Poll suggests gender recognition and Salmond enquiry having little impact but constitution matters most

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In Ipsos MORI’s poll for 15th to 21st February 2021, 1 031 respondents were asked:

Looking ahead to the Scottish Parliamentary election, which, if any, issues do you think will be very important to you in helping you decide which party to vote for?

Two issues fascinating the media and activists on social media, ‘LGBT rights / equality / GRA (LGR)’ and ‘Alex Salmond enquiry (ASE)’, appear to be of very little interest to potential voters.

Only 7 out of 1 031 or less than 0.7% selected LGR and only 5, or less than half of 1%, selected ASE.

The issues that do seem to matter are:

  1. Scottish independence/devolution 394 or 38%.
  2. Education/schools 305 or 30%
  3. Healthcare 239 or 23%
  4. Coronavirus 199 or 19%
  5. Economy 163 or 16%
  6. Europe 127 or 12%.

Only one poll I know, but a full-size one and unlikely to be well out so, the message is clear. We need not worry about support being driven away by those two issues.

6 thoughts on “Poll suggests gender recognition and Salmond enquiry having little impact but constitution matters most

  1. People are getting on with their lives. In an extremely difficult time. Nicola Sturgeon is one of the best leaders that SNP/Scotland has ever had. The best one, so far equipped to take Scotland over the line to Independence. With much support.

    The main concern of most people. Get Westminster out of the way of colossal interference holding Scotland back. People in Scotland want it to shine and prosper. There is no chance of that with the illegal interference of corrupt Westminster governance. Staggering from crisis after crisis of their own making. Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Corruption. From one bad policies to the next. Social, political and financial. That is no way to run a government. Lying to people. People are sick, fed up with it. Coveting up criminal behaviour under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Lockerbie, Dunblane covered up for 100 years. Until all the culprits are dead. To avoid justice and scrutiny.

    Illegal wars 2003 to 2010 till now, Still on going. Biden at it again. Interfering in Iran. Bombing Syria, Yemen, Do they ever stop. Sellimg illegal arms to the corrupted, failed State of Saudi. For donations and illegal payment. Bribes. £Billions misused. The West cannot afford it any more.

    More illegal killing for donations. Illegally kidnapping their own family while cavorting with the Queen. Reports of people illegally taken prisoners and illegal killings, with not retribution, The tax evading, Law interfering monarch. Breaking the Law with impunity to build up a tax evaded fortune. Lecturing people about climate change. Some people should lead by example to get respect and obey the Laws, they facilitate. .

    The illegal nuclear weapons in Scotland rotting at Rosyth. Without permission. A complete waste of time and money, which could be better spent. A contaminated catastrophe waiting to happen. Just like Brexit another attack on the economy. Another disaster waiting to happen. The majority support EU membership.

    The things that concern people in Scotland the most. Independence to handle Scotland’s affairs better and bring prosperity. Not having to pay for what Scotland does not need. Then not having the funds to pay for what Scotland does need. Peace and prosperity.

    Education the SNHS, welfare as a priority. The most important things for any society. Healthcare and education. Stability. A healthy, educated skilled community. Well fed and prosperous. Peoole’s need being met. That brings cohesion and equality. This equals happiness. Altruism bring happiness, not greed. Helping other people brings happiness. Supporting others makes people strong and well in a community. The most cohesive and happy places are the most equal. That is a proven place in the world. Often small, resilient countries. Scotland could be the same. Scotland needs and had the ability to be like that. Strong and Independent. Support for SNP/Independence increasing all the time. Until it is finally over the line. More work to be done but it is getting there, Well worth the effort for everybody.

    People not elected in Scotland making the decisions and the policies. That is not what people want. They want democracy. They want to decide. No taxation without representation. A basic right and responsibility in a democracy. Everything to hope, pray and pay. Nicola and co doing a good job of keeping people alive. In a mass pandemic.

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  2. Stop Press. Or maybe not. Labour to announce new leader. Everyone needs a laugh at the minute. Who gets the poison chalice to take Labour even further down the polls. Monica or Anas.

    They all need a turn. They will run out of candidates at this rate. Losing support. Labour the only Party who did not support MUP. Supports illegal wars, austerity and illegal weaponry. Poverty and killing people, illegally.

    Sir Starmer has instructed reps and associates not to mention Brexit, The elephant in the room. The position on nuclear waste is claimed to be non negotiated. Dumping them where they are not wanted is not acceptable. Another waste of time, money and space. A vacant place. No opposition at all.

    Greenham Common, 40 mins from London was closed in 1992. The US nuclear base. £Billions wasted on illegal weaponry and illegal wars. £Trns which could be better spent. Labour sycophants. Blair still rising off the public purse. Meddling.

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  3. Excellent first spot for the constitutional question, but as you rightly highlight, the much vaunted fury portrayed over GRA, HCB, or Salmond simply do not appear on the average Scot’s radar.

    I’ve long suspected the constant negativity by the media and political opponents to independence was increasingly being “tuned-out”, the audience has become not only increasingly deaf to the propaganda, but are aware of where is directing it, London.

    Bloggers such as yourself have done much to expose the “game” being played which is then circulated, and once seen cannot be unseen takes it from there.
    The Sarah Smith’s deliberate “Alex Salmond wants FM to resign” lie yesterday only confirmed in the public’s eye the malice and deviousness resident in Pacific Quay. There was no public reaction, there was simply a sigh then “well she would say that wouldn’t she”.
    We’re winning.

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