Tell Laura you ***** her! Play the Headline Game! BIG PRIZES

The Kuenssberg original was, of course well off the mark:

Everybody knows that’s not true, not even close. Polls indicating SNP report running at 50% for a year now, Yes support above 50% for most of that same period.

I predict absolutely no riot.

Have a go yourself now at educating Laura. Write your headline below.

Big prizes? You bet. If your entry is good, Professor Naemeritus John Robertson has agreed to ‘like it’ and if it’s really good, honour you with a brief comment.

Eh whit!!!!

19 thoughts on “Tell Laura you ***** her! Play the Headline Game! BIG PRIZES

  1. The only funny thing about this whole debacle is the utter ignorance about Scotland, the SNP and the independence movement among the London commentariat.
    Its like being back in 2014 again, as Laura, Nick, Fraser and all the rest of the Glitterati show off their total lack of nous, about us lot, north of the North.
    Pompous, puffed up Borisites.

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  2. “BBC overpaid Twitter bubble queen cannot grasp the difference between independence support and support for the SNP”

    They simply have no concept of how United the supporters of Independence are. Their World is limited to the tramlines of political parties.

    Nicola made the same mistake as Laura. She thought the poll ratings were secure and she could ram through her cult policies on the strength of those ratings. Scots are naw daft!

    Nobody knows where this is heading! Laura has no inside tweets to guide her and the obvious inability to analyse Scotland has proven just how limited her political knowledge is.

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    1. Julia
      What the bunch of the London chattering class utterly fail to realise
      This is not about the SNP
      it is a massive grass roots movement right across all sections of Scottish society
      And if they ever believe they can far less halt
      Rising support but actually reverse it
      Then awe the seas will gan dry
      And the rocks melt in the sun
      Shall occur first

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    2. Agreed Julia.

      A couple of years ago I made friends with a couple of returning Scots who had spent all their working lives in England. They actually thought that all indy supporters belonged to the SNP and that everyone on the AOUB marches were SNP members. They understand now and are indy supporters.

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  3. They really don’t want to lose us! We’ll need to think of ways to stay sane over the next 10 weeks as every unionist man/woman and his/her/their dog will be out screaming insults, smears and downright lies to annihilate any desire for independence. Let’s not bow under pressure and let’s try to keep on with the positive stories – here’s one to start with

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    1. Couldn’t read the article but the headline was enough for me.

      “Become an FT subscriber to read:

      Scotland reaps dividend of Covid response that diverged from England”

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  4. I like the humour in this short article John. Even when you get decent articles from the media down south about us or us in the Union their is usually one cringe error. Gavin Eslers new book by the way is a fair analysis of the ‘fall of Britain’ as he puts it.


  5. The former French ambassador said that England’s attitude to Europe hadn’t moved on since 1944 but I would suggest that 1066 would be more like it.
    The deeply entrenched sense of entitlement and superiorty is epitomised by the cultural attitude displayed by their political and media establishment.
    Scottish independence represents a threat to their long held ideas about themself and so must be thwarted at all cost.
    They haven’t a leg,or Irn Bru crate for that matter,to stand on as far as the democratic deficit goes so try to distract people with hysterical headlines about the SNP and it’s leadership.
    The British establishment response to having completely mismanaged the Covid pandemic and their corrupt health contract scams…..
    Lie,lie and lie again.

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  6. They are certainly having a very good try at destroying Nicola and the SNP. ITV’s main 10pm news actually referred to the “Sturgeon regime”. That is downright offensive. Have they ever referred to the “Johnson regime”?

    Craig Murray’s normally excellent blog is now little more than a unreadable hate fest. Some of the comments are so deranged they are funny.

    I have zero respect for these people. What they are doing to Nicola Sturgeon is as bad any of the abuse that Alex Salmond was accused of.

    This huge coordinated effort seems to be having zero effect on SNP poll ratings. I suspect a majority now no longer give the British media and politicians any credibility. People just see them as hostile to Scotland. This to me suggests that if they succeed in bringing down Nicola Sturgeon, the result may well be the opposite of what they hope to achieve.

    I think it will result in considerable anger across Scotland. Unforgivable treatment of a woman, and a decent human being, who has saved thousands of lives. In a decent country she would be being honoured. Bringing her down could well act to invigorate the independence movement, which in any case is much broader than the SNP.

    I know what my response would be.

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  7. The ‘Inquiry’ will put up support for the SNP/Independence. Everyone is sick of it. Complete nonsense. Get it over with. A complete waste of time and money. White noise. The culprits will be held to account at the court of public opinion.

    The unionists shenanigans will increase for support SNP/Independence. Everyone can see right through it. They will come out to vote for their Holyrood Parliament. To support and protect it from unionist abuse. Another unionist own goal. Unionists will lose it. People are fed up of their abuse and duplicity. Westminster total corruption.

    There are far more important things to be worrying about. A pandemic and Brexit mess. Tory mismanagement and corruption. There is an important Holyrood election coming up. That is more important. To protect Scotland and keep people safe. To stop people dying.

