Trapped with a gilded chain: They just don’t get it do they?

I’ve lost track of the number of pseudo-intellectual treatises we’ve had about how the Union can be saved by giving the Jocks a better deal.

Leaving aside the amnesia about 2014 and just how stupid we’d be to get fooled again, these apparently intelligent people don’t seem to see that it’s not and never was a union. At best it was a hostile takeover, under threat and, to this day, it’s an abusive marriage where many in their elites hold us in open or barely contained contempt. A few minutes in a Commons debate would surely dispel any misunderstanding.

Remember this?

And that picture above? The chain? The padlock? What kind of union requires a chain and padlock?

I know, it’s an old image but the FT chose it. It doesn’t strike them in any way.

They don’t get it but these days most of us do.

27 thoughts on “Trapped with a gilded chain: They just don’t get it do they?

  1. I was just starting to read about a new deal
    When all of sudden a great roar out my window
    Which upon investigation it turned to be a
    Full squadrons of pink pigs flying past
    Chance indeed a very fine thing
    But in both these instances such belong in fairy tale land

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  2. They dont know whether to love bomb us with sneery platitudes—Chancellor Gove Of Lancaster.

    or just bomb us—Boris and his Bullingdon gang.

    But the Good Thing of the “groundhog day time loop” of 2014, allows Scotland time to assess their “offer”—and understand that there is NO love, only trickery and contemptuous smugness of people like Lucy Frazer and the wort-hog soundtrack of ‘Shire Tory snuffling/grunting.

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      1. I do recall that 2012 article about ‘bombing’ Scotland’s airports…
        must be why my pals in NE Eng who were wholly against Scottish independence, weirdly as they don’t live in Scotland, said ‘you’ll end up just like Syria’. The othering of Scotland was ramped up then and is being ramped up now. Dangerous and sinister.

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      2. Ah, but in fairness, there was also this in the same article:

        ‘…”nothing will stop Scotland from becoming an independent nation and questioned whether fighting to keep the Union together is worth the effort.
        Mr Fraser, a former minister in John Major’s government, made the remarks on Monday during the launch of a pamphlet he wrote for the think-tank Politeia. In the pamphlet he writes: “All empirical evidence points to a break-up”, and criticised Unionist politicians for their lack of “fresh thinking”, adding that “the status quo points only to disaster” and claiming “there is a muddle over why the union matters.” ‘

        What on earth is he on? I need to avoid it


    1. I hope this will form part of the YES campaign. Along with recordings of everything we were promised last time with THEY NEVER DID IT emblazoned across them.


  3. Who is the Male w****r behind her and her in front is the one who got a roasting from Piers Morgan not so laughing then.
    Has anyone else got a form in showing The mouth and Dross asking questions,i don’t think they will like my replies.
    I see an avid hater of the SNP David Philip writing in the P&J is unimpressed with BBC unabashed cheerleaders for the Scottish Government.Real funny that man.

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  4. Lucy Fraser a disgusting person. An absolute disgrace. Totally ignorance.

    There is an answer to people like that. A bunch of criminals. Killing people,

    Independence. Yes Yes Yes .

    Vote SNP/SNP Vote for Independence,

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  5. Hi John, Listening to GMS this morning, at 1hr 46 mins Graham Stewart is interviewing author Peter Oborne about his new book “The Assault on Truth” which is about politicians lying and specifically Boris who has apparently ‘taken it to an astronomical level’ – outdoing Blair and giving Trump a run for his money!. He speaks in particular about false and misleading statements made in the House of Commons about the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon which is against the Ministerial Code. He has written to the speaker and to Ian Blackford with a list of these lies and is awaiting a response.

    The most interesting part is when Mr Oborne claims that the media are often complicit in these lies by misleading, downplaying or collaborating with the claims. The hapless (or dishonest?) Graham Stewart replies “Is this because it is a largely Tory press?, not realising (or refusing to accept?) that BBC Scotland is as, if not more, complicit than any of the media in these matters.

    The most sickening past of this is that if NS is found to have broken the Ministerial Code over the AS enquiry, the wolves (Baillie, Ross, Davidson et al) will be howling for her resignation!

    Keep up the good fight.

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  6. We should also raise a glass to the shambles in Downing Street over the EU and Scotland.
    They continue to believe that Scotland is a “far away place of which we know little”. Alas, the MEJAH is very forgiving when it comes to Boris, Gove, Carrie and their Borgia scheming..
    I initially thought Gove was a shoo-in for running the Union Directorate (AKA the colonial office), but it seems he is earmarked for other things, Home Office/Health?
    As Boris is gung-ho to show us “Jocks” who is Capo dei Capi, we should expect a hard nosed Brit Nit—I would hope for Priti Patel–how good would THAT be?

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  7. “… these apparently intelligent people don’t seem to see that it’s not and never was a union.” Indeed!

    With not much effort, one could assemble an overwhelmingly convincing catalogue of documentary evidence stretching from 1707 (and earlier) to the present to show “their elites hold us in open or barely contained contempt”. I suspect the Hansard record would provide a rich seam.

