editor obliged to wear nappy!

Beside themselves, soiling themselves, Scotland’s media commentators pore over the latest from Ipsos MORI and find to their delight, a DIP! Look:


See it? There, in yellow, top right, the average support for the SNP constituency vote has just dipped. It has! Look. Get your magnifying glass.

Ipsos-MORI have just reported 52% based on 15-21 February, down from 55% on 20-26 November.

The Green vote is up by 2% so that probably explains it but no, the experts see the effects of the investigation.

Given the huge effort put into getting some kind of effect by the media, they must be sorely disappointed with a statistical insignificant 3% change.

Wait, what about the regional vote.

47%, what was it last time? 47%? Well that’s no use.

Meaningless really. Stick with the first one. It’ll have to do.

9 thoughts on “editor obliged to wear nappy!

  1. One Swallow indeed doth a summer make
    But me thinks they counting eggs
    Or planting them in hope that a chicken doth sprout, believing they have a hen house full of chickens


  2. Support for Ruthie going to be a Dame : — 1%
    And YES, its in a pantomime. A very long running panto.

    Number of Tory gullibles? :—- 1%.


    1. We need an SNP majority in May, even with the Greens making up the numbers for a majority of independence parties that are actually Scottish in the first place. That’s crucial and the EngGov know that, much to their horror.

      When Brexit which of course is being under reported, if at all, really hits people in the pocket and depletes the life choices of the middle classes,
      they will clamour for Scotland’s escape from the narrow, backward, BritNat insular tax haven for the very rich, so called UK.

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  3. ‘Sturgeon’s party’, hmm, as we know it’s all about NS, not the people, not Scotland’s democracy, and definitely not about the party of choice in Scotland, called, the SNP. Dah dah dah!!!! Arghhh!!!!
    I have been watching too many old B&W Sherlock Holmes films, the Basil Rathbone ones on YouTube. Still, it’s good training for learning how to smell the BritNat sh**e even more than usual. Poooohhhhh!!!!

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  4. Well, the Euro falling off a cliff since forever, the easiest Brexit in history, etc., the Depress has history with stupid, and no doubt their Tory donors are demanding headlines to continue that proud tradition, accuracy irrelevant…

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  5. “The poll found that 36% of all voters and 21% of those who voted SNP at the 2019 general election felt ‘less favourably’ towards the party as a result of the Salmond saga.”

    I expect many here will blame Salmond for not getting convicted.


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