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  8. Laura, Nick and Fraser just tell lies. Called out so many times. No one believes them any more. Just an embarrassment. White noise. Hardly anyone listens to it. People get and exchange information on the internet. More accurate.

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    1. Some do watch and listen to the lies though that’s the problem, and they are taken in by it, fall for it hook line and sinker, otherwise the Brit state would be sitting all cosy in the knowledge they don’t need to propagandise. It’s why we have excellent blogs like this to dispel the lies.

      I watched Indy car Gordon Ross’s channel on Youtube ‘Scotland at 7’ last night, news every day, it’s very good. Have a watch and, subscribers needed, he is really working hard for us all, has a crowd funder going to keep it going. He is a link I hope that’s OK to share.


  9. Gavinochiltree wrote earlier: ‘The only funny thing about this whole debacle is the utter ignorance about Scotland, the SNP and the independence movement among the London commentariat.’ My only quibble with this is that I no longer see the ‘funny’ side!

    I read something last week by the ’eminent’ English journalist and military historian, Max Hastings. Recall, he was one of the 200 ‘celebrities’ who penned an open letter in 2014 to ‘us’ in Scotland urging us to vote no to independence.

    The article was prompted by Gavin Esler’s new book, ‘How Britain Ends: English Nationalism and the Rebirth of Four Nations’. Hastings seems to be seeking to bring comfort to his British/English readers with some trite assertions and a dose of condescension.

 Here’s a few of his choice phrases which illustrate why my sense of humour has reached its limits::

    “.. the collapse of old industries hit hard the land of haggis and bagpipes.”

    “I have loved Scotland all my life, and still spend several weeks a year in its glorious wildernesses.” Scotland – the natural wonderland possession of the UK for English tourists?

    And then he sums up Scotland and its governing party:

    “.. the SNP’s members, today led by the fluent and ruthless Nicola Sturgeon, have come to be seen as the country’s natural rulers. This is surprising because her conduct of office has been shambolic, especially poor in health and education, and highlighted by bungling of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.“ Bungling of the vaccine rollout? Poor in health? On education, is this still – and only – a PISA score? Prejudice and zero investigative journalism on display here!

    “Sturgeon’s people can afford the SNP’s blunderings only because it is funded by handouts from London.” And then linked to a comment on Wales which is “.. is even more dependent on English largesse than Scotland.” A GERSfest in another guise!

    But this is the one that makes me most angry: “… the underlying trend is for the Scots to dislike and resent their Southern neighbors.” Hastings’ position appears to be that a desire in Scotland for self-determination – for agency for a nation and its citizens – is not something legitimate, not something that could be reasonable and reasoned as an objective: rather it is based only on negativity towards others!

    And for a final bit of condescension: “If Scotland breaks away, … for those of us Southerners who love the kilted Celts almost as dearly as we cherish our own people and land, such a parting will be bitterly painful.”

    Perhaps we could commit to sending an Andy Stewart/White Heather Club tribute act to perform in the Albert Hall every year if Mr Hastings and his ilk are really, truly in need of a ‘kilted Celt’ experience!

    Source article: ‘There Will Always Be an England, But Not a U.K – A breakup of Britain would be a boon for Northern Ireland, bad for Scotland and Wales, and devastating for England’s place in the world’. Bloomberg Opinion, 14 February 2021.

    Remember the 2014 love bombing open letter: “We want to let you know how very much we value our bonds of citizenship with you, and to express our hope that you will vote to renew them. What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”

    ‘Valuing’ seems an odd term in the context of Hastings’ recent writing – and reference to ‘bonds’ where there is no respect, where there is disparagement and condescension, may have other, and unwelcome connotations.

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    1. If I was M.Hastings Proffeser and he had been
      Allocated the task of researching and producing a paper on The Modern History
      Of Scottish Nationalism since Devolution
      And he wrote up such Coital Bovine Scatology and presented to me
      I would ask him to sign such production
      Then immediately remove him from my tutelage

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    2. English cringe about Scotland, projected onto Scotland, sickening.
      So condescending it reads like the BritNats’ empire, their invasions of yonks ago, quell the natives, offer them beads and beat them to a pulp if they don’t accept the take over of their land and resources, wot! Wildnerness to be tamed, used and abused once the people accept they are inferior, and need a strong abusive overlord to keep them in check.
      2021? Nothing has changed in the British Nationalists’ tiny minds, they own everything and everyone they lay claim to, so sit down, shut up, and eat your f’g cereal you sweaty kilted Celts!

      Anyone else thinking it might be a good idea to escape the cesspit and throw off the chains of the so called UK, pronto! They will strangle Scotland if not, arggh, the chain is getting really tight now!! Cough splutter cough. Run Scotland!


  10. Dear SNP/SG,

    I now times are difficult just now but could you actually start fighting for independence now, please.

    You are letting Westminster and the britnat media walk all over you, and when they walk all over you they are walking all over Scotland.

    So, for the sake of Scotland, as well as yourselves, please get yer erse in gear and fight!

    You can start by withdrawing SNP MPs from the Westminster cesspit. They can come home and work for independence here.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ever so slightly impatient.

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