of first time voters from Coatbridge and asked them about what they thought of Labour’s proposals. The one whose reply got on air was that he had read their stuff but it “didnt speak” to him. Smith voices over “they weren’t listening”.
    The response to my complaint about simply ignoring the response of the interviewee was that she was making journalistic comment.


    1. You might also care to have a look at your favourite newspaper
      When is a clarification a correction? Even the Herald isn’t clear because while “correction” is used in the headline. but the text uses the weasel description of “clarification”.
      They would have to be caught with both hands in the cookie jar …… and even then.


  3. The britnat bbc and the britnat media are so blatantly anti-Scottish it should be easy for the SNP/SG to call them out as such. But the SNP/SG does nothing.


    1. Doug
      When and not if we independent
      Tis us that shall be the drivers of the cart that
      Carries the careers of these quisling, lap dog,
      Lackeys well into the coup
      And if they believe that their former colonial
      Masters shall rescue them
      Then the only thing in excess of their ambitions
      Is their Stupidity

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  4. Sarah/Labour/BBC supports killing people. Scottish Gov supports keeping people alive.

    New Labour ‘leader’ announced soon, Do not get too excited. Sir Starmer advocates not speaking about Brexit, supporting illegal weaponry and austerity. Same old, same old. Supporting the Tories. No opposition,

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    1. Julia
      No doubt she enthralls and foams at the mouth with her job
      But she should be mindful of that upon Indy
      That is with the deepest regrets she took
      The establishment’s Shilling


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