    I came across this only very recently. It was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in ‘Across the Plains: With Other Memories and Essays’, in 1892:

    ‘John Bull is ignorant of the States; he is probably ignorant of India; but considering his opportunities, he is far more ignorant of countries nearer his own door. […] His ignorance of the sister kingdom cannot be described; it can only be illustrated by anecdote.

    ‘I once travelled with a man of plausible manners and good intelligence, – a University man, as the phrase goes, – a man, besides, who had taken his degree in life and knew a thing or two about the age we live in. We were deep in talk, whirling between Peterborough and London; among other things, he began to describe some piece of legal injustice he had recently encountered, and I observed in my innocence that things were not so in Scotland.

    “I beg your pardon,” said he, “this is a matter of law.” He had never heard of the Scots law: nor did he choose to be informed. The law was the same for the whole country, he told me roundly; every child knew that.

    ‘At last, to settle matters, I explained to him that I was a member of a Scottish legal body, and had stood the brunt of an examination in the very law in question. Thereupon he looked me for a moment full in the face and dropped the conversation. This is a monstrous instance, if you like, but it does not stand alone in the experience of Scots”.’

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

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    1. I understand Corbyn was unaware Scotland had its own legal system, and claimed, ” we don’t need two legal systems in one country”!
      This from a man who had been in Westminster for decades.

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      1. Wow, I didn’t know that, this is where it’s ridiculous for Scotland to still be shackled to their neighbours, still, ignorance is bliss?
        Also remember that Dick Leonard, ‘take Scottish wartter back inta bublic ‘ands’! You could lose the will you really could.

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    2. Excellent!
      The dichotomy of the so called ‘union’ is for sure still very much alive. A UK wide questionairre about devolved and reserved powers would be useful. My pals in NE Eng not so long ago were criticising the ScotGov on their ‘immigration’ policy and there have been petitions against the ScotGov for the ‘Scottish MOD’ killing whales in Scottish waters. It’s enough to make you tear your hair out at the ignorance, but it’s all deliberately hidden from people.

      The list of reserved powers is long, and not the same for all devolved countries, Wales has their own broadcasting powers far as I know and others which Scotland is blocked from having.

      Come on SNP get the facts on your leaflets in big pictures, and graphs, what’s reserved to the EngGov? Most people do not know the full picture re this. Btw in Scotland you cannot be locked up for ‘debt’, but you can for non payment of fines. It’s why the BBC can’t have people locked up in Scotland for not paying the TV tax (license), and they can’t harass people either. They do lock people up in England for debt. Terrible.


      1. ” get your facts on leaflets ”

        In the run up to the 14 referendum I delivered thousands of leaflets, newspapers and yes campaign stuff through letterboxes. I would of course read them before I went out on delivery, and I would shake my head at the content, swearing under my breath but thinking, well they must know what they are doing, huh, they didn’t.


    3. More recently, when Jeremy Corbyn was asked to comment on a matter which was handled differently by Scots Law, he said that such a thing was not possible, because you can’t have different laws in different parts of the same country.


  8. The Tory idea of THEIR union is that Scotland does what they tell us to do and to ensure that situation continues,will produce a new Spanish style constitution which makes it “illegal” for Scotland to secede.
    I believe Jack Straw also came out with this nonsense a few years back,so it would probably have unanimous support from all of the English based parties.
    They are not going to allow us Scots to take THEIR Scotland away from them.
    Worlds apart from the European Union in terms of democracy and human decency but that is what everyone now expects from England’s Tories.
    They are a despicable bunch,in the main,who do not belong in any union of equal partners.

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  9. Hi John, read your words regularly and agree most times
    Wonder if you could shed light on this matter.
    Do not want any wasters getting votes for nothing like last time.
    Have seen TWO separate mails extolling the virtues of each
    Voting examples, But this time around is THE. BIGGY

    Subject: Video explaining don’t give SNP both votes

    𝔻𝕖𝕝⚡𝔹𝕠𝕪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 💙 (@_Powerage) Tweeted: @MuckleMog @Grouse_Beater This might help explain it a wee bit clearer.


  10. I noticed that that Ms ‘I’m half Scottish’ Cavendish has joined Bojo in renaming the SNP to the Scottish Nationalist Party.I suppose it helps keep the english readers onside with her overall narrative of too wee, too poor, too stupid

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  11. “… many in their elites hold us in open or barely contained contempt.”

    How about this evidence from earlier in the year? On 6 January 2021, as reported by the P&J and elsewhere, we learn of the Prime Minister of the UK&NI speaking to his back-bench MPs in a ‘respectful’ way about one part of his ‘precious Union’:

    ‘Boris Johnson has taken a swipe at the SNP by claiming “there wouldn’t have been a single vaccine delivered” in an independent Scotland”.’

    Too wee, too poor, too stupid and therefore because of these characteristics Scotland, uniquely amongst western nations, would have no prospect of being able to meet the public health needs of its people – according to the UK’s PM. And I thought the tactic to save the Union was more ‘love bombing’!



    1. Boris the Terrible
      Keep thy tongue a wagging
      I here promote you to Recruiting Master General for us and commend your strident efforts in converting more and more doubters from NO to YES
      If truth be told you are World Class at this
      Hail Hail Hail Boris the last Emperor of Scotland


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